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Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth wakes up and wonders why he feels Shorvari was here. He remembers how Shorvari used to wish him in the morning, she considered herself as his gift. She smiles lost in her thoughts, Teni comes there. She notices the lipstick mark on his forehead and removes it. The family come to wish him. Parth looks upstairs towards the room. Dadi says Shovari must have wished him at 12am. They all notices his expression and regret. Teni thinks it’s the right time to begin what Shorvari wants. She assures Parth they have a whole day, Shorvari will bring him a gift and will wish him as well. She plans the family leave the two alone at home, then he might make Shorvari up. They all like the idea. Indu insists on Parth to make Shorvari up today, she is sure Shorvari would agree. Mohini speaks harsh that Shorvari isn’t even at home.

In the temple, Shorvari prays that Parth begin to love Teni. She wish Parth begins to hate her so that he doesn’t feel her absence when she is no more. Pandit ji tells her he has distributed her offerings. She gets Teni’s call and says she is in temple, its her last time when she would pray for Parth. Teni says she made Parth up to celebrate this birthday with her. Shorvari was determined to give him a gift this time.

Indu had prepared Parth’s favorite Halwa. She tells Dadi she will speak to Shorvari as soon as she returns. Jagruti was waiting at the door and informs them about Shorvari’s arrival. Indu asks if she didn’t get a gift for Parth, she must keep everything aside and wish Parth. He has been upset since morning.

In the room, Shorvari slips into Parth’s arms. Teni watches them together as they share an eye lock. Shorvari then straightens up. Shorvari wish him dryly. Teni signals Parth to smile. Parth reminds Shorvari how she used to wish him each year with much love, at least she wished him this time. Shorvari says today she has a single reason to wish him, its his birthday; he must not hope anything else today. Parth says at least he can gift her something, he offers to sing a song for her which he has learnt for long. Shorvari leaves the room. Teni comes inside and assures she would agree. Parth says she is his Shorvari, he knows how to make her up. He learnt a song but she isn’t ready to listen. Teni tells him to think for a while she is Shorvari, and sing it. Parth wasn’t ready. Teni assures Parth that Shorvari loves him a lot and will surely return to him. Shorvari hear this outside and cries. Parth also stands upset.

In the corridor, Jagruti promises Rishab to come to meet but can’t fix the exact time now. Sejal stood in front of her. Jagruti turns to leave angrily and says she doesn’t at all want to speak to her about Rishab. Sejal says she couldn’t sleep whole night for what she did to get a guy. She insists on Jagruti to give her another chance. Jagruti asks how she wants to do this. Sejal promises Rishab would only be a friend for her. Jagruti nods. Sejal hugs her and thinks she can’t give Rishab to her so easily. For her, Rishab is craziness and she can do anything to get him.

In the room, Teni tells Shorvari that everyone has left. Shorvari asks about Parth. Teni says he is preparing for singing and is nervous. Shorvari smiles feeling lovely for him. She laughs recalling how Parth learnt a Bengali song to propose her, it was a bad singing. Teni says she must not have let Parth feel about it, and she isn’t even sharing her pain with him. She says love is such a strange feeling, you get a life only when your love is smiling. Shorvari asks if she loves Parth?


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth sings Jab Koi Baat Bigar Jae for Shorvari. Shorvari comes downstairs and curtly forbids him fake this happiness, she shouts at him not to follow her and leave her alone. He must cut the cake with his love, Teni.

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