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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the room Shorvari cries thinking about Parth and herself. She says she is sorry, she won’t be able to fulfil her promise of being with him for life. She won’t be able take her child into her arms.

There, Sejal asks Rishab why he called her so early. Rishab fakes a flirting with Sejal, he looks towards Jagruti behind the door reluctantly but she nods at him. He makes Sejal sit on the couch and holds her hands. He tells Sejal he has decided to marry her. Sejal tries to remove his hand from over her and asks if he shared this with Jagruti? Rishab was close to her and says there is no one between them. Sejal was annoyed of his touch and tries to get away.

Rishab says when they have been together already, then why is she reluctant now. He holds her face and moves close to kiss her, Sejal shouts at him to stay away and says there was nothing between them, and there won’t be anything before wedding. Jagruti smiles, nods at Rishab and comes out clapping. Sejal asks if this was their plan. She question how dare they play a game with her. Rishab slaps Sejal and questions how she dare play a game with him. He lost his trust over himself, still Jagruti stood beside him. Sejal holds his hand saying she loves him. Rishab jerks her hands away and asks Jagruti to ask her go away. Jagruti tells Sejal to leave. Sejal watches Rishab hold Jagruti’s hand and thanking her.

At home, Indu and family decides to plan Parth’s birthday party tomorrow. Teni thinks they are hiding about party to make Parth happy; there Shorvari is hiding her ailment to keep Parth happy. Mohini says this must be a celebration if Shorvari was arranging this all, but she has forgotten about her relation with Parth now. And Shorvari isn’t home, even her cell phone is turned off. Teni explains she heard Shorvari speak on phone to her friend, she has gone to mall.

She asks the family to arrange the party. Shorvari comes there asking what else is left for surprise. Dada ji asks why Shorvari speaks to Teni like this. Shorvari says Teni is worth it, they have no idea what she is going through; and when the truth is revealed they will lose everything. Dada ji complains Shorvari has left her manners in her anger. Mohini says Shorvari has even forgotten her relation with Parth, how would she behave with them. She mentions Shorvari didn’t come with any gift. Teni was upset that if she hadn’t promised Shorvari she must have told them the truth.

At night, Parth comes to the room and finds Shorvari’s wardrobe empty. Shorvari comes out of bath then. He asks about her clothes. Shorvari says he isn’t making any attempt to get her out of suspicion, she will have to leave one day. Parth unpacks her bag and takes her clothes back to wardrobe. He returns to Shorvari and says she is his life, his breathes and everything; there was just a misunderstanding between them and he is doing what she asked him to. He forbids her think about leaving him, he would die if she leaves him. Shorvari watches him leave with the pillow and cries saying she doesn’t even want to leave him, it’s her life that will betray her. She wish he didn’t love her so much.

Later Shorvari comes to the hall where Parth was sleeping. She keeps her hand over his forehead and sits beside him thinking about their times together. She looks towards the clock and silently wishes him birthday, kissing his forehead. Parth turns his side on the couch. Shorvari was cautious.


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni and Shorvari were speaking. Teni says when we are in love, we want to do anything for a single smile of our beloved. Shorvari guess whom she can fall in love with and takes Parth’s name.

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