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Dil Se Dil Tak 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni wasn’t ready to listen to Shorvari about getting her place. Shorvari convinces her that she will always be here, but Teni will have to take her place as Parth’s wife and mother of her child. Teni thinks about not betraying Shorvari and share with her how much she loves Parth. She gathers courage but Shorvari gets sever head ache and feels dizzy. Teni comes to help Shorvari and pours her a glass of water. Indu comes there concerned. Shorvari throws the glass on floor and shouts at Teni for making her fell down first.

Indu seconds Teni but Shorvari says she knows what’s deliberate and what’s by mistake. She leaves the room. Indu apologizes Teni for Shorvari’s behavior. Teni thinks she is aware what’s Shorvari going through right now. In the room Shorvari gets Teni’s call, Teni was concerned what happened to Shorvari. Shorvari says its side effect of her treatment, she says with time the side effects would increase. She asks Teni about Indu. Teni says Indu disliked her attitude.

Shorvari asks Teni about what was in her heart. Teni decides not to tell her. Shorvari says it’s time to do what she has thought about. Later, Shorvari takes Parth’s shirt and cries hugging it. She feels upset about distancing herself with Parth, she has to lie to him but now this will end. The new sun rise will bring a new direction in his life, where he will have everything except her. Parth comes to the room then and asks why she is crying. She makes up she was taking clothes for photo-shoot. Parth thinks it seems she is less angry now. Shorvari asks him to select his dress, she will decide hers accordingly.

Parth selects the dress she had gifted. Shorvari thinks she knew he would chose this. Shorvari brings her dresses and says she has nothing that matches his dress. Parth says there must be some in the market and offers to take her out. Shorvari clarifies she hasn’t forgotten anything. Parth explains she must also want the photo-shoot successful. Parth offers to have a dinner outside as well. Shorvari suggests to think about dinner at its time, she turns around to see Parth relieved. Shorvari feels apologetic for doing wrong with him and cries in the washroom. Parth goes to take the car.

At Rishab’s home, his mother brings tea for Rishab and reminds that only his marriage with Jagruti can save their business. They were cautious when Jagruti comes and asks why he hid it from her? She complains he didn’t tell her about mummy’s arrival. She touches her feet and says her family and she feels lucky to have Rishab in their life. Rishab’s mother gives Rishab some money and send them for shopping together. Later, she decides to receive each penny with profit from her parents.

Teni advices Shorvari to be really cautious about her step. Shorvari wasn’t ready to backup. Parth comes inside concerned if she still didn’t change. Teni says what Shorvari is doing will leave Parth hopeful. Shorvari says when this hope breaks, it leaves one shattered. She says she wants to live the last few minutes of her life with Parth, later she will have to die with his hatred. Parth was coming towards their room. Teni says she doesn’t want to do this, she is really confused. Shorvari says they are both thinking about the happiness of this family, only Teni can understand her. She requests Teni to understand, then notices Teni’s stare at Parth.


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari wish she could demand Parth to get her some more time. In the room, Parth and Shorvari share some cozy moments together.

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