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Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Teni prays and sees Parth in mandir too, She says my prayer tied with him? God you have to tell me what connection i have with him. Parth gets call and says girl should have passport for America and she should be of 22 to 24years of age and she should be gorgeous and should know Gujrati, till we dont find girl like that, we dont do ad shoot. Teni hears him and says he wants to send some girl to America? she prays to lord for hearing her wishes, she turns to talk to Parth but he gone.
Parth comes outside mandir and sees Shorvori looking at family, mother with baby, she says to Parth that this woman’s whole family is loving her and is around her and there is me who after 2years of marriage couldnt make relation with my family and cant even stand in same line with them, Parthwipes her tears and hugs her, he says lets go. Parth sits in car and drives away. Teni sees him driving away and runs behind him, she says my visa is driving away, stop visa stop, she sees his car number and says i lost you today but our prayers are tied together, we have connection made from heaven so i will meet you again.
Sejal is leaving him, Indu asks where are you going? did you eat anything? Sejal says its my friend’s birthday party, Indu says you shouldnt have worn these clothes, (Sjeal is wearing shorts and off-shoulder top), they are not appropriate, Sejal says you dont know anything about fashion. Mohini comes there and says to Sejal that dont feel bad about Indu’s words, she doesnt know anything about outside world, no on calls her daughter Jagruti to parties, Indu says why are bringing Jagruti in it? Mohini says i am just saying everything looks good on Sejal, your Jagruti is nothing infront of Sejal, i just worry that what you did with me 30years back, God might do same with your daughter, i just pray that what happens with me shouldnt happen with anyone else. Ambika comes there and says Mohini i was silent because it was sisters’ matter but you are getting bitter, what happened 30years back was fate, Ramnik brought proposal for you but he liked Indu and got married to her, his younger brother married you and you both became sister in laws, you are not her sister here, she is your sister in law, this is your inlaws house, she is elder than you in sister in law relation even if she is younger as sister to you so respect her and keep your head down infront of her, Mohini says fine and leaves. Ambika asks Sejal to go and change clothes, Sejal is miffed and goes back to her room.
Its night, Parth asks Shorvori when we will get our baby bald? Shorvori says babies look cute bald, Parth asks if babies feel pain? she says no but what will we do when we take him for injection? Parth says my innocent baby will not get injected, Shorvori says he would look cute when he will cry, Parth says you are rude mother, how can you say this about your baby, he goes in washroom. Servant brings Parth’s wallet and says he forgot it in home. She takes it and recalls how Parth said that he forgot to give money to shopkeeper and left to go back to mandir. Parth comes there, Shorvori gives him wallet and says how did you give money to shopkeeper? you lied to me? Parth says i was worried for you so i forgot to tie cot to tree for vow so i went to tie it again, Shorvori says our vow remained unfulfilled? Parth says miracle happened, someone tied our cot with their sacred thread, Shorvori says it means someone else’s share in your vow and happiness? Parth says it doesnt matter, we got blessings of two vows, its cool, Shorvori gets tensed hearing it and says i wanted to bring you closer to your family but i am not sure now, PArth says its not my family, its our family and this baby will bring happiness to us and this family so dont worry, Shorvori is nervous.
Its morning, Shorvori says to Foram that he tied our vow thread with someone’s thread and vow. Shorvori is cooking in kitchen, her time is up, Foram says take your time and cook for yourself, Mohini comes there and says her work time is up, its our time to cook so she has to leave. Shorvori starts leaving but Indu asks her to take 15minutes more and cook, Mohini says dada made rule that kitchen will be for Shorvori from 8:30am to 9:30am, you are going against him, Indu says she is pregnant, if she remains hungry then dada will not feel good, Shorvori smiles at her, Mohini claps and says she is your son’s wife thats you are worrying for her? she is going to be mother and you are using that your advantage, you are asking more time for her and soon you will try to give her place in house, you forgot about dada’s respect and rules? nobod listens to me, nobody respects widow, Indu says you are taking it wrong way, Mohini says i forgot that this is our inlaws house and you are elder to me in relation here, you are right and we have to follow you, she leaves. Shorvori says to Indu that i am sorry, you had altercation with her because of me. Indu says no issues, you finish cooking, she leaves. Shorvori says they fought because of me, Foram says dont cry, everything will become fine with time, Ambika sees all this from far.

Scene 2
Teni is walking in middle of road. She stands infront of Parth’s car and thinks that i will impress him today. Parth comes out of car and says you are walking in middle of road, Teni says we are modern and we think road is our fathers, Parth says i have seen you somewhere, Teni says you must have seen me on billboards and newspapers, i am going to hollywood soon, i wont do small ads now, Parth says where have i seen you? people ask them to leave road, Teni takes off her glasses and says is it your father’s road? buy airplane if you want to reach so fast. Parth says you are that person? i recognize you, Teni says yes i am that, i beg you to make me model. Foram calls Parth and says Shorvori is hurt, all family members are going from home today, come home, Teni is begging him to take her model, PArth sits in car and drives away ignoring her. Teni is angry.
Parth comes homes. Shorvori is sadly sitting in room. Parth thinks that i know Shorvori’s mood is of but i will make this moment memorable and will set her mood right. Parth comes in room with bridal dress, he says to Shorvori that i want to see you as bride, will you wear it for me please? she smiles and goes to change.
Shorvori dresses in nice dress Parth brought her. Parth is dressed in sherwani, he smiles at her, she blushes. Parth puts sindoor(vermillion) on her forehead, he makes her wear duapatta and sings song for her, he makes her wear bangles and jewelry, he sprinkles rose petals on her and kisses her hand, she hugs him. Shorvori says to Parth that it seems like our wedding’s memorable moments are alive with us again, Parth says so much is remaining, you didnt see this whole house since wedding so i will make you see you inlaws house, he blindfolds her and brings her downstairs holding her hand, he takes off blindfold, Shorvori is surprised to see dancers there, Parth dances and Shorvori, he pulls her closer and shows her whole house, he brings her to dada’s room, they imagine Dada and Ambika hugging them and loving them, dancing with them, Shorvori smiles at her imagination, Parth takes her to Ramnik and Indu’s room, Shorvori imagines Indu doing her aarti and they dancing with Parth. Parth brings her to hall, Shorvori imagines whole family joining them, Suyog and Foram and dances around Parth and Shorvori, Shorvoi smiles but realizes that it was all her imagination and only unknown dancers are dancing around them, she gets sad. Parth claps and thanks dancers, dancers leave. Shorvori turns away from Parth, Parth says now i will show you most special room of this house. He brings her to room, Shorvori is surprised to see baby room and room filled with toys, Shorvori lovingly looks at Parth and sings for him, she dances with him, and hugs him tightly, Shorvori says our baby didnt even come in world and you did all this? you are best father of world, Parth says you are best mother, Shorvori sees her childhood photo on wall and says why did you put my picture on wall? he says so that our baby is like you, Shorvori it should be you picture, baby should be like you, Parth says no it should be like you, put photo back on wall, Shorvori takes off her photo from wall and runs away from Parth, Parth runs behind her and says give me photo. Shorvori runs on stairs but slips and falls on stairs, she rolls down from stairs and falls on floor, she faints, Parth screams Shorvori..

Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update PRECAP-

Parth asks doctor what you mean she WAS pregnant? Doctor says one month pregnancy have delicate baby, we tried a lot but i am sorry that we couldnt save your baby, Parth is shocked. Parth comes to Shorvori’s room in hospital, she asks Parth what he is hiding? i will talk to doctor, she starts to get up but nurse comes there and says what are you doing? you should follow doctor’s instructions, you had miscarriage, Shorvori is shocked to hear it, some plates fall on floor, Shorvori and Parth turns to see Indu standing there with her food bag fallen on floor, she is shocked to hear about miscarriage.

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