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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni says to Aman that I was fine till I didnt know meaning of love but since he has made me understand meaning of love, I feel like I have fallen in love.. she stares at Parth but says I mean Aman I love you. Aman says if thats the case then this Aman Patel is going to put hard work in and find out your third secret. Shorvori smiles at Teni to go to her room. Aman says I will fulfill your third secret. Shorvori asks Parth if Teni is making stories? Parth is in thoughts and says what do you want Teni? he sees Shorvori instead of Teni infront of him and says sorry, we keep talking about Teni’s wedding so I took Teni’s name. Shorvori says to Aman that I will bring envelope to you. Parth thinks what storm this Teni is going to bring now?

Sejal says to herself that I could have given ring to Rishab but why did he has to call Jagruti there. Rishab calls her and says can you help me to say my heart’s thing to someone? Sejal says nobody can say no to you, you know my friend’s boyfriend proposed her on calling radio show infront of everyone, his girlfriend called him and accepted his proposal, Rishab thanks her and says I will call on radio, he ends call. Sejal says now my love story will start on FM. Baacomes there and asks why she is smiling so much? Sejal says something special is going to happen. Baa asks what? Sejal says its wedding in house. Baa says call Rishab in Sangeet, Sejal nods.

Teni comes to her room and recalls how Parth ignored her. She says if he cant come to me then I can go to him, he has started this and he has to finish it. She runs to his room.
Parth thinks dont know whats going on in Teni’s mind. Teni comes to Parth’s room, he gets tensed seeing her. Teni says did you.. Shorvori comes out of closet and says Teni you here? Teni gets silent seeing her. Parth have sigh of relief. Teni blinks and says I was finding you Shorvori, can you make me pretty for Aman? today is sangeet, soon my life will be away from yours, Shorvori hugs her and says sure why not, lets go. Parth smiles as they leave. He gets tensed and thinks how to tell her that this childishness can bring storm in house, I have to make her understand.

Mohini is setting decorations. Rishab comes there, Mohini says you must be here for sangeet but there is time for it to start, he says I came to help, she says thats great, lets go. Rishab puts hand in his pocket, his letter and wallet falls from his pocket, he doesnt see it and leave. Jagruti comes there and sees wallet, she opens it and sees Rishab’d photo, she says he forgot it here, she sees letter and says it must be his too. She opens it and reads letter. Letter is to Love guru, she reads “dear love guru, I love someone very much but I am scared to share my feelings, I tried to tell them but couldnt so you can help me only, please help me”, she smiles reading it. Rishab comes there. Jagruti says I was just coming to give it to you, he takes it and smiles, she blushes and turns to leave but he stops her, she says yes? he smiles and says nothing, she shyly leaves.

Parth, Shorvori, Teni and Aman dances and enjoys sangeet.
Aman asks Teni why did you come to your room? all are downstairs? Teni says my bluse’s zip is stuck. Aman helps her and pulls her zip down, he leans in on her back, Teni suddenly pushes him away

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