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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishab tells Jagruti not to call him again, he doesn’t value girls of her thinking. Jagruti wonders what is his talking about. Sejal thinks now she would see how their love story flourish.

Teni and Parth were making arrangements for Pooja. They hear Dada ji speaking to a broker about another house. Parth was worried.
Inside, Teni runs to kitchen to make Pooja arrangements. She was about to fell off, when Dada ji supports her. Teni smiles towards him while he leaves.
Sejal sends Rishab a gift of flowers to make him happy, they fix a coffee treat together.

Teni was cooking Halwa in the kitchen. Dadi ji watches her silently, Teni notices Dadi ji was watching her and says she won’t let her leave the house.
During the Pooja, Shorvari and Parth sat with Teni. Pandit ji announces to begin the Pooja. Shorvari was worried that no one joined them for Pooja. Teni goes to make an announcement that there is Satya Narayan Pooja at home, everyone must keep their differences aside and be a part of the Pooja. She announces again that if they don’t attend the Pooja, she, Shorvari or Parth won’t be responsible for any sins they got. Teni then thinks about another idea. She announces the Pooja is for good health of the baby, what if there is something wrong with the baby she must not be blamed. She tells Pandit ji to begin the Pooja. Indu and Dadi ji were worried, but didn’t go out of the room. The Pooja had started.

Mohini comes to the hall and thinks what would be a better chance to stay in the house. No matter Dada ji is angry but she will meet them so that she and Sejal don’t have to go to a small house. Teni tells Shorvari that Mohini is selfish and wants to come for her own interest. Mohini joins the Pooja. Parth and Shorvari were worried as no one had come out.

In the room, Indu was upset for not being able to be a part of the Pooja. Parth stood at the door and asks why Indu has held herself back. He comes inside and says Indu always consider God as the greatest. If his mistakes are coming between her and God. She must be angry with him but not turn her face from God. He is aware Papa isn’t home but for him the Pooja would be incomplete if she doesn’t attend it as well. Indu doesn’t say a word then comes outside with Parth. Teni and Shorvari were happy to see her. Teni watches Shorvari crying and asks if she has an ailment of crying. Indu sits for Pooja. Parth gets a high five from Teni and Shorvari. Teni wish Dada ji and Dadi ji also join them. In the room, Dada ji notices Dadi ji was much restless.

Dada ji allows her to go if she wish for. Dadi ji says she can’t go against him, and says its his responsibility to show the family the right path. She reminds Dada ji that at time of Parth’s 16th birthday, they had met his competitor family in the temple but he kept their enemity aside and participated in the Pooja together.
Teni cheers watching Dada ji and Dadi ji arrive for Pooja. Indu and Mohini were also moved, while the trio was excited.


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada ji tells Dadi ji not to lie she didn’t make the Halwa. Teni says she prepared the Halwa with Dadi ji’s recipe. Like the Halwa has similar taste, the child she bears holds the same blood no matter which womb carries it.

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