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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Indu says to Shorvori that Parth didnt listen to you but when Teni asked him so he said, did you have fight with him? Shorvori says no, Mohini says then why he listened to Teni and not you? Baa says Parth never did it, Mohini says its just been one week that Shorvori was away but dont know what magic Teni did that Shorvori’s magic is not working on Parth. Shorovori says its not something big, Teni must have pacified Parth, when Teni forgave Sejal so why would Parth remain angry with her? Baa says you are right, we shouldnt make this issue, leave it, you go and rest, Shorvori nods and leaves. Indu looks on still not convinced.
Shorovori is going to her room and thinks that i answered them but i dont understand that Parth denied me but agreed with Teni? he never did this before.

Shorvori enters room and sees it fully decorated with roses and balloons. Rose petals start showering on Shorvori, she smiles. Parth comes there and plays guitar, he sings Tumse hi din hota hai.. tumse se hi.. he circles around her and smiles, he starts dancing with her and twirls her around, Parth kisses her faces and hugs her, she blushes, Parth lifts her bridal style. They sit down to have romantic dinner, he holds biscuit in his mouth and Shorvori takes it from his lips with her teeth. Parth hugs Shorvori and asks where is my gift? she says i forgot it, Parth pulls her closer and says give me sweet one, he leans in to kiss her but Shorvori says see Teni is here, Parth looks at door, Shorvori runs away, Parth sees no Teni there and realizes she fooled him.
Sejal says to Jagruti that after living with Teni you think high of yourself? now you saw what i can do? i made Parth apologize to me. Teni sees this and thinks that Shorvori shouldnt have saved her, Parth should have slapped her but even i can do something, she thinks of some idea and leaves. Jagruti says to Sejal that you said you will forget everything when Parth says sorry and you are still miffed? Sejal says i dont forget or forgive, i still remember your laugh that day, i didnt forgive you so i will take revenge from you and that Teni. Teni comes behind Sejal stealthily and ties rope around her chair with another chair, she smirks.
Shorvori says Parth that you wont get this gift(kiss), Parth says i will take it. He runs behind her, she giggles, Parth pins her to wall and says will you give my gift or should i take it myself? he cups her face and leans in closer, Shorvori closes her eyes but alarm rings and Shorvori’s voice note plays that its time to give milk to Teni, leave everything and give her, Shorvori laughs, Parth says by some way, Teni came inbetween us, i will come, he leaves. Shorvori recalls how family member said that Parth listened to Teni but not her, she gets tensed.
Teni sits on chair beside Sejal which she has tied with Sejal’s, Teni starts drinking milk with slurp voices, Sejal says you are irritating me, leave from here, Jagruti says Sejal.. Teni says no no, if she can make Parth apologize then i am nothing infront of her, i will leave from here, Teni pushes her chair away and Sejal’s tied chair pulls back too, Sejal’s chair fall down with Sejal hitting floor, Teni laughs and hides rope, Jagruti helps Sejal to stand up, Teni asks if she is fine? this chair is bad, how dare you? now this chair have to say sorry, see Sejal she is saying sorry, Sejal gets angry on her, Teni laughs with Jagruti, Sejal glares at her and leaves.

Scene 2
Parth comes to Shorvori and asks what were you thinking? Shorvori says one thing is bugging me, when i asked you to say sorry to Sejal, you denied me but when Teni made you understand it, you agreed with her but you didnt with mine, i mean.. actually everyone was asking me this, i didnt know answer of it, Parth is amused with her and says my Shorvori is feeling jealous like girlfriend feels jealous when her boyfriend smiles at her friends? Shorvori says this is childish behavior and she is our surrogate, Parth says there is no one for me in this life, you are my first and last girl that i love, nobody can ever come between us, Shorvori says i love you, Parth kisses her forehead and says i love you too, Shorvori hugs him but is still tensed about that thing.
In morning, Shorvori comes to Teni’s room and sees her sleepind, she caresses her forehead and says good morning, Teni wakes up, Shorvori gives her flowers and says they are fresh and expansive, Teni coughs and says i am puking, take them away, Shorvori keeps them away. Teni says i want to smell that fragrance, Shorvori says which flowers? lilies? roses? Teni says cow dung, Shorvori says what? Teni says yes i want to make chunks of cow dung, Shorvori says you really want that? Teni says i am missing smell of cow dung, when i used to wake up in morning in childhood, i used to smell cow dung first thing in the morning, i am missing it, please bring cow dung for me, Shorvori says i ordered flowers online but how will i order cow dung? Teni says you can bring flowers but not cow dung? i will bring it myself, Shorvori says you wont go anywhere, i will call someone. Shorvori calls her milkman, she puts phone on speaker as Teni asks her. shorvori says to milkman that i want cow dung, he asks if she is Shorvori only? Shorvori says yes, just bring cow dung here, she ends call. teni says now i will show you how to make chunks(oplee) of cow dung. Shorvori makes ew face.
Indu and Mohini are unpacking baa’s stuff, Mohini says to baa that i didnt sleep well, i still think about that PArth didnt do good by not listening to Shorvori, he never did it, baa says you are brilliant, you have abilities to put even ashes on fire, Mohini says what i did? Baa says everyone knows how much Parth loves Shorvori, he went against whole family to hold her hand, sun can come out at night but Parth can never go against Shorvori. Mohini says Parth is getting bored of Shorvori, Teni has become interesting for him that he would want, Baa says enough, hold your tongue, Mohini says sorry if i said a lot but i couldnt stop myself, when Parth agreed with Teni and not with Shorvori then Shorvori felt so bad, i couldnt bear it, she was so down, Indu gets worried hearing it, Baa glares at her, Mohini smirks and thinks that i have put doubt in Indu’s mind now, i will see who will save Teni now.

PRECAP- all family members come outside house and sees Teni playing with cow dung, all are digusted. Mohini says how will we be able to live with this illiterate girl? Teni puts cow dung chunks on wall to dry them and use them for fire, all are disgusted. Teni leaves from there. Indu says to Baa that when Shorvori mistakenly throw something on Parth’s shirt, he got so angry on her but when Teni threw cow dung on his shirt, he didnt even say anything to her, Parth is not doign good with Shorvori these days.

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