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Dil Se Dil Tak 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni comes as South Asian goon and intimates Vivek that her husband would kill him if he doesn’t cancel the deal with Bhanushali. She notices Parth’s moustache was going out, she takes him aside to correct it. Teni leaves their number to the elder family.

Vivek calls Dada ji and apologizes as he can’t finalize the deal of that house, he would confirm a new residence for him in next weeks. Dada ji was upset for another betrayal, he sends Baa to inform the family they will have to stay in the house for another week. Later, Baa watches him upset and thinks she will see how long he continue to be upset. She uncovers a bowl of halwa, and reminds she presented this halwa when he came for her proposal. She knew already this is the way to his bad mood. He doesn’t pick the bowl, Baa herself gives him a spoonful and tells him to speak later. Dada ji smiles and takes the bowl, then notices Baa was worried herself. Dada ji holds her hand and tells her not to worry until he is alive, he promises to arrange as big house for her as this. Baa says he won’t be able to find a home like this, homes are made out of love, relations and memories. Home will be left back here. Teni hears this from outside, she thinks she will not let anything break.

The next morning, Dada ji comes out. Teni was watering the plants. She smiles towards him and asks if his plan for the new house was ruined, but he must continue looking for a new house. They aren’t in a hurry to make them leave the house. Dadi ji scolds her being down-trodden. Teni corrects that she is bearing his great grandchild, and isn’t downtrodden. She invites him for a Pooja she kept for the baby and says he must come if he wish to.

Shorvari and Parth come to the room and asks Teni why she kept the Pooja? Teni was taking steam, and didn’t respond. Shorvari says if she wants to consider God in their plan as well. Teni tells her to stop taking and giving tension. Shorvari argues she wants to correct everything. Teni says if she plans like Shorvari… then stops herself. She tells Shorvari to trust her plan, they will get everything back this time. Parth says may be everyone understands they want to live with everyone in the house. Teni doesn’t reveal what was in the bowl and says this will help reach the family what’s in her heart.

In the kitchen, Baa notices the halwa box was missing. Teni stands behind smiling that she ate it. Baa fumes as she notices the empty box. Teni says she was really hungry and the baby was relieved after having it. She asks Baa to teach her make the halwa, she will also make the same Halwa for Prasad of Pooja as well. Baa couldn’t argue. Indu comes to scold Teni why is she so shameless. Shorvari comes there and asks what it is about. Indu says Shorvari pretends to be innocent. Indu says she knows Shorvari told her that Dada ji can be made up through Halwa. They will never get forgiveness. Indu tells Teni that the love in the cooking make food tasty, similarly a child’s brought up, its values and ethics depict what it would grow up to be. Shorvari interrupts Indu, Baa takes Indu away. Teni was upset for fail of plan.

In the room, Parth tells Teni that Dadi would never keep the money for them, she won’t hurt Dada ji. She watches Dadi ji coming towards the room, takes the mobile and cheerfully says she got the recipe, she will now make Halwa tastier than Dadi. Parth gets the plan and says she can’t compete Dadi ji in the competition of Halwa preparation. Teni says Dadi didn’t share the recipe of Halwa because she is afraid she will prepare better Halwa. Dadi ji comes in with recipe for Teni and challenge her to prepare Halwa of her taste.


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni hurries to get the Halwa, she slips halfway. It was Dada ji who saves her from falling. Teni says this shows Dada ji still has a soft corner for the child, she decides to win his heart.

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