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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update

Teni Sacrifices Her Relation To Save Bhanushali Family


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2018 Episode Start With Dada ji announces its Shorvari’s name on the papers. Teni smiles at them. Mohini was happy as Teni always posed cunning. Teni asks everyone why they are all upset, she has never had any good relations with the luck. God realizes Teni is the right choice for sacrifice. She goes to wipe Shorvari’s tears and asks if she loves Parth? They are made for each other. She had and will always have the first right over Parth. Shorvari cries hugging Teni.

Later in the room, Baa comes to call Dada ji for food. She convinces him that it was God’s decision. Dada ji sensed something wasn’t right in all this. Baa says they must have been upset if it was Shorvari and not Teni. Dada ji says there was something wrong in the way the decision was taken. He asks about the jar and goes to look into it. It was Shorvari’s name on both the papers. Dada ji and Baa were shocked.

In Teni’s room, Dada ji and Baa inquire Teni why she decided the fate herself. He questions if she lied in the temple. Teni apologizes and asks what’s wrong in this. It was really important for the right decision. Parth and Shorvari are made for each other and must stay together, she only came for because of circumstances. He said life would be difficult for the one who sacrifices her life. Teni has bear a lot of problems since childhood and will face everything now as well. Dada ji furiously asks Baa to call whole family to the hall.

Shorvari was packing her luggage and finds Parth playing with Ipshita. She asks if he is hiding his feelings behind Ipshita’s smile. He was annoyed that they took the decision against his will. They never consider what he goes through. Shorvari says it’s been decided by fate. Parth says it’s their decision, Teni’s sacrifice will increase their sufferings. They won’t be able to see Teni hurt. Shorvari understands that the three of them have to live together for this interesting relation. Mohini calls everyone downstairs.

In the hall, dada ji says they are aware Teni has to leave her rights. But the matter has reached the court. They must also solve the matter legally. There will be a press conference tomorrow.

In the press conference, Teni gives up her rights as Parth’s wife. They present an affidavit signed by Teni in the court and to the press conference. Priya reaches Bhanushali house and says this is Bhanushali family’s new game. She says they are being unjust to Teni as well. Teni comes to Priya and murmurs smiling at her to leave this place else they might push her outside. Priya twists Teni’s arm behind, the press considers it violence. Bharat tells the press that Priya only wants money from them, he shows a video in which Priya demanded half of Jalpa’s share in Bhanushali property.

He calls Priya a blackmailer. Mohini was happy that this created a difference between the relations of trio at least. Bharat tells Priya he understood her game and called her here after recording the black mailing video. She will now get to jail on the charges of blackmailing. Priya grabs Bharat’s collar. The police arrests Priya. The press speaks in favor of Bhanushali family. Teni was happy that her decision solved everyone problem.


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohini tries to manipulate Teni’s sacrificial attempt in front of Shorvari.

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