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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Parth shouts that i said sorry so why does it matter that on whose saying i said sorry? Shorvori says you shouted on me for smearing on your shirt but played with Teni with cow dung? you should have scolded her, Parth says she didnt do it deliberately, Shorvori says i smeared your shirt deliberately? you dont have answers so you are saying rubbish. Baa sees Shorvori scolding Parth and says good, she leaves from their door. Shorvori shouts on Parth that Teni did wrong with me and you took her side. Teni is sitting in their room. Parth says baa is gone. Parth says to Teni that we cant shout more, our baby will think how much we fight. Shorvori says Parth you are so cute, she hugs him. Teni says dont hug, fight. Parth says how couples fight that much? Shorvori says i feel bad shouting on you. Teni closes door, she throws Shorvori in Parth’s arms and says now you both can cuddle and snuggle, baa is gone, Parth says thank God and hugs Shorvori, Teni says it was my idea so thank me.
Baa comes to Indu and says everything is fine, when i went to their room, shorvori was scolding Parth so nicely, Parth tried to answer her back but Shorvori couldnt let him talk, Indu says now i am fine to know that Shorvori knows her right and can fight back to Parth. Baa says you are first mother in law that is happy with her son and daughter in law’s fight, Indu says this fight was important to keep their love, i will talk to Parth and ask him to send Teni away, she cant stay here forever, Baa says we got to know that there is no threat to Parth and Shorvori’s relation so let Teni stay.
Shorvori asks Teni how she got to know that baa is coming here? Teni says i have eyes on back too, i was in kitchen and saw Indu talking to Baa saying Parth and Shorvori’s relation have threat so i ran to you both and told you this idea, what kind of pair are you? you dont know how to fight? Shorvori says no, God forbid if we have to ever fight, Parth says we will never do it, Teni says you both have so much love, nobody should cast evil eye on you both, she spits in their direction to deter evil eye, Parth and Shorvori laughs, Parth hugs Shorvori close.

Servant bring mangoes box in house. Mohini asks who ordered them? Parth comes there and says i have brought these for Shorvori, she likes it, Indu says its good to know that you remember Shorvori’s likes, what happened last day.. Baa nudges her, Parth asks what? Indu says nothing, Parth goes with mangoes. Baa says to Indu that had bitter fight and now he is taking sweet mangoes as bribe for her, Indu laughs. Mohini asks what fight? i dont know about it, Baa says you are not policeman here that have to know everything, do you work and leave, Mohini makes face and leaves.

Shorvori is getting ready in her room when sees Mangoes aligned in line on table, she says mangoes? She reads ‘I Love you Shorvori’ written on mangoes, she says i love you too. Teni comes there with sad face, Shorvori says you want cow dung again? Teni says i am smelling mangoes everywhere, i am smelling it here too, Shorvori tries to distract her from mangoes but Teni sees mangoes on table and says you had these and were hiding them from me? my nose found these, see they have maal sticker too, Shorvori laughs and says not maal but mall, Parth brought these from mall. Teni says my aunt used to eat all mangoes and wouldnt let me eat even one, should i take these? Shorvori, Teni says i will take all. Teni starts putting all mangoes in her shirt, Shorvori tries to hide one mango but Teni takes it from her hand too, Shorvori says give me atleast one mango, Teni says i will eat all, she takes all mangoes with her, Shorvori looks on sadly craving them.

Scene 2
Teni is eating mangoes in garden, Mohini comes there and sees it, she says this girl keep eating all the time, beggar. She sees Shorvori’s mangoes and says Parth brought these especially for Shorvori then why this Teni is eating? Indu should know about this breaking news. Mohini calls Indu and asks her to come in garden, she ends call and smirks. Teni doesnt see her and keeps eating mangoes. Indu comes there, Mohini shows her Teni eating mangoes and says these are same mangoes which Parth brought for Shorvori and this Teni is eating them. Indu gets shocked. She comes to Teni and says Parth brought these for Shorvori then how you are eating? Teni says i am eating from my mouth, i like them so Shorvori gave them to me, i will leave one for Shorvori. Mohini asks Teni if Shorvori gave them to her? Teni nods. Mohini takes Indu away and says what is this? if Shorvori wants to give her husband’s love to someone else then, if someone wants to make grave of her household then what can others do? this is all Shorvori’s fault, Indu gets worried, she glares Teni and leaves. Mohini smirks, she sees four mangoes remaining and says only four remaining? this Teni is so hungry, if she keep eating with this speed then no mango will remain.

Sejal comes to Teni’s room and says i will find something here to use against Teni. she looks around Teni’s room but hears Shorvori coming there. Sejal hides behind curtain. Parth and Shorvori comes to Teni’s room. Parth asks where is Teni? Shorvori says she is outside, Shorvori tries to leave but Parth pulls her closer, Shorvori says this is Teni’s room. Parth says you have to give me kiss. Sejal hears it and smirks. Shorvori says anyone can see. Parth says one minute, he puts dupatta on their heads and says no one will see now, he cups her face and leans in to kiss her, Shorvori closes her eyes. Sejal tries to stifle her laugh. Parth and Shorvori comes out of dupatta after kissing and giggling, dil se dil tak plays, Parth says it was sweet, shorvori says most sweet was our fight that was fakely done to show off to family, they enact their fake yelling and laughs. Sejal hears it and is shocked. Sejal’s phone starts ringing. Parth and Shorvori hears it. Parth asks who is there? Sejals puts headphone on her ears and comes out of curtain. Parth asks what she is doing in Teni’s room? Sejal says my stole got stuck in Teni’s window so i came to take it, she leave. Parth says she is lying, did she hear our talk?

Shorvori says she had headphones on her ears, Parth says i dont trust Sejal now, she must have done something to hurt Teni. he looks around her room but Shorvori asks him to calm down, Parth asks where is Teni? Shorvori says she is eating mangoes in garden, she was craving them today, Parth says you gave some mangoes to her which i brought for you? Shorvori says she took all of them, she was craving it, she is pregnant, Parth says what? i brought those for you, Shorvori says she promised me to save one mango for me, i am craving it, go and bring my mango from her. Parth leaves.
Parth is going to Teni but Indu stops him and says you know Teni ate all mangoes which you brought for Shorvori, she knows that Shorvori is pregnant but keep fulfilling her taste buds, it feels like not Shorvori but Teni is pregnant, Parth gets tensed hearing it, Indu says why dont you do something? scold Teni, what are you thinking? Parth says you are right, what if she Shorvori’s sister? what if she is our guest? i will scold her, Indu’s heart melts and says she is our guest so dont scold her for only mangoes, but Shorvori was craving mangoes too, i will ask Teni to give one mango for Shorvori, she leaves. Parth smiles and says how can she have such golden heart that melts in one blink?
Indu comes in garden and sees Teni sleeping and one mango sitting beside her. Indu looks around, she silently comes near mango, she takes it and leaves from there. Indu brings mango to Parth and asks him to give it to Shorvori. Teni comes there and says where is my mango? she sees it in Parth’s hand and says this is my mango, please give it to me, please give me my mango. Parth looks at Teni and then at Indu and gets tensed.


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Parth yells on Shorvori that enough is enough, if i take care of your sister then its problem and if i dont care for her then its problem too. All women of family eavesdrop on them and hear their fight.Sejal says to Indu and Baa that i heard Parth and Shorvori discussing how they faked their fight to fool us, she shows them video of Parth and Shorvori faking their fight. Indu says to Shorvori that i got to know you and Parth fooled us by faking your fight, Baa comes to Shorvori and says till now we didnt say anything to you or Parth thinking its your private matter but now its time to bring this matter to your dada, shorvori gets tensed hearing it.

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