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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
All are stunned to photo guy there with wedding band. Teni murmurs that he has come in suit boat trying to look hero. Photo guy stops band, they leave. He comes inside, Dada smiles at him, he says dada.. he touches his feet, Teni is stunned, Dada says i am proud of you my son, he hugs him tightly, all are happy to see him. He touches Baa’s feet, Baa says i am so happy to see you. Teni sees all this and says he has trapped everyone from now only. Photo guy comes to Parth and says Parth my brother, Parth hugs him tightly. Teni says Parth is hugging problem, photo guy sees Teni standing behind Parth, he hints that he is watching her, Teni says he knows all Bhanushali members.

Photo guy greets Shorvori, he comes to Indu and says Kaki, he greets Mohini too. He hugs Sejal. Teni says if this goes on then Dada will be giving my hand in his and will be sending my palanquin to his house, i should run. Teni runs to her room, she is about to throw things but Parth and Shorvori comes there. Parth says its us, you missed Aman’s entry, he always comes with something new, this time with band. Teni says you both were promising to save me from this goon and now sending me to him? he is same goon who has been threatening, he is photo guy, Parth says no he is Aman, my best friend and papa’s best friends’ son, he lost his parents in childhood, from then Dada has took care of him, brought him in house, i became friends with him since childhood, then he got job in US and went there, he used to live here before going to US, he is IT engineer in US firm, he is not any goon, you must have misunderstanding, Teni says he is same as that photo guy, my eyes cant lie, Parth says you had only his photo to show to Dada? where did you find Aman’s photo? Teni says i found it with shopkeeper who buys old things, why you didint show me his photo before? Parth says we have bad luck everyday, Teni says i used to think only both are fine in this house but now i know that you both are biggest jokers of this house, they all get tensed.

Aman gives gifts to all family members, Sejal is happy to see her headphones as gift. Aman gifts Indu and says this is for my sweet Kaki who cares for everyone, he gifts her kashmiri shawl, she says you didnt need to buy such expansive thing, Aman says you have given me priceless love. Mohini says like i didnt love you, i used to make food for you but that was nothing for you? Aman says you didnt change at all, she says what you mean? he says you are still energetic, he gives her googles and hat, he says when we will go to Hawaii beach then you will use them, Mohini gets happy hearing it. Dada says you still remember to bring gifts for everyone Aman. Baa says i am so happy that you reached heights on your own, Aman says i will cry, enough, Baa says you forgot one gift, Aman says i brought for everyone, Baa says you are so busy to forget one family member, you know Parth is going to father and you are going to be uncle, where is gift for the baby? Aman gets happy and says really? Baa says yes, now you cant leave till you dont see that baby, Aman says now i will leave after becoming uncle, Aman says to Parth that you didnt call me about such happy news? Parth says i am sorry, Aman says its okay you didnt call me about it because i wouldnt be able to hug you, Aman hugs him and wishes him. Aman says to Shorvori that my brother is crazy in your love, he told me about you, people can fight for such beautiful with world. Mohini says you should find beautiful girl and marry too, Aman looks at Teni mischievously, Aman says i was thinking that too, maybe your blessing will work, he stares at Teni, Indu says you keep thinking, if you told us that you are coming so we would have found girl for you. Dada says he didnt come on his own, i called him for some important reason, Teni gets tensed hearing it.

Scene 2
Dada and Aman are in garden, Dada says to Aman that you have come after three years now, Aman says i missed you people everyday, you can ask my friend, i keep talking about you people to him, dada laughs. Shorvori and Parth is there. Teni comes there, Dada says Teni you did great favor on me by telling me truth that, Teni recalls how she showed Aman’s photo to Dada as her love. Dada says see fate separated you both and now fate has brought your love back to you. Dada asks Aman to go inside, i want to talk to Teni, Aman thinks that my sister in law Shorvori is pregnant and i dont want to stress thats why I am silent otherwise I wouldnt spare you desi girl Teni, Aman leaves. Dada makes Teni sit beside him, Dada says i talked to Aman and he is ashamed of his behavior with you, he left you and your love but he loves you, he cameback on my one call, it proves that he loves you, i want everything to become fine between you both and everything is in your hands, Teni gulps hearing all this.

Teni comes to Aman’s room and sees him dancing to pop music, she stops music, he asks why did you stop it? cant you see I am practicing dance. Teni grabs his collar and says you desi goon, you can fool everyone with this American music, what you want? i will give it to you then leave, Aman says i was called here because of you, i should be showing attitude to you, I live in US, i go out with many girl but my image was never tarnished and because of you my images was tarnished infront of Dada, tell me how you told Dada that we were girlfriend and Boyfriend? Teni says it was misunderstanding, i just saw your photo and used it, Aman says you know where i was when i got dada’s call? i was in a funeral, Teni nods. Aman smirks and says i was in funeral of super s*xy girl’s aunty, she was putting her head on my shoulder and i was wiping her tears for two hours, i was about to hook up with her but dada dropped bomb on me that i ditched girlfriend which i dont even know of. Teni says now i understand what kind of guy you are, you did so much bad with me for that girl? you scared me, threatened me for that girl? Aman says you tarnished my image so i had to see who is that lizard. Teni says you called me lizard? he says yes, Teni grabs his neck and strangles him. Parth and Shorvori comes there and stops Teni, Parth asks what are you doing? Teni says i cant sing praises for him like you people,

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