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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Parth says to Aman that i know Teni has created problems but we will find solution in 24hours, please calm down, Teni is like our family. Teni says why you are saying please to him, i can handle this guy, Parth says calm down, Teni says he has tortured us all a lot, Aman says i tortured you only because you lied about me. Parth says Aman please understand, we have lied a lot too in college life. Aman says this Teni had to find my picture to show to dada? she said so many stories, become a writer, Teni says dont tell me what to do. Shorvori says enough, Aman you know how dada is, Aman says yes i got to know what happened in your and Parth’s wedding, dada was hitler but your sister is not like you, Parth’s wife is pretty and classy and see this Teni, she has no sense. Teni says shut up, i challenge to find solution in 24hours, Aman says do what you can do in these hours, Parth says what are you doing? Aman says let her get roasted, i know she is your sister in law so you cant. Aman says to Shorvori that i kept up with this lie because of you and your baby, i spared this desi girl because she is your sister, now its on Parth and Teni how they repair my broken image infront of dada, they have 24hours, all the best. Parth is in shock.

Mohini is cutting veggies, she sees Sejal filing her nails, she says its worst time that daughter is not working and mother is. Indu comes there and says i will do it, Mohini says you are asking so nicely so do it, you know when a guest comes here, we have to do all work, Indu says Aman is not a guest, he is part of house. Sejal says its weird that Aman came here so suddenly, he is so busy that he didnt even attend Parth’s wedding, Indu says dada called him, he couldnt attend Parth’s wedding so Dada called him now. Indu goes in kitchen. Mohini says there must be big reason behind Dada calling Aman here urgently, we have to find out.

Shorvori says to Parth that we have lost 12hours from 24hours limit given by Aman, Parth says what to do? we can tell Dada that Teni doesnt want to marry thats why she lied, Teni says you are sacrificing me? i will drown with you both, Parth says i will request Aman again, Shorvori says Aman wont let his image get tarnished infront of Dada. Parth says what can i do then? Teni says you cant do anything, either make Aman agree with all this which he wont accept or we can tell truth to Dada, but you both will tell Dada that you both knew i lied to him and took my side. Parth agrees, Shorvori is tensed.
Dada shouts to Teni that wrong did i do with you that you cheated us like this? i loved you like daughter, tried to settle you down and you lied and cheated me? and Parth and Shorvori that you both knew about truth but hid it from me, you both have cheated me as much as this Teni by hiding this surrogacy secret thats why i was against your marriage.. this all turns out to be Shorvori’s dream. Shorvori shouts no we cant tell truth to Dada, Teni doesnt have emotional bond with Dada but if we tell Dada truth then we will lose his trust which we have earned after so much difficulty, Parth says aww, lets think. They are tensed.

Parth comes to Aman’s room, Parth says lets play Xbox, Aman says you will lose again. Parth says lets play, Aman says if you are here to take that Teni’s side then i am not going to listen, i dont want my image tarnished infront of Dada. Parth says please, Aman says why she wants to marry? Parth says she is like you, like you runaway from wedding, she runs from it too. Aman says fine i agree to hide this lie but I have one challenge. Parth says just tell me what I have to do, steal something from dada’s room? car race or anything you want.

Aman says you didnt do anything, that Teni lied so she has to accept my challenge, Parth looks on.

Parth tells Teni about challenge, Teni asks what challenge? Teni says how dare he challenge me? i will punch him. Shorvori says to Parth that you know Teni’s condition, she cant take any challenges. Aman comes there and asks if they are talking about Teni’s mental condition? as her mental state is not stable, Teni says look i can make you mental now only. Aman says if you are so confident then accept my challenge, are you scared? teni says i am not scared of anyone, what is the challenge? Aman gives her his wrist watch and says its one of the most expansive watches in the world and you have to break it, Teni smirks and says you challenged me to break your own thing? i will make powder of this watch easily, Aman says this is unbreakable watch, desi girls like you cant break it, think before taking challenge, Teni says i will break this watch but then you will say what i want you to say infront of Dada, do you agree? Shorvori asks Parth to say something, Parth says its all automatic, i cant do anything. Aman says to Teni that i agree. Teni looks at his watch and throws it away, she goes and checks watch but its not broken, Teni is stunned and says i have shameless people but not like this watch, Aman says you can try, you have a lot of time. Teni says i will break this watch, its nothing for me, Teni starts kicking the watch, Parth and Shorvori hug each other being hopeless. Aman says to Teni that why you are wasting time? you have only 1hours, Teni says i cant lose, its impossible, i will break it. Teni brings stone and hits watch with it, Aman looks on. Teni brings hammer and tries to break watch with it, Teni gets tired and says why it doesnt break? Parth says it wont. Aman says i told you it wont break, he smiles and leaves. Teni comes to Parth that when time is not right then even watch is not with us, why it doesnt break?

Aman says that desi girl is cute, she is putting full effort to break my watch, its time to go to Dada, lets see what this Desi girl do now. He hears some bomb blast, he slips and falls down. Aman comes outside and says to Teni that why you are not shedding tears as you lost. Teni says you should be crying, look. Aman says sees his watch in pieces and broken down to small pieces, Aman says my 7.5lacs watch? Teni says this is India and no one has ability to make something which India’s firecracker cant break. Shorvori and Parth are impressed with her, Teni turns to leave but Aman holds her hand. Aman says this bomb has fire, i lost for first time in life and not only challenge but also lost my heart, Teni glares at him, Teni jerks her hand away and says our relation is based on breaking not joining, you can get watch again but if your heart breaks then you wont get it again. Dada comes there and asks what is happening? Aman says to Dada that you asked me about my decision right? i have taken my decision, he smiles at Teni and says I want to give one more chance to Teni and my relation, Dada says great, i expected this from you. All are relaxed, Dada says i am happy with your decision, he hugs Aman. Aman smiles at Teni and thinks that our fake lover is not going anywhere, he will live with you now here.


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : eni asks Aman what romantic movie he is going to show her? Aman says payasi daayan. Teni and Aman are watching horror movie, Aman puts hand behind Teni on couch’s headrest, Teni starts leaving but he holds her hand.
Teni comes to Parth and says that Aman is flirting with me. Parth comes to Aman and says what you want cant happen, you will lose after 7days and will leave from here, Aman says challenge? Parth says accepted.

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