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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni Enters Jamuna House As An Old Employee


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 25th December 2017 Episode Start WithTeni takes Chutkan inside determined to do it. Chutkan agrees to do anything, but wonders why she is getting trapped for that selfish man. Teni says that person taught her live fully, he hasn’t seen the other face of Parth. She was selfish, but she got the family because of him. She is right now only concerned for Ipshita.

There, Baa tells Parth to recognize Teni’s reality.
Chutkan comes to meet Madam Ji. Madam Jee asks where he was lost after Teni left. Chutkan says he returned with someone that can bring electricity in the Jamuna house. Teni comes to meet Madam jee and says she has finally returned to her. She sends Chutkan to get two cups of tea. After Chutkan and Mohan had left, Teni asks if she is still angry with her. Madam jee says Teni could only lit this house well; butshe fled. Teni says she is back, as she realizes dreams aren’t enough to fill anyone’s stomach. Madam jee asks if the family for whom she gave birth, didn’t pay her enough. Teni says they came out to be really misers. She now wants any kind of work from Madam Jee. Madam jee conditions, Teni will prepare the morning tea from today; she can go to her old room. Teni turns to leave, Madam jee stops to warn Teni not betraying her again.

Indu sat in the temple, tensed. Baa tells her not to worry; everything will be fine. Teni comes to greet Sheela. Sheela tells Teni they had forgotten to laugh when she had left. She goes to get ready on the other dressing; some old dancers come to greet Teni. Sheela tells another girl Teni can even keep Madam Jee sane, she entered here again. A dancer demands Teni to leave her seat. Teni argues with her and boasts to be the best dancer. She recalls to be with Parth and Ipshita. She thinks she needs to find Ipshita, and mix medicine in everyone’s food to leave with her. She hears the cry of a baby, then asks Sheela whose daughter is it who is crying? Sheela says they bought the baby but none is allowed to see her. When she is 6 7 years old, she will be made to work her as well. Teni takes a leave for washroom and looks around the house; worried about her daughter. She comes across a locked door and hear Ipshita crying from behind it. She takes a hairpin and attempts to open the lock.

Mohan comes to take Teni from makeup room. The others say she has gone to washroom. Mohan comes looking for her across the corridor. Teni unlocks the corridor and finds Ipshita crying on the bed alone. She comes to hug the baby, and thinks she will save her from here. Mohan finds Ipshita’s room unlocked and shocked to see Teni inside. Teni wipes her tears and plays with the baby. She tells Mohan she was only finding the bathroom, then heard the baby crying. Mohan asks how could she forget the way to washroom, but Teni argues that things change easily in this place. She says the door was already unlocked so she came in to see the crying baby and turns to leave the room to get ready for work. She turns to look at the crying Ipshita, determined to take her away soon.


Dil Se Dil Tak 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth comes to Jamuna house. Madam Jee gets him caught and says from today she will be called Chingari and get a stamp from Madam jee. She will light this house after 16th year.

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