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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Parth calls shorvori. Shorvori says i cant come to hospital with you, i dont like to lie, what if anyone finds out? Bharat comes there and says we have found already, Shorvori ends call. She comes to Bharat, all family members come there. Bharat says to Shorvori that i didnt expect this from you, accept your mistake, Jalpa asks what happened? Bharat says Shorvori is careless and Parth is involved in this mistake too, all are tensed. Bharat says Mohini told me about it, Mohini thinks why he took my name? i am dead now, Baa glares her. Jalpa asks what mistake did she do? Bharat says Parth was lifting Shorvori and swinging her in his arms, this Shorvori is pregnant and eating dry fruits, its not good for health but she is eating it. Baa asks Mohini she told everything to him? Bharat says i am doctor so i have taken decision that when Jalpa will take Jayu for vaccination, she will take Shorvori with her so she will understand how to care for baby. Baa says we agree with you Bharat. Mohini says i will go with Shorvori to take care of her. Shorvori thinks that Parth has gone to same hospital for surrogacy tests.
Teni and Parth comes to hospital, Parth says talk in low tone here and behave, i will handle everything. Teni says like you handled with your dada yesterday, i am not stupid. {arth says my family is coming here so i just dont want any drama. She asks did he ask her wife to say sorry to her? Parth says i will talk to her today about it. Teni sees one note on floor, she gets happy and starts walking, Parth asks where are you going? she says to washroom. Parth sees Teni near chair where note is.
Shorvori, Jalpa, Jayu and Mohini comes there. Shorvori thinks that Parth must be here with surrogate mother. Parth sees them and pulls Teni in room, Teni grabs note before going. Parth calls Jalpa and says we have arrived, Jalpa says i am coming. Jalpa says to Mohini that my patient is calling me, i have to leave, Shorvori says dont worry, i will look after Jayu, Mohini says why you? i am here so i will take care of Jayu, you cant even handle yourself so how will you take this duty? Jalpa says but.. Mohini says Bharat thinks that she cant handle babies too, if anything happens then Bharat will blame me, i cant get insult but good son in law, i will take care of Jayu. Jalpa hints at Shorvori that she is going to Parth and leaves. Mohini thinks that Jalpa hinted at something, i will find out.
Jalpa comes to Parth and says Shorvori is nervous. Teni says i will get tested and Shorvori is nervous? Jalpa looks at her weirdly, Parth says this is Teni, surrogate mother. Nurse takes Teni’s basket, Teni says i will take money from you if anything is lost. Jalpa says lets start test.
Shorvori is sitting with Mohini and thinks that surrogate mother’s test must be starting, i hope result comes out positive. Parth messages Shorvori that everything became fine in life with your smile so just keep smiling, everything will be happen for good. Shorvori smiles and relaxes. Mohini is looking after Jayul. Shorvori sees room 108 and thinks Jalpa told me surrogate mother test will happen in that room, she starts to leave but Mohini stands up and asks where are you going? Shorvori to washroom, she leaves. Mohini says washroom sign is showing this direction and Shorvori has gone in opposite direction? she is fooling me? Mohini starts following Shorvori with Jayu’s cot with her.
Jalpa tells Parth that i have done tests, we will get reports soon. One nurse stops Mohini from going inside room. Mohini leaves cot behind and tries to look for Shorvori. One kidnapper comes there, puts doll in cot and kidnaps Jayu and leaves from there. Mohini thinks that Shorvori keep getting save from me, she leaves with cot without seeing Jayu is not inside.
Teni is eating food, Parth asks you need anything more? Teni says bring your wife and ask her to apologize. shorvori comes outside room 108 where Teni is inside. She gets anxious and tries to open door but stops. She opens door and sees Teni sitting but Teni has her back towards her. Shorvori closes door and sighs, she says i will not meet her, i trust Parth that he must have chosen very nice girl as our surrogate, she leaves without meeting Teni. Teni asks Parth what now? where is my money? Parth says you will get it in evening, should i drop you home? Teni says no i have some work, i will leave.
Mohini brings cot and says lets ltake Jayu for vaccination, she sees doll in cot and Jayu missing, she gets stunned and says where did Jayu go?
Kidnapper brings Jayu in corner, he takes off Jayu’s gold chain, puts it in pocket and leaves.
Mohini is finding Jayu everywhere, she panics. shorvori comes there and asks what happened? Mohini cries and says Jayu is lost, someone took him away. Shorvori says how can he be lost? Mohini says i beg you to find him, Baa will throw me out of house, Bharat wont spare me. Shorvori and Mohini starts searching for Jayu, they ask guard too. Guards start searching for baby, kidnapper thinks that if they find me with baby then i will be caught, i have to hide baby. Teni takes her basket from nurse, she asks nurse if she stole something? i dont trust anyone these days. Kidnapper sees Teni putting her basket on floor. Teni is busy in her phone. Kidnapper puts Jayu in her basket and leaves. Teni lifts her basket and says its heavy.
Shorvori and Mohini are searching on road for Jayu. Shorvori hears baby’s cry and sees it coming from Teni’s basket. Teni hires rickshaw and leaves. Shorvori says to Mohini that you go and see CCTV footage, we will see kidnapper’s face and i will go behind this girl. Shorvori runs behind rickshaw, Mohini says she is pregnant and running like this? Mohini comes to guard and asks for CCTV footage, guard says it will take 2 to 3days for it to come out.
Bharat sees Jalpa in hospital, he says i came to see patient, Jalpa says i came for Jayu’s vaccination, Mohini took him. They see Mohini there. Jalpa comes to Mohini and asks where is Jayu? Bharat says where is my incredible son? Mohini says Jayu was crying a lot so Shorvori took him outside, Bharat says khe is my son. Nurse brings cot. Jalpa says this is Jayu’s cot. Bharat says this is 7000rs cot and Shorvori took in sunlight without cot? Mohini thinks God save me.
Teni is standing near some site. One man comes there. Teni asks where were you? Shorvori comes there too following Teni. She sees Teni’s basket lying on road. Teni says to man that i have brought great thing in basket, give me good money, she is about to handover basket to man but water(urine) falls on her feet from basket, she says how hot water is falling? she opens basket and sees baby inside, she says baby you are pissing on my foot? but where did this baby come from? who played with me? whose baby is this? Shorvori comes there and takes Jayu from her, she hugs Jayu. Teni says you and this baby here? Shorvori slaps Teni hard, Teni angrily looks at her.

Scene 2
Parth puts Teni’s photo on TV and says how will i tell Shorvori about Teni? he says Teni is different from Shorvori’s imagination but we have what we got.
Shorvori says to Teni that you are a woman but didnt feel shame to do this? Teni glares her.
Parth writes 6 number on notepad and says it can be seen as 6 or 9, sameway Teni is like that, i know she is insensitive, loud, no emotions, no value, she is doing favor on us for money but if you see from side, this is all good for us, Teni is best as surrogate.
Shorvori says to Teni that you tried to separate baby from mother? you are shame to womenhood, atleast be scared of God. Teni says enough, you are calling me baby kidnapper? why would i steal baby? i have power to give birth to babies for even carnival, i am not cheap, you should thank me that i am doing so much for you, Shorvori says what? Teni says i got your slap, nobody dares to slap me and you are just crossing line. Shorvori gets Parth’s call. Teni thinks that i need to calm down, she pushes Shorvori away and starts running but Shorvori captures her picture before she can leave, Teni runs away.
All are waiting for Shorvori to bring Jayu, Bharat is tensed and says to Baa that Shorvori is pregnant and walking with baby, she should have take cot with her. Baa says you calm down, have juice, Bharat says i will not drink even water but not now. Mohini thinks that if Shorvori doesnt find Jayu then they will throw me out of house. Jalpa looks at tensed Mohini and asks where is Jayu? Shorvori is not taking call, is Jayu fine? dont hide from me, tell me truth. Mohini says actually I was taking Jayu.. She sees Shorvori coming there with Jayu, all get happy seeing Jayu. Jalpa takes Jayu and hugs him. Mohini kisses Shorvori’s hand thanking her. Bharat says to Shorvori that why you didnt take pram with you? Baa says mother’s warmth is enough, Jayu was calmly sleeping in Shorvori’s arms, i am sure that Shorvori will take care of baby very well, Mohini says you are right Baa. They start going in house but Bharat looks at Jayu and says he is sleeping but we have open eyes, Jalpa asks what happened? Bharat says Dada gifted gold locket to Jayu but that locket is missing, where is it? Shorvori thinks that girl(Teni) might have stole it. Mohini says that locket? it brokedown, i thought it might hurt Jayu so i gave it jeweler to repair it, Bharat says you did good. Shorvori thinks that i have to tell Parth about that kidnapper girl(Teni).
Parth is in room and says Teni and Shorvori will be infront of each other today. Shorvori comes there, Parth says i have to tell you something, Shorvori says me too, Parth says first my story then we will hear your tale. He makes Shorvori sit and says soon we will be parents too because of surrogate mother, that woman who is going to give birth to our baby and our dream too. Shorvori recalls Teni’s words that she can give birth to many kids. Shorvori says you are saying that i cant fulfill our dreams, i cant become mother? i am useless? Parth says what are you saying? what are saying? Shorvori says that girl was poisonous, she was kidnapping Jayu, Shorvori tells him everything what happened at hospital. Shorvori says i slapped her and when i asked why she kidnapped baby? she said that she doesnt need to, she can give birth herself, she pushed me away but i took picture of that kidnapper girl, she shows him Teni’s picture, Parth is shocked to see picture, PArth thinks that Teni shouldnt have met Shorvori like this. Shorvori says i have arranged to send her to jail, i have give her picture to police, they will catch her. Parth switched off TV before she can see Teni’s picture and thinks that she wont accept Teni now. Shorvori says i am sorry i destroyed your mood, Parth says i am proud of what you did for Jayu, you take rest. Shorvori asks everything nice with surrogate mother? Parth says everything is fine, you take rest, i have some work, he leaves. Shorvori thinks that Parth was looking tensed.
Teni gets Parth’s call. She says now he will scold me for insulting his wife, i wont take his call. Parth says why she is not picking my call? police might catch her, he leave sin his car.
Teni comes in society and see police with Mansok. Mansok says Teni can kidnap babies easily, she has hunger of money, she can even sell her father, i am sure Teni must have kidnapped baby. Teni hides and thinks that police came to arrest me, what will i do now? Inspector says to policemen that its complaint from Bhanushali house so we have to catch that girl. Teni thinks that police catch me then they will beat me badly, what to do? she tries to hide.
Mohini is singing and cooking. Sejal comes there and asks what is happening? when you sing it means you are planning something, how will you tell Shorvori’s pregnancy truth? Mohini says shut up, arent you ashamed to think of her like this, dont ever think like this about her, cook now. Mohini says God has taken off blindfold from my eyes, Shorvori is goddess, she saved my life, i should do good for her, i am changed now, i wont plan anything against her, i will serve her and love her, i will payback my debt. Sejal smirks at her and says you cant change your antics, you lied to Bharat but what will you do about gold chain now? you dont have heart to make new one, Mohini says i forgot about that.

Scene 3
Parth comes to Teni’s society and see police there, he thinks that police might have caught her. Inspector says dont worry, we are taking your wife’s complaint seriously, we will find that girl soon. Parth says tell me when you find information about that girl, inspector nods and leaves. Parth calls Teni and hears Teni’s phone ring. He sees Teni hiding in police jeep only. He says she found this place to hide? Teni tries to take call but her phone falls out of jeep. Inspector looks in direction of jeep. Parth drops his handkerchief, he bows down to take it but take Teni’s phone from floor too and gives it to Teni, he hints at Teni towards his car. Parth comes to inspector and keeps him distracted from jeep, Teni comes out of jeep and and hides in Parth’s car. Parth keeps inspector busy saying kidnapper stole Jayu’s gold chain too.
Indu says to Shorvori that Baa have given orders to buy things for your baby. I know Parth is trying but one month is about to end, if everything not happens as per our plan then what will happen? God just hear us, Shorvori thinks that i cant tell her but surrogacy process has started and soon i will give her happiness. Mohini comes there and says to Indu that what are you praying for? you have got everything, i will massage Shorvori’s feet now, Indu leaves. Shorvori says you must be tired, Mohini says you run a lot, you must be tired, i will massage your feet. Mohini starts massaging her feet, Mohini asks did you tell gold chain to Parth? Shorvori says i have told him, Parth will bring locket back. Mohini says i am blessing you, if you didnt save me today then i would be gone, Shorvori says nothing like that. Mohini says i tortured you so much but still you helped me, i am folding my hands and saying sorry, Shorvori says no, please dont. Mohini says dont tell anyone about Jayu’s incident, Shorvori says i wont tell anyone but you have to hear me too, i am fine now so you go and take rest. Shorvori gets call, Mohini leaves. Shorvori takes call from inspector, inspector says we didnt find kidnapper girl but we will find her soon.
Teni is hiding in Parth’s car and thinks that he talking with inspector so much, why he is not driving away. Parth thanks inspector. Teni sees Shorvori coming there too, she says what is she doing here? why this husband and wife are playing with me? Parth is going to back to his car. Parth doesnt see Shorvori. Shorvori hears Parth’s voice but before she can turn and see him, Parth leaves. Parth comes to car and says to Teni that come out of car, everything is fine, Teni doesnt come out. Parth opens car’s back and doesnt find Teni inside, he thinks where did Teni go? he looks around but doesnt find her


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni is dancing in bachelors party, boys are enjoying her seducing dance, boys throwing money on her. Shorvori find Teni in party, she drags her out, Teni is drunk. Shorvori says i will call police, Teni says if you send me to jail then will you give birth to your baby yourself? Parth Bhanushali came to me and begged me to help him. Shorvori later says to Parth that i have decided this girl(Teni) wont become our surrogate mother nor will she give place to our baby in her womb, Parth is stunned.

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