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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishab comes from washroom and looks for his book. Sejal watches him from a side, Shorvari comes there. Rishab introduces himself and asks for his book. Shorvari says only Jagruti is fond of books and takes him there. Jagruti and Rishab shared similar tastes, Jagruti had the book of her owns and hands it to Rishab for reading. Shorvari thinks about Teni and hurries to her room.

Parth had reached before Shorvari. Shorvari comes behind and says this is Teni, she clarifies Teni is going as the mother of their child to be. She covers Teni’s face with the veil and sends her downstairs. Parth asks what excuse they would give for veil. Shorvari says she wants to relive every moment of her wedding day.
While walking down with Parth, Teni only thinks about Parth. Baa watches Aman come home and scolds him for being out on the day. Aman says he was out for some business task. Baa tells him to go and change. Everyone turns to watch Parth and Shorvari. Baa comes to her and asks why she has taken a veil. Parth says Shorvari wants everything to be as on their wedding day, she took the veil even today. Baa laughs and calls them to hurry. Teni pinches Parth murmuring if they get caught they would be in much problem. She watches Aman and tells Parth to tell him everything. Aman comes to Parth and asks if he running with someone else’s wife, he gives Teni’s hand in Parth’s. He then apologizes Teni as Shorvari, and apologizes for getting busy with his business meeting. Everyone ask about Teni. Baa sends Mohini to bring Teni downstairs, she must also see how this Pooja is done. Shorvari thinks she is dead. She hurries to Teni’s bed.

Teni sweats badly as she was in a state of panic. Parth tells her to keep calm.
Parth calls Aman towards him, he signals him for something. Aman looks into the pot of water, Teni points at him to go and handle Mohini. He nods and goes upstairs.
In Teni’s room, Shorvari lay in bed with blankets. Mohini asks her to get up and come to attend the Pooja. Shorvari changes her voice to Teni’s and tells Mohini she is unwell. Mohini instead drags the blanket off Shorvari while she resists. Aman comes to drag Mohini behind, he assures he would wake Teni up and sends Mohini downstairs. In the room, Aman complains Shorvari didn’t share any such thing with him. Shorvari says they tried to.

The Pooja began. Baa notices Teni withdraw her hand off Path’s. She comes forward and gives their hands into each other’s. They perform the rituals together. Aman and Shorvari watch the Pooja from upstairs. Shorvari says if she bore her child in her own womb, she would have been doing all these rituals. After the Pooja, Pandit ji says the Pooja ends with Sindoor ceremony. Parth Shorvari, Aman and Teni were shocked at this.


Dil Se Dil Tak 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baa tells Parth to fill Shorvari’s hairline with sindoor. He stands to tell the truth to everyone. Aman runs to him with a call from foreign investor. It was Shorvari who cries and pleads Parth not to do so, this will break everyone’s trust over them as well as their relation. He says he can’t do so.

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