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Dil Se Dil Tak 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth says if Teni hadn’t left the phone he could never know what the truth is. Teni wonders if Parth watched the video message. Parth asks why she locked the phone, he has seen Shorvari’s video message in it. He asks Teni what’s in the message. Teni thinks this means Parth hasn’t yet seen the video. She turns around and says she is clueless about the video. Dadi also asks Teni about the video. Parth shows the video icon in the folder. Teni tells Parth he likes videos, she has videos of everyone in the house. He must not blast her with Shorvari’s name today; Shorvari hates her and even slapped her in front of everyone.

This video is about some ladies problem, which Shorvari made to explain her. She asks Parth if he still want to watch the video. He says yes he wants to. Shorvari personally goes to each person and apologize for the shameful video. She tells Parth to unlock the phone with password Parth. Parth unlocks the phone then returns it without watching the video. Teni now takes Parth to marry her. Parth tells Teni he will marry her, the video message might be old but Shorvari called her number today. Now he conditions their marriage, firstly Shorvari must come to sign the divorce deed, only then he will marry her. Teni says if Parth wants to play this conditions game, its better she leaves with the baby. Parth says it’s for the baby as well. He won’t marry until Shorvari comes face to face with him and sign the divorce papers. Teni says she will call Shorvari, but can’t take responsibility whether she comes or not.

The doctor wish Shorvari with Diwali greetings. It was 2pm, they had to leave in 2 hours. Shorvari thinks Parth and Teni must have… The doctor compliments Shorvari to be really brave, Parth is lucky to have her in life. The doctor tells Shorvari that medical science has limitations, but God has magical wand in hands. He forbids her to take stress, instead think about her loved ones. Shorvari watches Parth’s photo. She says today Teni would lighten up his life and will bring him all the happiness of life. She day dreams about celebrating Diwali with Parth. She gets a call from Teni and wish her Happy Marriage. Teni tells her about Parth’s conditioning. Shorvari says she must now face Parth, she will have to meet Parth. She calls Teni to meet her, and tell Parth that Shorvari is coming to meet him.

Teni was leaving home. Parth asks Teni about Shorvari. Teni was irritated. Indu asks Teni where she will get Shorvari. Teni asks them to wait for her, she will anyway get Shorvari. Parth asks how she is going. Will she drive herself, as drivers are all on an off. Teni assures she will leave anyway.

Mohini smirks watching Rishab and his mother arrive. Jagruti was decorating Rangoli and comes to greet Rishab and hugs him, his dress was ruined by color. Sejal comes outside and watches Rishab’s mood upset. She offers him a tissue paper to wipe the stains. Ramnik and others also come to greet them. Rishab’s mother says they came to gift a coin to their daughter in law, it’s a ritual of their family. Sejal sneezes hard and apologizes. Rishab’s mother hands the coin to Indu to gift this to Jagruti. Everyone leave. Mohini stops Ramnik and warns him of any severe circumstances.

If he decided to bring lights into the house by marrying Sejal and Rishab; or divide the property. Ramnik says no matter her daughter’s dreams shatter, he won’t let the house break.
Shorvari leaves to meet Parth. The doctor says they got the appointment with much difficulty. Shorvari asks for one hour time. She thinks she is coming to meet him.


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni speaks to Shorvari on phone that she has reached the spot. Brakes of Shorvari’s car had failed, she hits a tree and the car burns with a blast.

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