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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Dil Se Dil Tak 25th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Parth says to Shorvori that we dont know how Aman is taking about surrogacy thing, I should call police. Parth gets Aman’s call, Parth takes call and asks where is Teni? Aman says dont worry, nothing would happen to Teni, Parth says are you drunk? Aman says you cheated me with Teni and destroyed my life and now lecturing me about being drunk? you acted like role model for me but I was fool to follow you, everyone is preparing for my wedding and you didnt even tell me truth, what you and Teni did with me, I wont ever forget it, you both have cheated me, I wont forgive you. Parth says we didnt want to cheat you, where is Teni? Aman says I cant believe you have dada’s blood, Parth asks where are you? Aman says shut up, Dada has done a lot for me thats why I havent tell truth to him but I have given twist to your and Teni’s life but now this story would only hurt you both only now, Parth asks what he did with Teni? Aman looks on evilly. Aman ends call. Parth says I have to find Aman soon, he leaves.

Teni is lying on stature, Nurses are taking her for abortion.

Parth comes to bar, policeman had located Aman’s phone in the bar, Parth thanks him. Parth looks around for Aman, he sees Aman sitting near bar, he comes to him, Aman says oh, great, welcome welcome, were you worried about Teni? wish you were this worried for family then you wouldnt be doing this, Parth asks where is Teni? you know she is.. Aman says yes I know she is pregnant, it was small secret right, when was she going to tell me? on our wedding night? Parth says she was going to tell you today thats why she took you on drive, where is Teni? Aman says she didnt tell me on drive, till when you both would lie? Parth says tell me where is Teni? Aman says first let me tell everyone what kind of person are you. Aman says to bar that meet my brother, you cant believe what he did. Parth grabs his collar and says what rubbish are you saying? come to senses, Aman says you come to senses, how dare you have illegitimate relation with your sister in law, Parth says what rubbish? Aman says arent you ashamed of what Shorvori will think? thats why you didnt want Teni to marry me?

They both raise fists to punch each other but Shorvori comes there and pulls them away. Shorvori holds Aman’s hand and glares at him, Aman is stunned to see her there. Shorvori jerks his hand away and slaps him hard, Aman is shocked and confused. Shorvori says how dare you to put such cheap allegation on your brother? Aman says i know his truth, I have proof, he with Teni.. Shorvori says the baby Teni is carrying is mine and Parth’s, Teni is surrogate mother of our baby, Aman cant believe it, he looks away from Parth. Otherside Teni is unconscious in operation theater and nurses are getting ready for abortion. In bar, Aman cries and says what did I do? Aman says to Parth that I did big mistake.. forgive me.. Parth grabs his collar and asks what he did with Teni? tell me what you did with her? Aman says Teni is in hospital, her abortion is happening, Parth says what? Shorvori panics and asks which hospital? Aman says Galaxy, Parth and Shorvori runs off, Aman runs too.

Parth, Aman and Shorvori are in car. Parth drives fast. Shorvori prays for Teni. They reach hospital. Doctor is getting ready for abortion. Parth and Shorvori runs to operation theater with Aman. They come out of operation theater and sees light turning off indicating that operation was completed, Parth and Shorvori are frozen seeing it. Doctor comes out or theater, doctor comes to Aman that you didnt tell us that your fiance’s pregnancy was completed for 3 months, we got to know that before operation and in this condition, we need concern letter from her family or husband, its written in letter that if anything happens to patient during operation then hospital wont be responsible, you were not here to sign that letter so we had to stop abortion, Aman says this means abortion didnt happen? Doctor says no, Parth and Shorvori can breath again.

Parth and Shorvori come in operation theater. Parth says to nurse that we dont want any abortion, ready discharge papers, she nods and leaves. Shorvori holds Teni’s hand and kisses it, she recalls Teni telling her that i give birth to baby and I have to take care of drama too. Shorvori caresses Teni’s face. Aman comes there and says Teni.. he tries to come closer but Parth stops him. He angrily glares at him, Parth says you dont deserve Teni, Teni is in this condition because you, you said you truly love Teni? no Aman, if you loved her then it would have hurt you before hurting her but it didnt happen with you, if it happened with you then you wouldnt be doing this with her, where there is love, there is no chance for doubt, I got this chance before marriage, someone told me that Shorvori is cheating on me and loves other colleague in our office but I didnt bother me at all because I trusted Shorvori and our love, you didnt even try to know truth of Teni first before doing all this?

you dont even know Teni, the place where she used to live, people used to give their honor, everything for living, Teni kept herself up even after facing problems of life and reached here, why? to live a respected life and you doubted her character? these expansive things are with you but leave all this and live one day like Teni, you wont be able to do it, Teni didnt have anything but saved herself from everything else and you? Teni wakes up and sees Parth and Aman. Parth says shame on you Aman, Aman looks down in guilt, Aman says I did big mistake, forgive me, Parth says dont ask me, you should apologize to Teni, Teni smiles at Parth. Aman regretfully looks at Teni, Parth leaves from there. Aman comes to Teni, he folds his hands infront of her, Teni looks away from him and weeps silently.

Dil Se Dil Tak 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aman asks Parth if he will help her? Parth says you have hurt Teni’s heart and you will win it back, me and Shorvori wont be able to help you at all.Aman says to Teni that you truly love me then you would see my face when you close your eyes, you will see me. Teni close her eyes and imagines herself with Parth, imagines waking up with Parth as his wife, Teni opens her eyes and is shocked.

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