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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari says she is aware Teni got such feelings for her and Parth; she knows Teni loves them. She holds Teni’s hand and says she blamed them although she knew Parth only loves her. She says Teni was on her side even after all the misbehavior. Teni thinks she has given her heart to Parth already. Shorvari asks why she is crying. Teni says she also got a heart. Shorvari sends Teni to do what they all planned. Teni leaves, thinking their relation is getting really complex.

Downstairs, Teni asks Parth to sing the song for Shorvari, she would herself come downstairs. Shorvari cries holding Parth’s photo in the room. Parth sings ‘Jabb koi baat bigad jaye’. She cries in the room then finally comes downstairs. Parth was relieved to see her, Shorvari tells him to celebrate with whom he loves. She runs upstairs shouting at Parth not to follow her. She cries behind the shut door of her room. Teni feels sad as she can’t witness their pain. Teni brings Parth towards the cake and insists on him to cut the cake. Parth was only thinking about what Shorvari just said.

Teni notices he was hurting his hand and it bled badly. She snatches the knife from his hand. Shorvari hears this and was restless then decides not to go downstairs. Teni brings the bandage but Parth doesn’t allow her to clean his blood. He says if Shorvari considers his love as false and wants to live alone, he would only live alone. At least there would be something to keep them connected, be that loneliness. Teni comes to Shorvari and requests her to go and share the truth with Parth. Shorvari wasn’t ready, she insists on Teni to understand her. She wants to make Parth hate her so that he fell in love with Teni. Parth would be really hurt listening about her ailment, he would be shattered. Teni says true love can never be shared, Parth loves her and will never give her place to anyone else in his life. Shorvari insists Parth will give Teni the place she holds in his life and heart.

Next morning, everyone was worried when the distances between Parth and Shorvari would end. Parth didn’t cut the cake last night. A manager arrives to meet Dada ji. Dada ji introduces him as a writer. The reporter says they want to know about the journey of his business from small scale to an umpire. Dada ji says Parth holds a huge hand in all this. Shorvari comes home right then. Indu considers Shorvari responsible for all the success of Parth. The reporter asks for Parth and Shorvari’s interview and photo shoot together. Shorvari wonders what the hell this is now.

In the kitchen, Dadi appreciates Indu’s attempt to make Shorvari up. Indu was worried that she left her son alone with Shorvari to make everything up, but instead his birthday was ruined. Dadi assures everything would take some time to settle.

In the room, Teni was working with laptop. Shorvari comes there and asks what she is upto. Teni says it was an important task and thinks now she would be gone. Teni had been searching about brain tumor. Teni explains she was just roaming around. Shorvari says its useless to make any effort, it’s been really late now. She shuts Teni up and asks to let her speak today. She tells Teni about the reporters demand about interview and photoshoot. Shorvari says in the times to come, Teni would be a part of Parth’s successes as his wife. She herself is giving this right to Teni. Teni was shocked to hear this.


Dil Se Dil Tak 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Parth hears to Shorvari requesting Teni let her live her last few moments with Parth. Teni was shocked to see Parth standing behind. Shorvari turns around cautiously.

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