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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari wonders till when these happy moments last. She says these moments pass so soon. Parth disagrees saying they keep these moments tied to them, and live by them when they aren’t there. Like when she was angry, he lived with such memories. Shorvari asks him for the bags, she bought something for Teni. Parth asks when she bought. Shorvari says when he was smiling at another girl in the shop, then. Parth was offensive saying he only stared at her.

Shorvari laughs as it was only a joke. She goes to the room. Parth was thankful to God. Indu watched this from a side, and prays for Parth’s life to be filled with happiness.

In the room, Shorvari tells Teni she is left with only a few moments with Parth. Teni asks how her outing was. Shorvari gets upset as she got little time to live with Parth, she holds each of this moment precious. She says Parth was really cautious today and only kept his eyes over her. Shorvari says it was a dream come true, had she known her annoyance would bring this on she must have been angry with Parth a long time ago. He bought everything she even looked at, she wish she could ask him to get some time to her. Teni hugs her and asks her to tell Parth about the truth, he would save her.

Shrovari tells her to think about Parth and herself only, to think how she will take Shorvari’s place. She advices Teni to pose being annoyed with him, he will attempt to make her up. Teni says what Shorvari is thinking is impossible, Parth would never give her place in his heart. She is Parth’s first love, it can neither be forgotten nor shared. Shorvari asks if Teni ever loved anyone. She will fall in love with Parth, his heart is really pure. To make Teni’s space in Parth’s heart, she also has to go thought a testimony.

She must leave the space in Parth’s heart, so that when she dies he isn’t hurt. Teni asks what about Parth? Shorvari says Teni’s love would console him. She asks for Teni’s permission that she won’t let him in any pain in life. Teni holds her hand. Both were doomed. Shorvari hugs Teni. After Shorvari has left, Teni speaks to her baby that she decided to leave him with Parth and Shorvari when he is born. Today, she feels so unlucky.

Parth brings the milkshake to the room. He watches Shorvari playing with her bangles as she attempts to take them off. He makes her wear them saying they look beautiful, then kisses her hands. Shorvari smiles. Shorvari asks him about chocolate milkshake. Parth spots towards the table. Shorvari asks how she must get rid of Teni’s bitter talk. Parth asks what she said. Shorvari says she saw the dress, but Teni said Shorvari brought her something that she disliked.

Parth brings the milkshake and asks Shorvari to let her go, and not ruin their mood. Shorvari thinks its cheers for his tomorrow. Parth wipes her lips with his hand, and reminds about listening to old music while having milk shake. Shorvari agrees. She comes to place her head onto his chest and cry. He says he is aware it’s her favorite song, and he hates it because it brings tears to her. Shorvari says he wouldn’t witness them again, and shuts the song. Shorvari thinks no voice would reach where she is going.

Shorvari gets a cough all at once. Parth goes to bring water for her. Shorvari calls Teni, she was crying and says she is falling weak for Parth. How she will do this if he continue loving her. It makes her feel she is wronging him. Teni says she already suggested to tell everything to Parth. Shorvari takes her medicine, she had been panting. Parth had come to the door and hear Shorvari complain that Teni must take care of her in such times. Shorvari stops at once watching him.

He asks if its Teni, about the dress? Shorvari keeps the phone. Parth gives her water. Shorvari gulps her medicine. Parth asks how she feels now and tells her to sleep. Shorvari wonders how she can spend the night sleeping. Parth takes his pillow to leave for hall. He turns to ask Shorvari if they have a spare mattress, he got pain in backbone by sleeping on couch. Shorvari smiles as she knows its only an attempt to stay with her, then allows him to sleep here. Parth was excited. He places his hand beneath Shorvari’s head, then withdraws it but holds her hand. Shorvari watches him sleep.


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In the washroom Shorvari says their relationship would end today. In the interview, Teni stood beside Parth. Shorvari comes to blame Teni for taking her place, she shouts and slaps Teni hard on face.

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