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Dil Se Dil Tak 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ramnik gets a heart attack hearing that the deal was cancelled. Everyone gathers around. Parth tells him to take care of himself first and not to worry about work. After a glass of water, Ramnik gets stable and takes a promise not to inform Baa, Dada ji or Indu about it. He tells Parth he invested all his shares and bonds in the deal, everything has been lost now.
Indu and Teni reach the Aashram. Indu greets Pandit ji and says she was restless and needed peace. Teni discuss with Pandit ji if he knows about something that can get you rid of what’s in your mind. Pandit ji says one has to control their mind. He tells Teni to go and wash her hands and feet, they will then do a Pooja that brings peace to mind.
Parth was tensed and doesn’t let Shorvari share the problem with Aman. Aman takes a leave for Bangalore for a business deal. Shorvari encourages Parth to find the reason behind the cancellation of deal. Parth shares an idea with Shorvari. Shorvari wasn’t ready for the lie, Parth says they lied a lot already what’s wrong in playing a single lie.
Sejal insults Rishab about leaving her alone at the hospital. Jagruti comes to apologize Rishab from Sejal. Mohini was hearing this and thinks she won’t let the past repeat itself, Rishab belongs to Sejal.

Shorvari goes to the client’s office in a western business costume, she introduces herself as a foreign investor. She inquires about the quality of their product. The owner says their manufacturers are Desai group. Shorvari says she heard its Bhanushali’s, they are the best. The owner says Bhanushali’s are expensive, and Desai offer same quality at a lesser rate.
Outside the office, Parth gets an idea to get the order back. He sends Shorvari home.

At home, Mohini comes to scold Sejal for misbehaving with Rishab. She says Rishab is a rich man, she must try to be friendly with him. She says Ramnik is still unwell. Sejal says what Indu and Ramnik did to Mohini, she must be happy for what’s happening. Mohini was upset and says she isn’t so down trodden and never thinks false for her sister and brother in law. She says she only wants Sejal to get married in her life.

Sejal brings tea and biscuits for Rishab with I am sorry written on them. Rishab apologizes for not being able to stay. Sejal turns to see Jagruti standing with an envelope. Both hold hands with each other while taking the envelope. Jagruti says she already told him Sejal isn’t bad at heart. Rishab leaves. Shorvari watches them together and smiles.
Parth comes to the office of Mr. Desai. He says he knows well what Desai did to snatch the orders of Bankers from them. He tells Desai this isn’t ethically right. Desai says there is no ethics in business, its only profit. Parth says Desai must return the order of Bankers, else. Desai comes to hold his collar, push him away and clutches him. Parth says he would come to his level if he doesn’t return the order, he shows Desai’s client list to him and warns all his clients will leave him till tomorrow morning. Desai agrees to Parth, he calls Bankers and quit from the order. Parth warns Desai he won’t be the old Bhanushali if he tries to repeat his games. Outside the office, Parth cheers and thinks it’s because of Teni he was able to get this.


Dil Se Dil Tak 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : At home, Mohini tells Parth that Shorvari doesn’t care if he marries someone else. Shorvari says she loves Parth and anything he loves, she will begin loving anyone whom Parth fell in love with. Teni decides if Bajirao can marry Mastani along with his wife, Parth can also marry her.

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