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Dil Se Dil Tak 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari holds Parth’s face and says she was alone when Parth held her hand. He didn’t back up from his promise, only she fall short of life. She wants to live each moment with him, tomorrow will change everything. He loved her the way she never was, she can’t let him fall alone. Teni will also love him as much as she does. She kisses his face.

The next morning, Indu makes arrangements for stage decoration. Dadi comes to calm her. Indu says she wants everything about Parth and Shorvari to be perfect. Mohini comes out in a face pack and was determined to look best. She insists on Baa and Indu to get this face pack applied as well. Indu flee for some work while Mohini takes her inside.

In the washroom, Shorvari says it’s the last day of their relation. After the interview nothing would be left. She cries for the courage so that she can’t fall ill. Parth calls her outside, asking if she is ready. She comes outside with her dress and says the dress doesn’t fit her. He suggests her to wear something else. Shorvari insists she has the wear this one. Parth asks her for the address, he will bring another. A servant comes to ask for Parth’s help in fixing electricity on stage. Parth asks Pyaray Lal to send someone else. Shorvari says she will go by herself, Parth must go downstairs.

Parth insists for him, only she is important. He got this all only because of her. Where he is today is because of her only. He wouldn’t have been here, if she wasn’t there. He recalls their promise to be with each other till they live. He requests her to be with him, always; not to leave him ever. Shorvari smiles he is being emotional as if she is leaving his life, Parth shuts her mouth and forbids her think about it again. He won’t be able to live without her again. Shorvari asks him to go to shop, else she might get late. She asks him to begin the interview if she gets late, she will join him from the middle. Parth holds her hand. They share an eye lock. Shorvari waves at him with a smile.

In her room, Teni sits to put a bindi on her forehead. She remembers Shorvari sharing her bindi with her, she was ready to share anything with Teni just for her child. She cries that Shorvari asked her to take care of this Bindi, and now she is leaving her with such a huge responsibility. How would she do this? She gets a call from Shorvari then. She informs she is leaving, and tells her not to worry. Teni says she is distressed taking this decision today. Shorvari says sometimes one has to take difficult decision, she should breathe heavily and go implement their plan. Teni comes to the room and take the dress Shorvari left on her bed.

Mohini comes to Sejal who was watching Aunty Boli Lagao Boli promo. Mohini was excited as Sejal tells her about the details. Sejal was irritated by Mohini’s greed, she says they own a lot of money but Indu would snatch everything from them. She complains even Mohini broke her promise, she can’t do anything for her. Mohini demands to ask her. Sejal asks Mohini to get her share in property from Dada ji. Mohini was shocked.
Indu asks Parth to call Shorvari but she didn’t attend the call. Dadi assures Indu Shorvari is responsible and will be here in time.

In the room, Mohini was afraid of Dada ji. Sejal says Mohini will lose her happiness along with their share as well. Sejal says she will get Rishab along with her share. She says it’s the only way to get Rishab. If she doesn’t get Rishab, Mohini will lose her daughter forever. She tells Mohini they will shift to London, and live there forever. Sejal tells Mohini that Rishab is only marrying Jagruti because of her money. She could see his eyes shine as she mentioned 300 crores in front of her. Mohini agrees to do this for Rishab.

Mohini comes to the hall outside.
Teni was dressed up like Shorvari in the same attire. Parth was trying Shorvari’s number out of worry. Shorvari finally takes the call and says her car got out of order. She will hire a taxi and insists on him to begin the interview, she will be right there. Shorvari cries as she will have to break his heart. In the interview, the reporter announces Parth’s wife is here. They all turn to see Teni come downstairs.


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari comes to blame Teni and questions Parth if this is his love. Teni tries to calm her down, but Shorvari slaps her.

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