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Dil Se Dil Tak 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari explains to Mohini that she was only pinning Teni’s dupatta. Parth comes in a new kurta. Mohini asks why he changed it. Parth says it got turmeric spilled over it. Mohini says it’s said if an unmarried person gets turmeric he gets married soon, what Parth would do. Shorvari interrupts Mohini strictly and takes her downstairs. Parth tells Teni that his child is actually like him, he finally gave them a solution so that her Haldi can take place. Teni comes downstairs. Aman comes to Shorvari and asks if Teni doesn’t seem calm today. Shorvari says she had nausea some time ago and is sitting with Parth’s perfumed shirt. Teni looks towards Parth thinking if he had fought with her, she must have married Aman calmly. She says she really feels angry over his happiness.

Baa calls Parth to apply Haldi over Teni. Teni keeps on staring him as he smiles towards her. Baa comes to take Teni join them for dance. She hides Parth’s shirt beneath her stool.

Later during lunch, Bharat forbids Jalpa serve him. Jalpa was upset watching him let Shorvari serve in his plate. Teni catches Parth looking towards him while she ate. Someone plays an old love song, Teni was moved. Mohini calls to shut the slow music. Aman speaks to everyone saying he never proposed a girl because he was sure they would leave her halfway. Teni asks if he is confident about Teni. Aman says he is confident she won’t even wait the wedding date, would run even before that. Parth assures Aman Teni herself said she loves him, Aman takes care of her and wants to fulfil each of her dream then why would someone run away from such a guy.

Teni smiles forcefully then says there are a few strange dreams whom none can fulfil. Aman promises to fulfil each of her dream at any cost. Teni tells him to let it go, whatever he has done is enough for her. Aman demands what’s her dreams, Sejal takes guarantee of Aman’s promise. Parth eyes Teni closely. Teni asks if he would back up getting to know her dream. He promises he won’t. Everyone was now interested, Parth was worried what if she reveals what’s in her heart. Teni says she had three dreams since childhood, one was to fly in the midst of clouds and wanted to shine in sun light. Aman promises to get it. She tells her second dream, she wants to speak fluent English and even write it. She couldn’t learn English and what’s in her heart remained in it, would he be able to teach her English in such short time. Aman promises that.

Bharat calls Aman a magician and wish he could also fulfil each of Jalpa’s wish. Teni says her third dream is, there is a secret in her heart. Her dream would fulfil when he finds about that secret. Parth wonders why Teni wants Aman to know she loves him, he wonders what’s going on in her mind. Shorvari asks her to give a hint, else how he would know about it. Teni says alright, she would give him a hint; she says the secret is in a red envelope. He must find it, it will get her dream fulfilled. She eyes Parth lost in his thoughts. Mohini assures Aman would fulfil each of her dreams. Bharat says he must find it before wedding, else there would be some storm if he finds it after marriage. Teni begins the countdown saying she swears to run away from marriage if her dreams aren’t fulfilled, she sticks to her commitment and Parth knows it well. Parth looks towards Teni open mouthed.


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In the room, Teni thinks Parth is hurting her. He must come and accept he read the letter. Outside, Parth was confused about what to do, if he must go and speak to Teni. Both come across each other in the corridor.