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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Shorvari Dislikes Parth And Teni’s Inclination Towards Each Other


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 27th March 2018 Episode Start With Shorvari watches Parth’s name on Teni’s pillow and wonders if Teni still wish to get Parth. She returns the pillow and goes to sleep as she was tired.The next morning, Shorvari brings tea to Teni’s room. She wakes up over the same pillow with Parth’s name. Shorvari was upset, Teni says she is used to being with Parth.

Shorvari says she came to speak about something else, but everything is mingled. Shorvari questions Teni why she wrote her name on both the papers. Teni says it wasn’t for her to know about it, but she wants to be clear to Shorvari now. She asks Shorvari if she trusts her, she came in to complete her family; not to part them. It was the game of fate, she got the place only because of her ailment and must have left her place. Shorvari questions why Teni took the decision into her hand when they left it to God. Will she be able to forget Parth? Teni says she will take some time to understand. Shorvari complains that here Teni needs time, there Parth;

why they brought her here. Teni convinces Shorvari to lend her some time only. Shorvari says it was her mistake, Parth learnt to live without her already. She must leave; this is better for all of them. Teni asks her not to argue now, they promise to return to their earlier positions. Shorvari become a wife and she will try her level best to become a friend. Shorvari minds there must be a limit of each relation then. Teni promises to always take care about it.

There, everyone join the breakfast. Teni was happy to see her favorite dish and begins eating. Mohini scolds her as the elders didn’t have the serving. Teni apologizes, but Baa doesn’t mind. Indu gets a message from Mrs. Desai, she reads that she wants Parth and Shorvari to do the inauguration. She wonders how the world change its colors. Shorvari says media would be there, its better for them to take Ipshita to the inauguration as well.
At night, Teni turns the TV on to watch the news.

The media questioned Parth and Shorvari about Teni. Shorvari replies that Teni doesn’t live in their house, nor is she connected to her family in any way. Parth returns home upset. Parth says the party was going on, only he returned. Teni asks Parth Shorvari must have replied to media thoughtfully. Parth was angry at Shorvari. Teni convinces Parth that Shorvari only wanted to save the family’s grace. Parth was about to call Shorvari but gets her call instead. Parth tells Shorvari he was angry at her and returned home, but Teni calmed him down. Mohini tells Shorvari no one would be able to erase Teni’s name from Parth’s heart.

The next morning, Shorvari removes the curtains. Parth wakes up to find his bed tea with an anniversary card and rose. Parth hugs Shorvari wishing her anniversary. The family wish them as they walk downstairs. Teni also congratulates them and ask about a party. Parth leaves for office. Teni takes the responsibility of cooking. Shorvari asks to prepare everything for Parth by herself.
Mohini follows Parth and tells him about Teni’s switch of names on both papers.


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : In the party, Shorvari notices Parth close to Teni. She later cries and tells Parth to chose any single from her or Teni. If he wish to continue his relation with her, Teni must leave. Teni hears this, she cries saying she is leaving the house. Parth follows her outside the room but she slips from the stairs and fell over.

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