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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni watches Parth and Shorvari leave hand in hand. She was curt then watches Parth’s wall paper on her mobile. She speaks to him that he must be bad and strict with her, this way of love is not acceptable for her.
Mohini wakes Sejal up and reminds her of her date with Rishab after Haldi ritual of Teni. She gives her a face pack and suggests Sejal to propose Rishab by herself and hands her a ring as well. Sejal compliments her to be modern.

Aman comes to Dadi ji and was excited if he must sit for Haldi ritual. Baa laughs there is around an hour, and laugh about his restlessness. Shorvari comes to the room and says even Teni wanted a straight wedding in the morning. She laughs telling them about Teni sleeping with Aman’s photos stuck to her eyes. Aman hugs Shorvari out of disbelief.

Dadi sends her to get ready.
Shorvari meets Jagruti in the corridor. Jagruti says she has to go and meet Rishab after the haldi ritual, and takes her permission. Shorvari says she must go and even find out about what’s in his heart.
Parth and Shorvari come to Teni’s room. Shorvari notices she wasn’t wearing bangles and tells her to wear the bangles that Parth got for her. Parth was worried about Teni’s behavior and wonders what if she really run away from the function.

Jalpa and Bharat come to Aman’s room with Shagun. Aman asks for their blessings. Bharat blesses Aman that his and Teni’s couple must be better than theirs. They notices a few stitches of Aman’s shirt were torn, Jalpa brings the needle and thread. They hear Jayu crying, Jalpa asks Bharat to see him but Bharat says he is her son, she must go and look after him. Jalpa was curt. Aman asks if there is something wrong between then, Bharat makes up its just joking.

During the function, Baa asks about Sejal and Jagruti. Shorvari and Mohini say they are coming. Everyone was dancing around. Teni felt nausea because of turmeric. Shorvari comes to her concerned, Mohini smirks. She comes to Shorvari and says if she is pregnant why Teni feels nausea. Shorvari calls it a joke and says Teni didn’t sleep well tonight. Teni tells Shorvari that this fragrance of turmeric makes her nausea. Shorvari was worried and requests her to wait for a while. Baa also notices this, and asks if Teni is fine. Shorvari says she came to ask if Teni is thirsty. Shorvari brings Jalpa aside and discusses the problem with her. Jalpa says this must be morning sickness, turmeric fragrance brings it. She says she would think about something.

Baa announces they would begin the rituals now. Firstly, Aman was applied with Haldi. Dada ji then asks Parth to begin the rituals with Teni. Teni stops Parth’s hand saying this will bring her vomiting. Shorvari stood there tensed. Parth announces Teni has to go to washroom and takes her inside. Shorvari goes behind them. Mohini thinks there is something cooking between them.

Teni comes out of washroom after vomiting. Teni says his child will exactly be after him, he doesn’t like this turmeric and she can’t get it on. Mohini comes upstairs silently. Parth was worried about what to do. Shorvari was worried what they will tell the family. Parth suggests about calling Jalpa for some medicine. Teni smells Parth’s scent, and says she likes this one. Shorvari got the solution and sprays Parth’s shirt with the scent. Mohini comes at the door and catches them hide Teni’s shirt under the dress.


Dil Se Dil Tak 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni wish Parth comes to tell her he has read the letter. Parth was confused and wonders if he must speak to Teni. Both Parth and Teni come confronting each other.