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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sejal asks Mohini to speak about the money, or she should do it. Mohini assures she will do it.
Indu prays for Parth and Teni’s marriage. Mohini thinks Ramnik must be alone in the room, it’s the right time to speak to him. Teni was turning to go outside the house. Dadi stops her and says it’s her decision she and Parth must marry today.

Ramnik was irked and tells Mohini that Sejal must understand 80 lack worth a car is too much. Mohini says it’s high time for purchases. Ramnik thinks this isn’t the right thing to deny her, else she will demand a division of property in front of Bauji. He asks Mohini to be clear. Indu had reached the door and hears the conversation. Mohini says she wants Sejal to marry Rishab, or division of property. Indu was shocked to hear this and comes inside. Mohini warns she won’t let Jagruti do to Sejal what Indu did to her.

Shorvari was doomed hearing about Teni’s marriage with Parth. She wonders why her heart aches when this is what she wanted. She shows Teni a bridal attire, and says she got it after much difficulty. Teni goes to change in it. Shorvari thinks about making her up with her own hands. Tears fell off her eyes. She recalls each of Parth’s compliment for herself while applying makeup and jewellry to Teni. She looks for Parth’s favorite ‘Bindi’, then takes her own’s off. Shorvari says a woman’s biggest jewel is her husband; she has already given it to Teni. She complements Teni looks exactly how Parth wants to see her. Teni says she might only appear like Shorvari but won’t ever be Shorvari. No one can get Parth out of his heart.

Shorvari gets a call from Parth, Teni insists upon speaking to him. Shorvari blocks the number. Parth wonders if she has really left him. He must accept she has left him, as the family says. Shorvari cries that she will break if she hears his voice. Life gifted her a lot in very less time, a friend like her and precious relation doesn’t make her regret anything now. She gets a gift for Teni. She advices Teni to be patient, Parth may take some time to accept the relation. She tells her to wear this saree at that moment, and show her the video as well. Teni looks around for her phone and asks her to give a missed bell. She says it’s not here. Shorvari calls the number. Parth hears Teni’s phone ringing in her room. He was moved to see Shorvari’s call on it. Shorvari was shocked to hear Parth and cuts the call at once. Parth notices there was password on the phone, there was a video message from Shorvari’s number visible. Shorvari asks Teni which password she put, Teni says it’s ‘Parth’. Shorvari was upset what if Parth breaks the phone. She asks her to hurry up and go take the phone from Parth. Shorvari panics wondering what if Parth watches the video.

Mohini says Parth and Teni’s wedding was at such a blissful time, they won’t have to bear any expenses. A marriage registrar reach home. Indu says Teni called him, she can’t take the rounds of fire and wants the marriage to only register in court. Mohini watches Parth come downstairs. Teni enters the house from other side, ready for the marriage. She spots her cell phone in Parth’s hand. Parth doesn’t lend her phone and says whatever happens is for good. She must not lie to him, he has already seen Shorvari’s video message in the phone.


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth conditions his marriage with Teni. He says either she must bring Shorvari to him, she will sign the divorce papers; only then he will marry her. Its for their baby’s sake.

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