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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Teni asks Parth to give her mango. Indu thinks that even after eating all mangoes, she wants one mango left for Shorvori. Parth thinks that indu thinks Shorovori is pregnant and craving mango but Teni is pregnant in actual and craving it. Teni begs him to give her mango, she really wants to eat, Indu glares at him to not give her, Teni pleads that she is craving it, Parth relents and gives her last mango, she thanks him and leaves. Indu gets miffed with Parth and leaves.
Mohini shows Baa how to upload status on social media. Indu comes there and looks on, Mohini asks what happened? why your face’s status changed? did Parth do anything with Shorvori again? Indu says to Baa that Parth brought mangoes for Shorvori but Teni ate all, last mango was remaining and Parth was taking it for Shorvori but Teni asked for it and Parth gave it to her, why he is doing it with Shorvori? Baa says dont worry, Shorvori will scold him and teach him lesson. Sejal comes there and says it means they will fake their fight again and fool us? Baa says what? Sejal says that i heard Parth and Shorvori talking how they faked fight and fooled us. Mohini says it means Parth is on Teni’s side and Shorvori doesnt care? Sejal says three of them have interesting relation, this Teni is very clever, i feel that she has come with plan to destroy her sister Shorvori’s house. Baa says we are silent but doesnt mean you can say anything. Sejal says this is my house too, i care for it, i am damn sure that Teni has target to become full housewife of Parth, Parth doesnt even now he is getting in trap, Teni is setting trap and innocent Parth and Shorvori are letting Teni come inbetween them. Baa says i dont believe you and i dont believe that they faked fight, sometimes our ear hears it wrong and why you eavesdropping on the couple? Mohini says Sejal can be wrong in hearing it but we should confirm it, what if we ignore it not and it come out to be true later? right Indu? Baa looks on and thinks.

Parth comes to Shorvori sadly and says I.. I am sorry. Shorvori laughs and asks him to sit down, he sits beside her. Shorvori says whenever Teni eats, she doesnt eat for herself, it affects our baby too. Shorvori says i should have been careful, i would bring more mangoes later. Shorvori sees Indu, Mohini and Baa eavesdropping on them. Shorvori starts shouting on Parth that how dare he bring less mangoes? why did you give last mango to Teni? you know how much i like mangoes, why she took all mangoes? she might be my sister but why you gave her all mangoes? Parth is confused with her behavior, she hints at door, Parth gets idea and says enough, i am fed up, if i take care of you sister then its problem and if i dont then its problem too? whats your problem? Baa says to Sejal that are you satisfied? they leave from there. Parth and Shorvori sees them leaving and hugs each other. Sejal has put spy camera in their room. Sejal opens her mobile and sees camera footage, she shows Baa how Parth and Shorvori started hugging after they left their fight and how they were faking fight. Sejal says see they are fooling us, i hid camera there to capture this. Baa says close it now, Sejal does and says you should be angry on Teni because of whom Parth and Shorvori are lying to us, i think you should throw root cause of this problem Teni out of house, Baa fumes in anger.

Servant is throwing leftover soap in trash but Teni comes there and says i will show you how to do saving. She sticks leftover soap on new soap and says now they are saved. Sejal sees this and says soap will stay here but what about you? you came in this house because of Shorvori but there is no guarantee that till when you will stay here, this house wont bear your cheap antics, i dont think you stick around more, your drama’s film is going to release soon. Teni grabs her hand and forcefully pulls out her fake nails, Sejal says have you gone mad?

Teni says get silent, i am 100% made in India that is i am real, i dont stick around anywhere but i decide to stick around nobody’s father can make me move, take your fake things and go away, she leaves. Sejal says tomorrow you will know how to move out.

Scene 2
Parth comes in room, Shorvori is staring at him romantically, he asks what are you staring at? she says lightening is good on wall behind you. Parth smirks and says if you want then that wall can come closer to you, shorvori blushes. Parth starts coming close to her, Shorvori stands up and hugs him, Parth touches her face with his face and peppers kisses on her face, he turns her around and hugs her from behind, ek baat kahon kya ijazat hai? tere ishq ke mujhkp aadat hai.. plays, Parth pulls Shorvori closer, he kisses and bites her fingers, he lies on her couch and hovers over her, he kisses her neck and roams his hands on her body, Shorvori feels intense emotions. Parth lifts her and brings to her bed, Shorvori pulls him down, Parth kisses her jawline, collarbone, they get under covers and turns off lights, Shorvori gets under covers to romance with Parth but door knocks, shorvori says how came at this time? Parth says Teni. Parth opens door and says Teni? are you fine? Shorvori asks if there is any problem? Teni says problem is big, can i come in? Parth says yes, Teni comes in and sits down, she says i am not sleepy and i am bored. Parth says do you want to play chess? Teni says you are so boring, who plays games like this at night? Shrovori laughs and says seriously chess? we should watch movie, Teni says no, i want to dance, i havent danced in so many days. Parth says you cant dance. Shorvori says you cant jump or dance, it will affect our baby. Teni pouts but gets an idea, Parth asks what are you thinking? Teni says i cant dance but Bhanushali can dance, Parth says me? have you gone mad? Teni starts crying fake. Shorvori says these are pregnancy mood swings, you cant do this for Teni? Teni says cant you do this much? Parth says dont cry, i will dance. Teni says dance on chikni chameli, he says why that song? Shorvori says you cant do this much for our baby? Parth says fine. Teni plays chikni chameli, Parth starts dancing on item song, Teni and Shorvori enjoys his entertaining dance, Parth moves and twirls his butts, Teni is whistling and Shorvori is laughing at his vulgar dance. Parth falls down bed after giving performance.

In morning, Indu comes to Shorvori and gives her halwa(sweetdish), she says this is good for baby’s memory and brain, eat it, this is for baby so dont share it with anyone, she leaves. Shorvori thinks that this halwa will be given to one for whom it is made. She calls Teni and gives her halwa, Teni says i am not in mood to eat it, Shorvori says just eat it. Teni says but i dont want to eat. Shorvori tries to feed her but sees Baa coming there and says you ate mangoes and now want my halwa? Indu made this for me only. Teni says i thought we would share this halwa but i didnt know your sisterly love was so small, eat this alone and get fat, she leaves. Baa says very good Shorvori, we have to draw limits somewhere, its good that you didnt give halwa to her as you need it most. Shorvori says i understand, Indu comes there and says we understand too how you and Parth fooled us by faking your fight, Shorvori is stunned to hear it.


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baa says to Shorvori and says till now we didnt say anything to you or Parth thinking its your private matter but now its time to bring this matter to your dada, shorvori gets tensed hearing it. Later dada have heart attack, he is unable to breath, all family members are worried. Ramnik says i have called doctor.

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