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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari changes her tone and scolds Teni not to remember her medicine. She turns to leave and stops watching Parth there. Parth asks Shorvari if she didn’t change. Shorvari says it was Teni’s medication time and goes to change. Teni feels this isn’t all right, she has been unable to tell Parth that his happiness won’t last long.
In the car, Jagruti asks Rishab if he doesn’t think they shopped a lot. Rishab says his mother wants all her wishes come true. Jagruti speaks to Rishab about Sejal’s apology and says she has forgiven her and wants he forgives her too. She places her hand over Rishab’s. Rishab agrees but just for her. Jagruti requests him to speak to Sejal on call and clarify everything with her at his home.

At Bhanushali house, Parth wait for Shorvari as she goes to change her dress. He finds her struggling with her dress zip. He smiles and goes to help. They share some cozy moments together. Shorvari requests Parth to go out. Parth gets away. Shorvari cries behind. In the corridor, Parth was excited that Shorvari didn’t say a no for dinner. Teni observes he was really happy. Parth tells Teni that Shorvari is ready to go outside with him. Teni thinks she feels really helpless that she can’t tell him what will happen in a while. Shorvari comes out of the room and finds Parth speaking to Teni. She clears her throat and asks Parth what they were talking to each other about. Parth says he told Teni to take her medicines in time. Teni speaks from behind that they must bring something for them, she also needs new clothes. She warns she will wear Shorvari’s clothes otherwise. Shorvari leaves annoyed. Teni cries that these lovers would have to leave each other soon, and prays for Shorvari’s health.

Dadi tells Indu and Mohini to cook what Shorvari loves. They find Parth and Shorvari go outside. Shorvari says Parth is taking her for shopping. Parth goes to bring the car. Mohini thinks she is so greedy of shopping, she had been complaining about Parth and Teni a few days ago. Dadi gives her alms to lend it to someone poor. Shorvari thinks she can’t rid this family of their happiness, she owes them a lot. Mohini wonders how can Shorvari turn so sweet so easily. Dadi says this is a happy thing, doesn’t she want peace at home. Mohini wonders how can it be so miraculous. Indu tells Mohini to stop it, its not good to always remember the past. Dadi asks Indu why is she so angry. Indu says she regrets creating misunderstanding in their life, she doesn’t want any other problem in Parth and Shorvari’s life. Dadi assures everything would be find. Mohini says it hurts Indu when her son is in trouble. Mohini was determined to make Indu suffer like she left her daughter in trouble.

Near the car, Shorvari asks Parth why he told Teni they are going for shopping. Parth says he was excited that Shorvari was ready to go outside with him, Teni came there and he told her. He says there is really nothing between him and Teni. Shorvari turns her face and gets into the car. Parth doesn’t let her close the door of the car and helps her dress in silently. While shutting the door, Shorvari hurts her fingers. Parth holds her hand in concern. She asks him to go. He moves forward to tie the seat belt for Shorvari, they share an eye lock. Shorvari smiles as he watch him drive.

At home, Teni prays for Parth and Shrovari. She was sure Parth won’t be able to live without Shorvari, true lovers must not live away from each other. She prays for a miracle in Shorvari’s recovery.

On the way, Parth smiles at Shorvari. Shorvari thinks Parth’s eyes look for her love. Today, they will lose each other forever. She moves her hand over Parth’s then takes her phone. Parth thinks he got his Shorvari back, he will never let her be annoyed again. He finally holds her hand which she withdraws with a smile.
Rishab comes home, Indu was happy to bless him. Rishab touches Mohini’s feet, but Mohini says they need to wash his feet as he is about to marry Jagruti. She leaves inside curtly. Rishab asks Indu about speaking to Jagruti. Indu sends him inside.

In the kitchen, Indu complains Mohini for her behavior. Mohini was stubborn and considers Indu responsible for her and Sejal’s problems. Sejal comes to Rishab. She tells Rishab she is shifting with Mohini to London, only a few property matters are left. Rishab asks why do she needs to settle so far away. Sejal mentions 300 crores will more than enough. Rishab was shocked to hear the amount. Sejal requests him not to discuss it with anyone and holds his hand. Jagruti comes there. Indu brings tea for Rishab. Sejal thinks she is aware Rishab doesn’t love Jagruti, he must be attracted towards this huge amount of money.

Parth and Shorvari return home. Dadi, Indu and Mohini bring a surprise cake for them, as they got a new life for their relation. Shorvari smiles and cut the cake with Parth. Indu asks Shorvari to give a bite of cake to Parth as well. Teni watched them from upstairs. Dadi signals Indu, they leave to distribute the cake to everyone. Parth tells Shorvari that everyone was happy because of her. Shorvari wonders how long it will last. Parth doesn’t understand.


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari speaks to herself in the mirror that after today their relation won’t last anymore. She comes out, and says the dress isn’t fit for her. Parth says he would change it. Shorvari insists to go by herself. Parth wasn’t ready to allow. Shorvari says he is acting as if she is leaving his life. Parth forbids her say this, he would die without her.

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