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Dil Se Dil Tak 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni imagines Parth in her dream as her life partner, she wakes up and says what kind of dream was that? I should have seen Aman with me in America then why did I see Parth? did it mean? No no, these dreams cant be true, I should sleep. Teni lies but cant sleep, she says I cant sleep, I have to talk to Parth. Teni calls Parth. Parth and Shorvori are sleeping, Parth wakes up seeing Teni calling, he takes call and asks if she is hungry? Teni says come to my room, I want to talk you, if your wife is awake then bring her too, she ends call. Parth asks Shorvori to come with him.

Parth and Shorvori comes to Teni’s room, Parth strikes with Teni, Teni’s phone falls down, they both get down to take it but head bumps together. Teni says before you both worry about baby, its fine, I am worried about my dream. Parth says you woke us up because of a dream? Teni says you will be stunned to know about my dream. Teni says to Parth and Shorvori that I saw a bad dream, I saw myself with Parth instead of Aman, shorvori says how it can happen? Teni says I dont know, dont ask me, Parth says it doesnt matter if you saw my face, Shorvori says she should have seen Aman but she saw you, its not small thing, Parth says you stay with me whole day, you talk to me whole day and go out with me too so you saw my face, it doesnt matter, Teni says it matters, it me seeing Parth in dream has one meaning only, Shorvori and Parth looks on. Parth asks what? Shorvori says it cant happen, she hugs Parth, Teni says i know but it only means that there is some curse in me going to America, Parth and Shorvori says what? Teni says yes, if you dont see dream of what you want then that dream doesnt come true. Shorvori says thank God, I thought.. Parth says nothing, it was just a dream. Teni says call some priest and ask if there is any flaw in my kundli, Parth says Aman loves you only, he will marry you, Teni says I dont want my America’s dream to break. Teni strikes her head with Parth, she says by striking love remains intact, Shorvori is stunned to hear it, she looks at Teni oddly and leaves with Parth.

In morning, Aman tries to make tea for Teni, Mohini comes there and laughs at him, she says when you decided to marry her, I knew you would be like this in future, did you make tea ever? Aman says I am trying to what to put first, milk or water? she likes masala tea and I dont know it. Mohini says I will help you, she puts spices in her tea and makes masala tea, Aman thanks her for saving his honor infront of Teni and takes tea to Teni.
Aman comes to Teni and sees her sprawled on bed, he laughs and says she sleep like her nature, all sprawled out. Aman pulls curtain back. Aman sits on bed and leans in to kiss Teni but she wakes up, she says I just woke up and you started? Aman says you must have seen me in dream, Teni says dont even talk about dreams. Aman says forget everything, I made tea for you, if you start morning romantically then whole day becomes romantic, he gives her chocolate, he takes chocolate in his mouth and leans towards Teni so she could take from his mouth, Teni says ugly, I havent even brushed and you started? Aman says you are not at all romantic, who talks to their would be husband like that? Teni says I saw your face before sleeping and after waking up, you are so clingy so what can I do? Aman says you are calling me clingy? if I did with another girl then she would be swooning over me, you called me clingy? I wont stay now. Teni sees gift in his pocket and thinks to stop him for gift, she says you are not clingy, forgive me, did you bring this gift for me? Aman says yes but not now, he leaves. Teni says I slept with goal to keep Aman trapped around me but I messed up everything and lost gift too, I have to do something.

Teni is searching for Aman in house. She comes to Aman’s room and knocks, she says dont take your wife’s words to heart, I am tired, please open door, Aman says you can leave then, Teni says girls sit with closed doors like that. Teni says I am hungry, I will pacify him later. Indu comes there and asks about Aman, Teni says he is locked in his room, you try to bring him out, Indu asks if they fought? Teni nods, Indu says I will check on him, Teni leaves.

Teni comes to dining table. Baa asks where is Aman? Indu says he has locked himself in room and doesnt want to eat breakfast. Mohini says he made tea for Teni, what happened now? Bharat says their marriage fights have started even before wedding. Teni says really? I havent seen Parth and Shorvori fighting ever, Parth says you might have not seen it but Bharat is right, small fights do happen, Shorvori and me had a fight this morning only, Teni says you both solved it so soon? you both seem happy together now, Shorvori says in this case, one has to forget ego and say sorry and problem is solved, Teni says if you are not at mistake and have to say sorry then its wrong as per rules. Parth says there are no rules in love, there is only love in love and the one who tries to keep love together gains more respect in love, Indu says this thinking make relations last longer. Teni thinks that I cant understand what they are saying, I cant say sorry to anyone but I have to pacify Aman, he is my visa to America.

Teni comes to Aman and says sorry, she says all were saying sorry solves everything if people are in love but you are ignoring my sorry, I feel like your love has fault thats why you are not forgiving me, Aman says your sorry have fault, it feels like you are throwing sorry at my face, I know you dont repent your mistake, Teni says if I didnt repent then nobody would force me to say sorry, I am sorry, I am holding my ears and saying sorry, he smiles. Teni says if you are calm now then show me gift. Aman says why I feel like you try to love me but you dont love me, Teni says I do love you, Aman says I just feel it, it take two way love to make a family but still.. Teni thinks my visa is in danger. Teni says you doubt my love? now I will prove you my love and then you will give that gift to me, she leaves. Aman thinks that I doubted her love once but I cant do it, I just like teasing you desi girl.

Teni is reading newspaper and says there is no class to learn love, I shouldnt have challenged Aman but I have an idea. Teni searches on google about how to love but she doesnt find anything, she says I have to use my brain but first I need to eat something, she eats chocolate which Aman brought, she likes it. Teni comes out in balcony and says now I have to prove my love to Aman otherwise I will lose my gift,. Teni sees Parth and Shorvori sitting in garden. Parth says I went to aunty’s house and she offered me your favorite sour powder balls but I didnt eat it there, Shorvori asks why? Parth says because I wanted to eat with you, he feeds it to Shorvori, Shorvori feeds him, they lovingly smile at each other. Teni sees it, Parth offers last ball to Shorvori, Shorvori says you eat it, Teni comes there and eats it, she says you both were fighting to give it to other so I ate it, Parth says Shorvori likes it and I would have loved if she ate it, Shorvori says I would have loved if you ate it, Teni says you both are mental, the one who doesnt get to eat should be angry on other, Parth says it happens in love, we like to see partner happiness first. Teni says I did mistake, I ate whole chocolate that Aman brought me, I didnt even think about him, give me a tip about love, Shorvori says there is no tip for love, it just happens, if your partner eats then you get happy more, Parth hugs her. Teni thinks that till I dont fall in love truly, I cant feel like this for anyone, I dont have any solution for this.


Dil Se Dil Tak 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth says to Shorvori that I didnt know I would meet a girl like Teni and she would be getting married to my brother, Shorvori says how did you agree to their wedding when you know Teni doesnt love him? Parth says Teni doesnt Aman but she is not a bad girl, if she makes relation with Aman then she will fulfill it for life,
Aman says to Teni that you really love, he gifts her diamond necklace. Aman hugs her tightly and says I love you, Teni thinks sorry Aman, my love is not true but the fake love which can give me diamond necklaces, that is good for me.

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