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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

On the way, Indu gets a call from Aman who wants to speak to Teni. He tells her to take care of herself as he takes care of her. After the call, Teni tries to get away from thoughts of Parth.
Shorvari and Parth were baking cake together. Shorvari says she is missing Teni, they have got used to her being together.
Rishab was sitting in the back yard. Sejal comes dressed up in a western attire. Rishab doesn’t recognize her and compliments she is in a heavy makeup. Sejal says she came to take him to party, he apologizes as he has to wake up early for yoga. Sejal curtly turns to leave, Rishab stops her and compliments her to look beautiful. He tells her to go and enjoy the party, Sejal turns upset.

Shorvari and Parth bring the cake to take, Shorvari brings Mohini saying Jalpa prepared the cake for her to apologize. Parth brings Jalpa downstairs saying Mohini got it made for her to apologize. Mohini apologizes Jalpa, Jalpa also says sorry to Mohini. Mohini says its her mistake, she must not have disgraced Bharat. Parth and Shorvari were happy as they hug each other. Ramnik was happy watching his family happy.

In the room, Parth discuss with Shorvari where Indu and Teni must have reached. Shorvari says they must have crossed half way if Teni hadn’t stopped for eating in the way. Shorvari discuss with Parth that Mohini couldn’t still forget about the curt memories from a long-time past. Parth says one must forget the curt memories and remember the good ones only. Shorvari remember its time for Teni’s medicine, Parth calls her.

On the way, Teni thinks she won’t have chocolates as they will remind her of Parth. Indu gives her Parth’s call, he tells her to eat chocolates and avoid anything spicy. Teni angrily tells him to cut the call, she will take care of herself. Indu asks Teni why Parth was forbidding her to eat unhealthy, Teni explains it was for them both.
At home, Ramnik and Rishab come home together. Rishab comes to see Jagruti decorating flowers and comes to speak to her. Sejal watches them speaking to each other and deliberately fell off. Rishab says she must not have worn heels. He then carries Sejal inside as she poses not to be able to walk at all. Shorvari watches this and tells Jagruti that she must have gone with them. Shorvari thinks Rishab and Jagruti like each other, she also noticed Sejal faked a muscle strain to get them away. She decides to help Rishab and Jagruti come together.

Indu gets nauseatic on the way. Teni tells Indu if one gets unwell during travel, they must indulge themselves in music and fun. Indu asks where she learnt about it, Teni cheerfully says Parth did. He told her as she also got unwell during travel.

At City hospital, Sejal holds Rishab’s hand as she goes on a wheel chair. The doctor observes Sejal and says there is no source of pain according to his observation. Rishab asks to get an X-ray, he holds Sejal’s hand saying he is with her. Jagruti comes to hospital while Sejal was waiting for Rishab in the corridor. Jagruti tells her that Rishab got some important work and told her to pick her up, Sejal was furious and walks by herself.
At home, Ramnik tells Parth he is proud of Parth as a responsible son. He prays Parth gets a child like himself. They hug each other. Parth discuss they have taken a huge risk by this investment. Parth gets a call then saying the client has cancelled the deal.


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The pandit tells Indu and Teni that in this Shanti Pooja pregnant women can’t take part. Teni thinks about Parth’s trust over her.

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