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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Dil Se Dil Tak you will watch Parth is decorating his room with rose petals and balloons. Teni comes there. Parth is standing on bed and hanging rose petals bag on roof. Teni says i want to talk.. she stumbles on showpiece and falls in Parth’s arms, Parth falls on bed with Teni on top of him, rose petals showers on them from bag hanging on ceiling, Teni enjoys petals falling on her and looks at Parth lying beneath her on bed. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

Scene 1
Teni’s alter image asks her to drink wine, its her life support so just drink, Teni looks on tensed and nods to her image, she recalls how she promised Parth to not even think about wine, she says no, i promised Parth so i wont break it, i dont break commitments, i will not touch wine till 9months, she puts wine in bottle and puts bottle away. Teni says i will call Shorvori and tell her that Parth handled everything. Teni calls Shorvori and tells her how Parth handled wine situation, Shovori says thats great. Baa comes there so Shorvori ends call. Baa says our flight is booked, we are going back home tomorrow, Shorvori smiles broadly, Baa says she was brooding here without Parth and Parth would be missing his wife too. Shorvori see dada sternly looking on, Shorvori asks if he is miffed? dada says no, i just rad news in newspaper and that changed my mood. I read in news that one family was not able to conceive baby so they hired 19years old to become surrogate mother, surrogacy happened nicely and they got baby too but after giving birth to baby, surrogate mother’s heart changed, she knew that family would take their baby so.. she killed that couple who asked for surrogacy, she ranaway with baby, police is searching for her, they will catch her but couple is gone, i dont understand how you can trust some stranger with your heir? with your baby? Dada says i dont understand this surrogacy process? how can you call baby yours when it was nurtured in someone else’s womb, Jalpa says i dont think surrogacy is wrong, its miracle for people who cant become parents, who dont have blessing of giving birth, only womb is different but blood and values are of parents only, dada says i wont agree with it, your any reason wont be acceptable to me, Shorvori is shocked to hear it, Baa says why you are getting angry? its not happening in our house, dada says thank God its not happening in our family and i pray that this never happen in our family because i wont be able to bear it. Shorvori and Jalpa are shocked and scared hearing his opinion about surrogacy.

Bharat says to Parth that you are lucky to get great wife but even your sister in law is great, i am sure she was doing pooja for your baby, Teni says yes. Sejal is leaving, Bharat asks where are you going? Sejal says to party, Bharat says you keep going to parities, you do some poojas too, learn from Teni, she does pooja and is nice, Sejal says i learn from this illiterate girl? Bharat says just by wearing these modern clothes doesnt mean you become literate, you should have values which Teni have, no party for you, go back in home, Sejal says but.. Bharat says i am son in law of this house, i said no so it means no, go inside, Sejal huffs at Teni and goes in house. Bharat greets Teni and Parth and leaves. Teni says to Parth that you must be thinking how wine came in that pot, dont scold me, i will tell you everything, she tells how she had to hide wine from Mohini and had to put it in pot. Teni says are you still miffed with me? should i do sit ups? Parth says if you can act then cant i act of being miffed? you did good acting fainting, Teni says you sneezed well too, she jumps and acts like sneezing, Parth says be careful, there is baby in your womb. Teni says you dont see me standing but keep seeing baby which didnt even come in this world till now. Parth asks where is wine now? Teni says i didnt drink it, i have put it in bottle and its in my room, Parth says throw it away before anyone sees it, Teni says i will take care of it.
Sejal throws her shoes away, Mohini says what happened? Sejal says to Mohini that Bharat scolded me because of Teni, do something about that cheap girl. Mohini says she has trapped whole house, i feel like dragging her with her hair but i cant, dada asked to take care of her, she is our guest so we have to bear her, Sejal says you might not have solution but i have it, just see how i will put that Teni in place, i have thought about my plan.

Scene 2
Sejal shows her joggers to Mohini and says they are from America. Teni sees it and says from America? she drools on them. Sejal says to Mohini that they are so nice, so comfortable. Teni says they are shoes like i want. Sejal thinks that i feel like fish is in my net now. Teni thinks that i want to wear them but Sejal wont allow me to even touch them, Teni those American shoes are not in your fate. Teni starts leaving. Sejal says to Mohini that Teni is clever.
Parth is decorating his room with rose petals and balloons. Teni comes there. Parth is standing on bed and hanging rose petals bag on roof. Teni says i want to talk.. she stumbles on showpiece and falls in Parth’s arms, Parth falls on bed with Teni on top of him, rose petals showers on them from bag hanging on ceiling, Teni enjoys petals falling on her and looks at Parth lying beneath her on bed, dil se dil tak plays. Parth asks if she is fine? she says yes but it was such filmy scene. Parth makes her stand up away from him and sits down, he says i decorated room for Shorvori with so much hardwork but you destroyed it, Teni says they are just cheap flower, i can buy them, i know some girl, she sells it for low price, she takes flowers from graveyards and resell them again, Parth says thank you but i dont need them, Teni says you keep wasting money, she leaves.
Teni comes in lounge and sees Sejal’s American shoes there. She says American shoes? i should wear them. Teni wears them and says they are looking good on me. Sejal comes there, Teni says now she will bicker with me, i should take them off. Sejal says dont worry, keep wearing, its looking good on you, you couldnt stop yourself, American things are like that, you can ask Parth to order for you too, Teni says when did you become so nice? Sejal says your shoe lace is untied, i will tie it. Sejal bows down and presses button on shoes, tyres springs out from bottom shoes, they are actually skating shoes with foldable tyres, Sejal brings tyres out. Teni moves and loses balance with tyrpes on bottom of shoes now, she doesnt know how to handle tyres, Teni skids and is losing balance, she screams, She tries to hold something but nears staricase, she is about to fall down from stairs and screams, she is about to slip but Parth comes there and holds her waist in time, Teni is terrified state and hugs Parth tightly, Parth is petrified and hugs her as tightly, Sejal silently leaves from there. Parth breaks hug and looks at stairs, he recalls how Shorvori fell from them and had miscarriage. He shouts on Teni seeing skating shoes, he says have you gone mad? what were you doing? i have told you many times that you are pregnant, what was the need to wear skates? tell me. Teni sees Sejal going. She runs to Sejal after taking off shoes. Teni asks Sejal to tell him you did this, Sejal says i didnt do anything, Teni says she did it, she wanted to take revenge from me so she made plan to push me down, Sejal says whats my fault if she asked for skates? Teni says i didnt even know these shoes have tyres, Sejal says she knew they are skates, Teni says i would never wear them if i knew they had tyres. Parth says shut up, Teni is not lying, i know you are lying Sejal so apologize to her, Teni is surprised that he is taking her side,. Sejal says you are taking this new girl’s side instead of trusting your sister? very good, i wont accept my mistake because i didnt do it, my brother is calling me liar because of you Teni, this time you got saved but next time i will make sure you fall down with so much force that all your bones breakdown, Parth gets angry, he raises hand on Sejal and is about to slap her but Shorvori comes there and holds his hand, Shorvori looks at them in surprise. Sejal angrily leaves from there.

Mohini comes home and says to Sejal that i brought clothes for you, Sejal says stop it, Mohini says who made you cry? Sejal says Parth raised hand on me for that low class Teni, Shorvori came in time to stop him in time and held his hand otherwise he would have slapped me, Mohini says Parth never raised hand on anyone, Sejal says Teni must have provoked Parth against me. Mohini says its enough, how dare Parth raise hand for that Teni? Parth has to pay now, Baa and Dada will come home soon after dropping Jalpa, i will ask Parth answers after they come come.


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Dada asks Parth if its true that he raised hand on Sejal to slap her? Parth says yes, Mohini says dada when i did mistake, i was punished, Parth should be punished for his mistake too. Sejal says i want Parth to apologize to me infront of everyone, Parth says i am ready for any kids of punishment but i will not apologize to Sejal, Shorvori and Teni looks on tensed.

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