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Dil Se Dil Tak 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni comes in garden and sees cow dung there, she gets ecstatic, Shorvori makes filthy face. Teni says i love you for bringing this, Teni takes cow dung in her hand and smells in daze, Teni says you have bought me today by bringing this, now i will make chunks of it, you want me to teach you too? Shorvori says no no, you do it, Teni makes chunk and asks Shorvori to stick it on wall for it to get dry, Shorvori says me? she says yes, Shorvori reluctantly tries to take it but Teni says i will put it there, you go and cook something for me because i will get hungry soon, Shorvori asks what you want to eat? Teni gives her some suggestions but in the end says to make anything you like to cook, my mind is not working after smelling fragrance of cow dung, shorvori leaves. Teni applies cow dung on wall.
Shorvori comes in kitchen and starts cooking for Teni happily, Parth comes there and hugs her from behind, he says i have come to take my gift which you didnt give last night, Shorvori says anyone can see you here, Parth says its good to romance in public too, Shorvori says move away, Parth says fine, i am going to office but when i comeback, i want my kiss as gift, Shorvori laughs and shoves him away and mistakenly puts her flour filled hands on his shirt, flour gets stuck on his shirt, Parth says what did you do? i have an color code meeting, Shorvori says i will bring another one for you, he says leave it, i will find another one, he leaves. Indu sees Parth get slightly miffed with Shorvori and leaving.
Parth comes in garden and sees Teni playing with cow dung, he is disgusted with its smell and asks what she is doing? Teni says i am making chunks of cow dung, they have such nice fragrance like cow drank some nice wine. Parth says yes they have such nice.. smell, he makes eww face, Teni says are you saying it to fool me? Parth says no i think making chunks of them is an art itself, Teni sys sit with me, i will make you learn to make chunks with me, you will fall in love with cow dung, Parth says no leave it, Teni says you always keep making me learn something so let me teach you, sit down, Parth reluctantly sits beside her, Teni puts cow dung on his hand, she asks him to follow. Parth says i didnt know that we can enjoy with cow dung, its weird but good thing. Indu comes there and sees Parth and Teni playing with cow dung. Teni asks Parth to apply it on wall, Parth applies cow dung on wall. Parth’s shirt get smeared too. Indu recalls how Parth got miffed with Shorvori when she destroyed his shirt, she recalls how Mohini said that Parth is getting bored of Shorvori. Indu says is Parth going away from Shorvori?

Indu comes in kitchen and sees Shorvori sweating while cooking heavily, shorvori sees her, Indu says who asked you to cook? servant can cook. Shorvori says Teni cant bear hunger so i thought to cook for her, she shows her dishes which she cooked. Indu thinks that Shorvori is so innocent, she is cooking for that teni which is trying to trap her husband only. Indu asks Shorvori to take care of her looks, you should remain dressed nicely, you have to keep Parth attracted you, i didnt like how Parth didnt agree with you but listened to Teni, it was not big thing but it can be problem for future. Shorvori says you dont worry, Parth loves me more than before, now make me cook food for Teni, Indu is worried seeing her nonchalant behavior.

Shorvori brings food for Teni. Teni sees all veggies cooked for her. Shorvori says i made all these dishes for you. Teni starts crying seeing food and says you showed me that you are rich and i am poor, you didnt put all ingredients in this dish. Shorvori says that ingredient was not present in kitchen, Teni says you could have ordered it, you didnt put that ingredient because its expansive and you showed me that i am poor, Shorvori says it was not present, just try to taste it, Teni pushes plate away and says no. Indu says what kind of sister are you Teni? your sister Shorvori is pregnant but still cooked for you and you are doing this? Teni cries more and says now everyone will scold me, Shorvori have showed me that i am not her own, Shorvori says that ingredient was not present, Parth comes there. Indu says see Parth, Shorovir cooked food for Teni but Teni is getting miffed with her only. Teni says i should get miffed, she tells Parth that Shorvori didnt put her favorite ingredient in that dish. Mohini sees Shorvori in tears and thinks that now Parth will not spare Teni seeing Shorvori’s tears. Teni says i wont eat now. Parth says Teni if you dont want to eat it then dont, but dont eat, go and take rest, i will order something for you which will have your favorite ingredient in it, all are shocked to see Parth worrying for Teni only, parth leaves with Teni without even looking at Shorvori. Shorvori is hurt seeing all that. Mohini says i cant believe if this was dream or truth, Parth never did this kind of thing before, Shorvori silently starts leaving but Indu says you said Parth loves you more than before? is this his love? go to him and ask why he is doing this, why he leave you alone and run behind Teni everytime? dont leave your right, Mohini says yes go, Shorvori has sad face, she leaves from there, Mohini smirks.

Scene 2
Parth is doing catwalk in his room, Teni is laughing at him. Shorvori comes there and sees Parth entertaining Teni, Parth asks Teni why she is laughing? models do catwalk like that, they have attitude on face. shorvori comes to Teni and says that you scolded me so much just because there was one ingredient missing from it? i kept cooking whole day in kitchen just to make good for you while sweating, i even brought cow dung for you when you asked, Parth hints at Teni to leave, Teni says sorry and silently leaves. Shorvori is hurt. Parth asks Shorvori to try and understand, Shorvori says i dont want to listen anything, just leave me alone. Parth is irritated with her behavior, she looks away from him.
Indu says to Baa that i didnt agree with Mohini that Parth is not good with Shorvori but i saw it with my eyes, Indu says to Baa that when Shorvori mistakenly throw something on Parth’s shirt, he got so angry on her but when Teni threw cow dung on his shirt, he didnt even say anything to her, Parth is not doign good with Shorvori these days. Shorvori made food for Teni but Teni didnt even taste it, Shorvori had tears in her eyes but Parth took Teni’s side, Parth is doing this with her when she is pregnant and needs him most, Baa says you are right, he is not doing right, i will talk to talk him and bring him on right path as thats what elders do for younger ones, she leaves.
Baa is coming to Parth and Shorvori’s room. She comes to their and hears Shorvori shouting on Parth that i made food specially for Teni and she belittled me while you stayed silent there not saying anything in my favor. Shorvori says to Parth that you said sorry to Sejal when Teni asked you but when i asked you, you denied me, what does that mean Parth shouts on Shovori that what is her problem? that Teni didnt eat the food you cooked or that i listened to Teni and said sorry to Sejal on her saying and not yours. Shorvori says my problem is both, because you took Teni’s side in both matters instead of mine, what answer you have? Parth says you dont want to hear truth, you want to hear what you have in my mind. Shorvori says till i dont get answers of my question, i wont let you go from this room nor i will leave this room, Parth glares at her, Baa is watching all this standing behind door.

PRECAP- Teni is mangoes. Indu comes there and says Parth brought these mangoes for Shorvori then how are you eating? Teni says i am eating from my mouth, Shorvori gave it to me, she asked me to eat it. Indu says to Parth that what is this? Shorvori is pregnant and you are allowing Teni to eat mangoes instead of her? what kind of relation you both have? Shorvori and Parth are tensed to hear it. Teni is busy eating her mangoes without realizing problems she is creating and leaves from there dancing, Indu, Parth and Shorvori looks on.

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