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Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni Ready To Put Her Life In Danger For Ipshita


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd December 2017 Episode Start With Teni says to family that madam ji is a woman who makes women believe that they are sins, she is like a lioness, she always has eyes on her prey, her right hand man is Mohan, he is her shadow, she handles everything for madam ji, madam ji does all the cheap acts, all politicians are in her pocket as she serves their needs, inspector says yes even in our department, people work for her and we never get proofs against her, even if we catch her,we will get call from higher management to leave her, she trades women, involved in prostitution but we cant take action against her. Parth says I will bring my daughter back, Dada says its dangerous, we have to involve police.

Teni says madam ji can hurt our baby, I know her power, they are devils. Indu cries and says dont know what they will do with our daughter. Teni says trust the God, nothing will happy. Parth says I couldnt even take care of Shorvori’s last identity. Teni asks him to calm down, we will find a way to bring her back. Inspector that we can send someone to her group, win her trust, get to know about baby and take her out then we will help but we have to be careful otherwise baby’s life will be in danger. Parth says who can take risk to go in her group? Teni says me, I will go to save my daughter, I know madam ji, I met her once, I know these kind of places too so I will go there to bring my daughter back from hell. Indu says you wont go there. Baa says we cant lose you too, Teni says I cant live without my daughter too, I will bring her back, I have your blessings. Inspector says Teni’s idea is good. Parth says Ipshita is my and Shorvori’s daughter so I will save her, he leaves.

Teni comes to Parth and says what are you thinking? you can put her life in danger. Teni says to Parth that I know madam ji nicely, I know you care about her a lot but you cant bring her. Parth says you are saying it because you dont care about her, Teni says she is my daughter too, I care about her. Parth says I will fight with everyone for my daughter. Teni says what if anything happens to Ipshita. Parth says like I paid for you to give my daughter, I can pay money to bring her back too. Teni says they sell woman and earn money, they do all kind of acts, they wont give her for this money, trust me to bring her back, Parth says I trusted you earlier for Shorvori but what you did? I will bring her back. Teni says I am sorry but I have to bring my daughter back, she pushes away parth and runs out of room, she locks him in room and says I am sorry but I have to do this for our daughter, she leaves.

Madam ji is enjoying a guy getting beaten up, girl is pleading to not beat him.

Parth’s room is unlocked by family, he says Teni left, you could have opened door earlier, Teni left alone, what if anything happens to her.

Madam ji says to boy that you care about this girl, I wish I had someone to care about me too. Guy says I will take my Priya from here, madamji says love is our enemy, my heart cant bear cheating so I crush down anything like that, this is my palace, I will decide who will leave from here, you take death for love? she asks her goons to take the guy and kill him, girl cries and says dont kill him. Madamji says go and start working again, you are my worker to sell what you can give, I forgive first mistake.

Parth says to family that you are always on Teni’s side and even today trusting her. Dada says she never showed her pain over your hatred. Baa says she went to save your daughter and put her life in danger, you have to be with Teni. Baa says to Parth that you keep denying it but truth is you still care about Teni, Parth thinks it cant happen, I cant forgive Teni for what she did with Shorvori.
Teni comes to mandir and prays to give her strength to bring her daughter back.


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap 😛arth comes to Madamji’s den. Madamji shows him Ipshita and says you can see her last time as you or your family wont be able to see her ever,

she will be Chingari and I will be her owner and after 16 years this small spark will put fire in this den. Parth tries to attack her but madamji’s goons hold him,madamji points gun at him.

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