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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni stops Aman from filling her hairline. He hugs her instead.
The next morning, Parth and Shorvari come downstairs and takes blessings from Pandit ji who was leaving. Pandit ji hands them a Chunri but stops Mohini from touching it as she is a widow. After Pandit ji has left, Indu apologizes Mohini and tells her not to be upset. Mohini shouts at Indu that it is all because of her, she was the elder sister but Indu married the elder son of this house and got all the respect. Bharat and Jalpa had come there, Bharat tells them to stop. Mohini insults Bharat calling him aimless and useless son in law of the house, he never did anything inspite of saying Mast-mind-blowing. Jalpa interrupts Mohini saying her condition might be because of her bitterness, but Mohini says Jalpa can never understand her situation. Parth comes to take Jalpa inside who was now crying. Indu sits there to cry too.

In the room, Jalpa cries that they are staying here helplessly, they aren’t happy to be living here. Bharat assures Jalpa that no one except Mohini has an objection. Parth leaves silently.
Indu cries in front of Shorvari. She says she never knew Mohini’s bitterness will turn into hatred for her. She says fates are written by God, else she could have turned the situation. Shorvari tells her not to think about Mohini, she always speak such bitterly. Indu asks what if Teni says this all to Shorvari someday. Shorvari was speechless.
In the room, Teni packed her bags deciding to leave at night, else she will continue thinking about Parth. She says since she has fallen in love with Parth she can’t concentrate on anything. She looks at the door to find Aman standing there. Aman walks in saying if it matters, he has already known what’s going on in her mind. Teni asks what? Aman holds her into her arms and says he wish the tika of her forehead gets away and he fills her hairline with sindoor.

Outside, Mohini tells Sejal to be cautious. She warns Sejal if she doesn’t take Rishab that Jagruti will take him from her. She must never withdraw from her right like her mother did and go to any extent to get her right. In the corridor she comes across Indu and moves on angrily.

Teni goes to Parth and Shorvari’s room thinking she must spend some time with them before going away. She stops at the door. In the room, Indu says she wants to stay at the Aashram for some time because of Mohini’s accusations. May be she get some peace there. Teni thinks about going to Aashram too to get some peace of mind and get away from thoughts of Parth. Shorvari tells Indu to do what she is happy with. Teni comes inside, Shorvari gives her old pillow to her. Teni says she is going to Aashram as well as she wants a peace of mind; she feels sinful because of sitting in the Pooja. Aman comes there too. Shorvari, Parth and Aman had an objection, Shorvari wonders who would take care of Teni there. Indu doesn’t know about Teni’s pregnancy. Parth allows Teni to go there, he was sure she can take care of herself and the child. Aman suggest to go with Teni, Teni says she is going to get some peace of mind there.


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The pandit tells Indu and Teni that in this Shanti Pooja pregnant women can’t take part. Teni thinks about Parth’s trust over her.