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Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Scene 1
Teni says to Shorvori that i would have lost your baby if Parth didnt save me, Shorvori asks if she is alright? Teni says if your husband didnt save me today then it would have been worse. Shorvori says sorry to Parth and says i understand your reaction and anger, we lost our baby once in tragedy, thank God you didnt let it happen again, she side hugs him, Parth says i know that pain you felt and i didnt forget it, i promise you that i wont let you go through that pain again, whenever there is any problem hovering over Teni, i will standing to face it, i wont let any problem reach our baby, Shorvori hugs him tightly, he hugs her back, Teni smiles and says they are talking about us but not including, she says i deserve part in this hug too, Parth calls her, all three of them hug, Teni says to Shorvori that why did you stop Parth? that lizard Sejal needs to be slapped. Shorvori says all family members have different nature and this is no way to teach them, Teni says this is only way to teach them, Parth says Teni is right, what Sejal did with Teni and what i did that after, i dont regret it at all. Teni says he is right, he and I have started tuning nicely, just see what will happen next right partner? she high fives Parth who smiles but Shorvori is tensed seeing all this.

Sejal is crying infront of Baa and dada, Mohini says Parth raised hand on Sejal for that new girl, Indu says Parth wont raise hand for small matter, there must be big reason behind it, Mohini says he has no right to raise hand for anything, baa and dada never raised hand on anyone in this family then how Parth got that right? Indu says i will talk to him, Mohini says Parth will blame Sejal only and will say Teni is innocent, Teni will tell some fake story and you will will believe her. Mohini cries and says to dada that will you let anything happen to us? one day they will throw us out of house too, Sejal doesnt have father so anyone can do anything with her? nobody will hear pleas of a widow and orphan daughter? tell me, Dada gets angry hearing it, he shouts Parth, Teni, Shorvori come downstairs.
Parth, Teni and Shorvori comes to dada and family. Dada says is it true that you raised hand on Sejal? yes or no? Parth says yes, all are stunned, Mohini says see Indu, Dada asks is Teni reason behind thatr act of yours? Parth says Sejal.. Dada says yes or no? Parth says yes, Mohini smirks, dada says you didnt even think that Sejal is your younger sister? Teni says this si wrong, if you keep taking answers in yes and no only then how will you know full truth? dada says then tell me what is whole truth? Teni tells him how Sejal trapped her to wear shoes and when she wore it, Sejal opened their tyres and made them skating shoes which made Teni lose her balance and about to fall from stairs but Parth saved her. Sejal says she is lying, she asked shoes from me and i gave it. Parth says Sejal is lying, Sejal pressed button to make them skating shoes because she wanted Teni to get hurt. Mohini says how you know who is lying and who is not? Parth says because Teni doesnt know how to use skates, she wont take risk of skating. Indu says anyone can be on mistake but you should have brought peace between but you raised hand on Sejal? Parth says Teni was about to fall from stairs, i would have lost my ba.. Shorvori says Parth.. Parth stops before saying baby, Mohini says Parth have accepted his mistake, dada remember when i did mistake, you gave me punishment and i served Shorvori as part of it, now Parth have done mistake and he should be punished, Parth says i am ready for punishment, i will tak anything as punishment. Sejal says fine, i want Parth to apologize infront of everyone and if he did it then i will forgive him, Sejal thinks that Parth raised hand on me because of Teni and now he will have to apologize because of her. Parth says i cant accept any punishment but i wont apologize to Sejal because she is at mistake and if i say sorry then she will get boost and will do more mistakes, Sejal says if he is stubborn then i am too, i wont eat till Parth doesnt apologize to me, Teni thinks that she should be punished, it will be good if she stays hungry. Parth leaves. Indu says to Shorvori that Parth would never decline your request, you ask him to apologize, its just apology, Shorvori goes.
Shorvori comes to Parth and says i know all fault is of Sejal and she shouldnt have done that but you know all are part of family and we have to sometime forgive and forget things, Sejal is your sister. Parth says and Teni? dont you know her importance in our lives? Shorvori says i know her importance but can you tell it to family? its good that you saved her and nothing happened to our daughter but if just by saying sorry, we can amend relations then why not? if not for you then say it for me, say sorry for sake your Shorvori? Parth says i can give life for you but its not about you and me, its about Teni, if i say sorry to Sejal then it will be proved that Teni is wrong and i cant see Teni proven wrong without any fault, he leaves. Teni has heard whole conversation standing near them.

Scene 2
Shorvori comes to family, Indu says i knew Parth wont ever deny her, he is coming to apologize right? Shorvori says he said no, Indu says he never declines you, Sejal starts shedding crocodile tears, Mohini says my Sejal started crying again.
Teni comes to Parth and says why you didnt agree with Shorvori? she got sad, Parth says Shorvori wanted me to say sorry to Sejal and it will prove that you are wrong and i cant let it happen, Teni says i really liked that you took my side against them and stood up for me but i didnt like when you made Shorvori sad by not listening to her, see it like this that you saved me, you even went to slap Sejal, its all equal now, say sorry for Shorvori’s sake, do it, you love Shorvori most right? cant you say sorry for her happiness? dont you want to make her feel that she is most important to you in this world? Parth thinks about it.
Shorvori says to Sejal that you have right to get miffed with your brother but dont show anger on food, Shorvori tries to feed her food but Sejal ignores her. Mohini says my daughter is gettign weaker, what if anything happens to my daughter? he just have to apologize. Parth comes there, all turn to him. Parth comes to Sejal and sits beside her, He says sorry, Mohini smirks, Parth says i shouldnt have raised hand on you, all smile. Sejal evilly smiles, Parth gives food to Sejal and asks her to eat, she starts eating, Parth leaves. Dada looks on. Mohini blesses Sejal and says Parth declined Shorvori then on whose saying he said sorry? Servant says on Teni’s saying, i heard her pacifying Parth and making him agree to say sorry, all are stunned to hear it, Mohini says its weird that the thing which full housewife couldnt do it, his half housegirl did it.


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :all family members come outside house and sees Teni playing with cow dung, all are digusted. Mohini says how will we be able to live with this illiterate girl? Teni puts cow dung chunks on wall to dry them and use them for fire, all are disgusted.

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