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Dil Se Dil Tak 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth and Teni were asked for Sindoor ritual. Aman asks Shorvari what he would do if Parth do all the rituals. There, Parth thinks about Shorvari. Baa insists on him to apply the sindoor. Parth murmurs he can’t do this, he stands up at once and says he wants to tell them something. Shorvari sends Aman to stop Parth. Aman hurries downstairs and gives the phone to Parth as it’s a foreign investor. On the phone, Shorvari cries and tells him to remember the truth will not only break hearts but trust of their family as well, she knows well what sindoor means to him but it’s also not as easy for her. She took a responsibility to bring a child to this world, and nothing can be greater than this responsibility. Parth decisively says he can’t do this. Aman explains to everyone it’s a business call, decision making is crucial. Shorvari requests him to hold her hand this time, do this for his Shorvari. Parth wipes his tears and curtly agrees to do this. Baa comes to Parth who was crying. She asks if everything is fine. Parth says its fine, he goes for the last ritual of Pooja. Parth applies sindoor into Teni’s hairline. Shorvari and Aman both were upset. Shorvari thinks she never thought she would have to ask him for such a favor. The Pandit ask them to stand up now, he gives them Prasad which they have to finish. Mohini gives a gift to Teni. Baa does the Aarti, then asks to look at the face of Parth’s bride. Everyone was excited, except the four.

Teni drops the gift and holding Parth’s hand she fell unconscious. Parth holds her to the room before anyone could life the veil.
In the room, Shorvari and Aman come inside. Shorvari asks her to remove the veil. Aman aasks if she is fine? Teni stood in a state of shock. Aman notices there was no sindoor in her hairline. Teni remembers Parth had applied it as Tikka over her forehead. Aman was relieved. Teni asks why are they staring, she fell asleep only because of the veil. She says she was happy Parth ended the matter by filling the sindoor in her hairline. Parth denies doing so, he couldn’t do it at any cost. Teni asks for the meaning. Aman brings her to the mirror where she was shocked to see her hairline empty. Aman thanks Parth. Aman minds Shorvari this is for the last time he is taking such an act. Shorvari apologizes Parth and thanks Teni. Shorvari places a hand over Teni’s belly, then connects their foreheads saying she took what was hers. Teni goes to change the clothes.

Baa asks Rishab to stay here, he can go to office with Ramnik tomorrow. Rishab agrees. Baa tells Jagruti to get Prasad for Rishab. Mohini takes a chance to send Sejal with Prasad. Sejal pushes Jagruti to make her fell down, she goes over Rishab who holds her. Sejal offers Prasad to him but he takes from Jagruti’s bowl.

Teni comes out after having changed. Shorvari asks if she didn’t remove the Tikka. Teni says she would when she goes downstairs. Parth brings food for Shorvari. She apologizes saying she did this only for their child. Teni goes to her room. Parth says her intentions must be right but her ways aren’t. Shorvari cries that he is angry at her only because she underwent that accident. Parth says Teni must be hurt, she also has some emotions. Shorvari says Teni must have forgotten about it already.

In the room, Teni thinks about all the events. She slaps herself and says everything belongs to Shorvari. What’s Shorvari’s can never belong to Teni.
Parth and Shorvari eat together in the room.

There is a knock at the door. It was Aman. Teni tells herself to think about this walking visa of America in her life. Aman brought food for themselves. He says Baa sent her food to her room. He gives a bite into Teni’s mouth. Aman says he couldn’t bear her sit in Pooja with Parth, it felt he snatched her from him. He brings out a box of sindoor and says Teni asked him to go and marry running away from here, so let’s marry. He opens the box of sindoor and was about to fill her hairline. Teni was shocked.


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pandit says any pregnant woman must not sit in the Pooja. Teni was confused and remembers Parth allowed her to go to Shanti Pooja as she will take care of herself and the child.

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