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Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Shorvori comes to Teni and says you finally woke up? Teni says I was so tired at night, Shorvori says let me tell you that first invitation card of your wedding has come, you know Sejal has decided to come from your side in wedding, I cant believe, Teni says lets go and see preparations.

Shorvori and Teni comes in lounge, Baa says to Shorvori that you should mill flour, its good exercise for pregnant woman, you can do it right? Shorovori says yes and thinks Teni should do it, Baa leaves. Shorvori fill mill and asks Teni to start running it, Teni runs it and says elder people say anything, this wont affect baby, Parth comes there and says its good exercise for you, Teni recalls how she destroyed Vikas’s house. Shorvori asks why she is happy? are you fine with your necklace stealing? Teni says no I am happy by helping someone else like Parth said, Parth says sameway when you fall in love truly, you will understand how someone else comes before you. Aman comes there and asks Teni to sign on visa form, Teni gets happy, Aman says I have brought special form for you, Teni says God just send me to America. She says I will practise sign on blank paper then I will sign form, Aman says it wont be a problem if you didnt kill anyone, Parth asks if she has any criminal record? Teni says I didnt do any crime, she starts signing form and says I am going to America, nobody can stop me. Teni sees newspaper on table and sees Vikas’s death news on it, Teni thinks that this is Sejal’s boyfriend, I met him last night and he died? Aman asks why she is shocked to see newspaper? Teni says silly news it written here that rat ate wall and broke it, Parth says really? show me? Teni says there is cockroach in my room, I will kill it, she leaves. Shorvori sys she is acting weird, Aman says thats why I am crazy about her.

Teni comes to her room and says I am in problem because of Sejal, I should tell her. Bharat comes there and says last night I saved you, Parth came to your room but I sent him away, Teni thanks him. Bharat asks if she saw newspaper? Teni hides it in her hand and says Dada must have it. Bharat asks how was your date? Teni says it was nice and leaves.

Teni comes to Sejal and says he died and I am dying too. Teni shows her newspaper, Sejal is shocked to read Vikas’s murder news, Teni says I met him last night and he died, police will think that I killed him, I do good with others and this happens with me, I was dreaming to go US and now I will be going to jail, Sejal says that wont happen, you didnt do anything, Teni says you know it but others dont, he was murdered at time when were there, my life is destroyed, I was in his house, you were out so police will catch me, my life is finished. Sejal says it means someone came there and murdered him, Teni says if police finds proof that I was there then I am gone, I should go there and find if I left any proof there, Sejal says I will go with you.

Shorvori shows babies posters to Parth and says I will put it in Teni’s room so our baby will be cute too. Parth says Bharat was asking about newspaper and I told him it was with Teni but he said she said she didnt have it, Shorvori says she must have lost it and lied to Bharat, dont worry, lets make baby poster, Parth smiles.

Teni brings lord’s photo in her room, she lit diya and prays that God you know about mess in my life, give me strength to bear all this. Aman comes there and hugs her, Teni thinks he doesnt think anything other than romance, Aman says I am here to solve everything, Teni pushes him away and says I am not in mood, I will burn you if you dont leave, he says okay leaving, he leaves. Teni prays to God to save her life.

At night, Teni is sleeping but recalls how Parul cheated her and then Parth came and offered her money to become surrogate, Teni reminisce her relation with Parth and Shorvori, how she entered Parth’s house, how Aman came in picture and proposed her, Teni frowns recalling their wedding date is close, how she got in problem with Vikas’s murder now. Teni says I cant sleep, I have to set everything right because I am going to America at any cost.

Scene 2
In morning, Baa and Indu are selecting jewelry, they call Aman and asks him to select for Teni, Aman says I select it? Baa says yes, groom gifts jewelry to bride, Aman says okay, he starts choosing jewelry, Baa says to Shorvori that you know Teni’s choice best so we will select whichever you like, Indu says Shorvori is only member of house which is from Teni and Aman’s side both in wedding, where is Teni? she should see it, Baa says no we will keep this surprise, Shorvori is here to select on her behalf as Teni is her sister and would be sister in law and aunt of Shorvori’s baby too, Shorvori coughs. Bharat comes there and asks Aman to come with him, Aman leaves with him.
Bharat says to Aman that I had fight with Jalpa, I have to pacify her, Aman asks what he can do? Bharat says you know romantic restaurants so I want to ask which place you took Teni too last night, Aman says I took Teni? Bharat says dont act like I dont know, Teni was leaving at night but I caught her and she said that you both were going on late night date, tell me where did you? Aman tells him some place, Bharat leaves. Aman says I have to ask Teni which secret date she was talking about.

Teni prays to God that if you save me then i will give you parsad. Aman comes there, Teni gets scared seeing someone behind her, Aman says why you are acting like you are criminal? are you fine? Teni says you keep thinking about romance, Aman says Bharat told me we went on late night date, what is that matter? Teni says you know Parth and Shorvori dont let me go outside so I planned to go out and breath in fresh air, Bharat caught me so I had to lie. Aman pulls her closer and says lets go on real date now, you will get to breath, Teni says I have problem breathing, Aman says I will stay with you here then. Parth and Shorvori comes there and asks if they some plan? aman says Teni has breathing problem so we are not going anywhere, Parth says what? you are ill Teni, Teni says I am fine. Sejal comes there and asks Teni should we leave? Sejal is stunned to see everyone there, Shorvori says you and Teni? you both are going somewhere? Teni thinks that I dont like to lie to them but I have to leave so I have to, Teni says I am trying to forget about necklace and make peace with Sejal, Parth says thats good but you both didnt like each other from start then who started this friendship, Teni says it doesnt matter, we are friends and that matter. Aman says you said you have breathing problem and cant go anywhere and now you are going with Sejal? Teni says I wanted to gift you so I asked Sejal to come with me and help me, Parth says you could have told us, we would have helped you, Teni says let me go, Parth says we have get together at home in evening so comeback, Teni nods and leaves with Sejal.

Teni and Sejal comes outside Vikas’s house. They see people gathered there and police too. Teni asks neighbor what happened here? he says someone got killed here last night, neighbor says to Teni that police is checking Vikas’s house and there is CCTV outside Vikas so killer must have been recorded in footage, Teni panics and murmurs that my marriage wont happen, I wont go to America but to jail.


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth says to Shorvori that Teni and Sejal used to never like each other and in one night they are so close that they are going for shopping together? Teni was shocked seeing newspaper too, we are missing something.
Mohini comes to Parth and Shorvori, she says police has come in house.