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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd May 2017 on

Scene 1
Doctor says to Aman that dont you know your fiance is pregnant. Aman looks at unconscious Teni in shock. Doctor leaves. Parth comes there, he runs to Teni and asks are you fine? open your eyes. Parth says to Aman that are you mad? you let her drive in this condition? she is stupid and stubborn but you? he runs to Teni again. Parth holds Teni’s hand and rubs her hand, he caress her head in concern. Aman looks at all this in shock, he goes out. Aman comes out of ward and recalls how Parth kept trying Aman to leave, how he kept distancing Aman from Teni. Aman recalls how he saw them close earlier too, he thinks that it means there is Parth’s baby in Teni’s belly, they have an affair, Parth is cheating on Shorvori and cheating me too when Shorvori is pregnant, thats why he didnt want my and Teni’s relation. Aman break things outside ward.

In ward room, Teni wakes up and recalls how she hit car, eh gets worried for baby, Teni sees Parth talking to doctor. Doctor says she is totally fine, you can take her home, doctor leave. Parth sees Teni standing there, Teni asks if baby is fine? Parth says maybe doctor didnt get to know that you are pregnant, I have asked Jalpa to come here and check but I think everything is fine. Teni says if anything happens to baby then I wont be able to forgive myself, I am stupid, I dont know why I do this. Parth says you are fine. Teni asks how is Aman? Parth says I got angry on Aman, he left for home. Parth puts his hand on her hand and rubs it, they share eyelock. Shorvori and Jalpa comes there, Shorvori runs to Teni and asks if she is fine? Jalpa says let me check Teni, Parth and Shorvori comes out of room. Shorvori says she doesnt know how to drive then why did she leave?

They hear Teni laughing in room and says she doesnt care at all. Jalpa comes out and says dont worry, Teni and baby are fine. Shorvori comes in room and says do you realize what we had to bear because of your mistake? Parth says she didnt do it deliberately, let her be. Shorvori says you know what is right or wrong so stop being on her side, she says to Teni that do you know what is it like to be mother? God took that right from me, you have that right but you dont care, Teni says how you get such big dialogues? Shorvori says you think this is all joke? we are fools? you dont know how to drive then why you did? Teni says why you are shouting? I had accident and you are yelling at me, I didnt hit deliberately, she turns to leave but Shorvori says you didnt care about baby once? Teni says you keep thinking about your baby, I was in danger too but you didnt even ask me once if I am fine or not, I didnt went out to have fun, I took Aman out to tell him truth as Parth asked me, I try to do good but always wrong happens.

She winces in pain, Parth says be careful. Teni says I took him for drive to calmly tell him about surrogacy but you are shouting on me? Teni asks Parth if you wont say anything to Shorvori? remember when she didnt want me as surrogate then you saved her from me and she asks Shorvori that remember you sent me to your husband to sleep with your husband? you can do anything but I have loose character, you kept hovering over me, you both dont think about me once, its just about baby, I always dreamt about going to US but when I got good boy who would take me to US then I have this 10lacs baby in my belly, nothing right happens with me, she leaves from there. Shorvori is in tears.

Scene 2
Aman comes to his room and sees Indu hanging photo frame there, he says I will do it, Indu leaves. Aman hammers nail in wall, he recalls Parth and Teni together and screams in anger. Aman thinks that Parth has cheated family, I have to tell truth to family, he leaves his room angrily.

Teni is calling Aman. She is in her room. She is packing her bag. Parth comes there and thinks if she is leaving house in anger? Teni says servant didnt make my cupboard, I will do it myself as I am nobody in this house. Parth comes there and starts searching for something, Teni looks at him. Parth says there is a girl Teni, her smile is lost somewhere, I am finding it, she is angry, what do you think? she wont be pacified too, what should I do? I should give her chocolate biscuit. Teni says I am not talking to you. Parth says I am talking to my baby, Teni laughs and says anything. Parth says finally you smiled, dont lose it, and I am sorry about Shorvori, forgive us. Teni says you husband and wife are good, one does bad and other rectify it. Parth holds his hands together and asks Teni to try and separate them, Teni tries but is unable to, Parth says you cant separate them, you know husband and wife relation is like that, they are two bodies and one soul, they are not separate, what she said is what I listen, Teni says you believe in love right? Parth says yes Love has strength, Teni says I will show you something.

Aman comes to Dada. Dada is looking at memorable things, he says to servant that Parth always wanted these things, I used to tell him that he is kid and cant have it and see now he is having baby. Aman thinks that he is having not one but two babies. Dada asks Aman if he had some work? Aman says I want to tell you something, Dada says say it.

Teni ties dupatta on Parth’s waist, she ties is tightly, he says is suffocating, Teni says were you ever hungry like for weeks? Parth says no, Teni says when human remains hungry for week then we tie cloth on waist like this so tummy wont grumble. She shows him elastic jeans and says you said that I will get peace by wearing it, I am the person who didnt have basic living necessities, leave about peace.

Aman thinks Parth and Teni are cheating family, he says to Dada that actually.. Mohini and Sejal comes there. Sejal says I have got admission in big fashion institute, he says congrats but doesnt eat sweets, Sejal says are you still angry with me? I have said sorry many times but you havent forgiven me, Dada says you called Teni characterless and its not small mistake, I promised that day that till I dont send Teni to good house, I wont forgive this, I am so glad that Teni is marrying Aman and will become honor of our house, Aman looks on hearing it.

Teni says my situations have made me like this. You must have seen dogs finding bread in trash, I have eaten bread from trash too, when I used to find two breads, I used to get happy and would eat one bread and save other bread to eat when I would be very hungry but till then it would stale, I used to cry on my fate but then I thought to dance in bar, I thought hunger was dangerous than men’s pervert eyes but I didnt have guts to dance in bar, that was the time I started drinking win, I drank and then danced so well in bar, tell me if you were in my situation, would you choose love or money? Parth is moved hearing all this. He hugs Teni tightly, Teni cries on his chest.

Aman thinks that Dada holds himself responsible for Sejal’s mistake and if I tell him about Teni and Parth then he would breakdown, this house would destroy if Parth and Teni’s truth come out and I cant let it happen.


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aman blindfolds Teni, Teni asks why? Aman says when surprise will come, I will open it.
shorvori comes to Teni’s room but doesnt find her. She informs Parth that Teni is missing. Mohini comes there and Aman is not at home, I am calling him but he is not picking up. Parth and Shorvori gets tensed hearing it.

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