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Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Scene 1
Teni is throwing things at Parth and asks Parth to call his wife and ask her to say sorry to me, she thinks i am thief for that small threaded mangalsutra of hers. Parth says that means it was you? oh no. Teni says i didnt wear it, worker talked to me in english and gave me that mangalsutra, i kept apologizing to your wife but she was fighting that thread, Parth says that was mangalsutra that binds husband and wife’s relation, Teni says glue bind things. Parth says problem is Shorvori saw you, Teni says i had facepack on my face so she didnt see my face. Teni pours wine, Parth says you cant drink wine, we have tests tomorrow, Teni says i will brush teeth, dont worry i wont smell, Parth says alcohol will be shown in tests, you cant drink wine for next 9monthes because you will be carrying my baby, Teni says let me drink today only then we will talk, Parth says finer drink then but if you drink one sip then contract will be cancelled, Teni think that i cant take sip which would cost me 10lacs, she says i understood that i will be dry for next 9monthes, i wont drink, i will do what you say, Parth says you understood soon, Teni says its about money and i dont compromise on it. Teni puts wine bottles in cabinet and says we will meet after 9monthes, Parth says we will meet tomorrow, he leaves. Teni looks at wine, ek dusre se pyar karte hum playes. Teni says no.. no..nooooo..yes yes yes. She takes wine bottle and recalls Parth’s words that contract will be cancelled if she took sip, Teni says i am not drinking, i just want to talk to wine bottles. She takes wine bottle in her hands, i will make them sit with me. She says wine has always supported me, father, boyfriend, friend all cheated me but wine was with me so how can i let her go? come inside me, she opens wine bottle and is about to drink but Parth comes there and says Teni!!
Mohini is in kitchen, she says to Sejal to stay with me, Sejal says my friends are waiting for me. Mohini says we will have drama now, wait here. Shorvori comes there, Mohini says to Shorvori that i was asking Sejal to take interest in cocaine, Sejal says its cooking not cocaine, Shorvori asks if they had work from her? Mohini says i wanted you to bring something, she calls servant Mohan, Mohan brings his wife with him, Shorvori greets her, Mohini says she make laddos for pregnant women, she is pregnant too, Mohan’s wife Kaveri is hardworking. Mohini is putting things in pan to cook, Kaveri gets tensed seeing ingredients, she coughs due to its smell but Shorvori doesnt react, Kaveri pukes and runs from there, shorvori says what happened to her? take her to doctor, Mohan says she will go to dai, Shorvori says lets take her to doctor, Mohan and Shorvori leaves. Mohini says to Sejal that Kaveri started coughing with its smell but nothing happened to Shorvori, Sejal says it means.. Baa comes there and why you are cooking these things? Mohan’s wife is puking due to it, Mohini says i am sorry, you know i get busy in work but i will be careful, Baa leaves. Sejal asks why didnt you tell baa about Shorvori’s truth? Mohini says Shorvori made me look liar infront of all family so i will bring her truth out when whole bhanushali family is together.
Parth says to Teni that i cant trust you. Teni says how can you come in beautiful girl’s house? Parth says i know this beautiful girl is drunkard, you couldnt control for 22minutes, how will you stop for 9monthes? contract cancelled. Teni says these wine bottles were calling me towards them, just give me one chance. Parth says last chance for you, Parth takes wine bottle, Teni says atleast leave them infront of my eyes, Parth says they will keep you calling towards them so i am taking them, he takes wine bottles from house.
Parth comes out of Teni’s house with wine bottles in his hand. He is shocked to see Ramnik and dada there, Ramnik says Parth? they come to Parth, Ramnik asks what are you doing here? what is in your hands? Dada says wine? he glares at Parth, Ramnik asks what are you doing here? Parth says i came to help here, but what you both are doing here? Ramnik says we came to see ill employee, Dada says you came to help by bringing wine? Parth says i didnt bring wine, i am taking it away to throw it, he thinks to make some excuse, he says our old driver is drunkard, i am helping him to lose addiction thats why i took his wine bottle to throw them away, Ramnik says we are not seeing him here, call him, dada says call driver. Parth thinks what will i do now? Teni comes there disguised as old lady, she says thank you Parth for making my husband leave wine, she acts like wife of driver, Teni holds Parth’s foot and says you are helping my husband, you are great. Parth says dont worry, till i am here, i wont let drop of wine come near you. Teni says give these bottles to me, i will throw them away, Parth says dont worry about it, i will throw them, you take care of driver, Teni leaves. Parth says to Ramnik should we leave? Dada says yes. Teni makes weird face at Parth, Parth thinks Teni saved me today, he smiles at her and leaves.

Scene 2
Parth comes to his room. Shorvori close his eyes, she says i want to show you something. She brings him to corner and ask him to take off curtain, Parth pulls curtain and finds mannequin of traditional and pious woman, Parth asks what is this? Shorvori says our surrogate mother, she must look like this, i never saw her but i feel like i know her well. Parth recalls Teni’s antics. Shorvori says i started imagining her and made this, you must be shocked to see that i created such perfect shadow of her, its because we both are going to be mother, she from womb and i from heart, she is our baby’s mother. Parth recalls Teni dancing in money. Shorvori says she must be so good and nice woman that she is sacrificing so much to give us happiness, i am so happy that our baby will grow in her womb, she is like goddess to me, Parth recalls Teni fighting to drink wine. Shorvori says she has come to fulfill our dreams. Parth thinks that Shorvori has wrong image of Teni, after tests i will tell truth about Teni to shorvori, Teni is right for our baby.

Mohini and Sejal comes to Bharat’s house, Mohini says i will use Bharat and Indu’s family will be my target. She ring bell. Bharat comes out and greet them. Bharat asks you people here? Mohini says we came to meet Jalpa, Bharat says Jalpa has gone to your house only. Mohini says i didnt know that, talk was important so i came here to talk but she is not here. Bharat says lets talk in garden. They sit in garden, Bharat asks what happened? Mohini says its important talk but Jalpa is not here. Bharat says Jalpa and I are same, i am part of your family too, Mohini says you are special part, now i have to tell you, its about Shorvori, Bharat asks what happened? Mohini tells him something(which is muted). Bharat is shocked to hear, Mohini gives him some box too. Mohini says i swear on Sajel i am saying truth. Bharat says this means only one thing, Mohini says you are thinking what? Bharat says how can they do this with whole family? Mohini says dont take my name in it because then dada will think that i told this to son in law of house. Bharat says i will take their class, dont worry.
Shorvori calls Parth and says i am missing you. Parth says come here to hospital. Shorvori says i will have to lie to family to come there, i dont like to lie, what if anyone know? Bharat comes there and says we know, Shorvori ends call and comes to Bharat. Whole family comes there. Jalpa asks what are you doing here? Bharat says to Shorvori that i didnt expect this from you, tell whole family what mistake you did, Jalpa asks what did she do? Bharat says she is so careless, she is not alone, Parth was part of this mistake too. Mohini thinks that now there will be blast.


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :In hospital, Mohini sees baby cot, she sees there is not baby in cot but some doll. She comes to Shorvori and says Jayu(Jalpa and Bharat’s baby) is lost, he is not in cot. Otherside Teni finds Jayu in cot outside hospital, she takes him in her hands but Shorvori comes there and snatches Jayu from here, she slaps Teni hard. Teni says why would i kidnap baby? i have so much power that i can give birth to so many babies to create carnival, Shorvori is hurt hearing it. Teni starts running away from her but Shorvori takes her photo. Later Shorvori shows Teni’s picture to Parth and says people like her should be in jail.

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