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Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Suyog says to client that Parth had work at home so he couldnt come, client shows him Parth sitting behind them, Parth thanks banker and leaves. Suyog is embarrassed, he runs after Parth but Parth leaves before he could stop him, Suyog says why Parth lied to me when he was here all this time? i dont understand. Suyog strikes with banker, papers fall from banker’s hand, Suyog is shocked to see Parth’s photo on papers, he take papers and thinks Parth needs loan? Suyog calls Parth and asks are you fine? if you have any problem then tell me. Parth says i am fine, no tension otherwise i would have come to you first, he ends call. Suyog says he lied to me for the first time.
Dada says to his nephew that you started your own business in such small age. Forum thinks that dada will get happy when he knows that i want to work independently too. Dada shows stain on nephew’s shirt and seems like your wife is working woman. Forum asks if there is wrong with woman working? dada says not at all, we dont stop it but women have responsibility at home and if they take another work then there is something less, woman and man should work in their fields with full sincerity.
Shorvori think if Parth will be able to arrange money? Parth comes and hugs her, he says my wife doesnt look good in tension, we will get loan in half an hour, Teni will get money and will be happy with process. Parth gets call from banker and says our department rejected your loan, Parth says why? banker ends call. Suyog comes there and shows him loan papers, Suyog says i brought them. Suyog brings basket with him, Suyog says are you stunned? i was stunned too when you lied to me, i was in same coffee shop as you, i know truth now, your banker told me everything, Parth get shocked. Suyog shows him his and Parth’s picture and throws it away. Indu, Baa and Forum comes there and asks what happened? Suyog says he is not brother, he doesnt trust me, he shows shoes to Parth and says you bought these for me, he shows him watch and says it was yours but i took it with right, but its of no value now, thank you for everything, all family members are stunned to see brothers fight, Suyog angrily leaves. Baa asks Parth what was all that? dada says its between brothers so they will solve it, lets leave, he leaves. Indu tensely looks at Parth and leaves, all leave their room, Shorvori sighs.
Mohini and Forum comes to Suyog, Mohini says to Suyog that i tried to make you listen that this Parth is not trustworthy, tell me what Parth did? you have my swear, you have to tell me truth.
Shorvori says to Parth that everyone will know our truth. Parth says i dont care about it but i have hurt Suyog. Mohini calls everyone in call.
All come in hall, Baa asks what happened? Mohini says its enough, i will bring truth of that Parth now, all look on. In room, Shorvori says to Parth that everything ended, we wouldnt be able to give money to Teni before deadline. Lights of house turn off, Mohini says why did electricity go off? Dada says i switched it off so that brothers can solve fight, i know Suyog is scared of darkness.
In room, Suyog is scared of darkness. Parth comes there, Suyog sadly looks at him, Suyog says i am not child anymore, i am not scared of darkness now, Parth says i came to you because i know you are not child anymore, i have hurt you so forgive me, Suyog sadly looks at him in tears. In hall, baa says to family that when Suyog used to get scared, he used to run and hug his brother, Mohini did Suyog tell you everything? Mohini says no, he didnt tell me, Baa says i knew brothers cant snitch on each other to even their mothers, Mohini thinks thats why i was making drama so that Parth tell me truth. In room, Suyog runs and hugs Parth, he says i was fool to get angry on you, why you didnt tell me about loan? Parth says i didnt tell you not because you are elder but.. Suyog says i know reason was written in bank papers but i didnt read it once. Shorvori comes there and hears it too. Suyog says i didnt want to know why you needed loan but i was worried why my brother didnt ask help from me. In hall, dada says to family that these brothers are forever united, they will come down hand in hand soon. Sejal says to Mohini that you should find out why brothers fought, Mohini looks on, Sejal says you are still playing good? you dont like taste of evil? Mohini says i have always tasted good mangoes and i will too. Mohini comes to Suyog’s room and hides. Suyog says to Parth that i have signed cheque for you, you can fill any amount, Parth says i need 10lacs only, Suyog says task as much as you want, Parth hugs him, Mohini thinks that they are fooling my son so much, they took 10lacs from him.

Scene 2
Parth and Shorvori are in car and driving to Teni’s house. Teni packs her stuff, she recalls how Parth bought house for her. She puts note on her door and starts leaving her house. Parth is driving fast to reach there. Shorvori is tensed. Parth strikes car with biker. Shorvori and Parth helps couple on bike, couple is hurt. Parth says to Shorvori that you go to Teni with money, i will take couple to hospital. Shorvori runs to Teni’s society.
Teni is hiring rickshaw to leave but Shorvori comes there and says stop, she shows her cheque and says its 10lacs cheque, i fulfilled your demand so tell me that you will not cancel deal, please dont cancel it. Teni takes envelope from her and looks at 10lacs cheque. Teni glares at Shorvori and says you think you bought me with cheque? you wont over me? Shorvori says no, you just said that God will be with me if i am right, i did what you wanted, i have no ego of winning, i dont care about money and all, Teni says shut up, you won, your inner mother won, i dont trust anyone but only mother and God because they are never wrong, go i will come to hospital tomorrow, Shorvori smiles and thanks her, she says you dont know how much this decision will effect me, she kisses her hand and is about to hug her but Teni says dont be clingy, i will have to put my stuff back in room now, Shorvori says i will help you unpack, Teni says no i will do it leave, Teni turns to leave but says to Shorvori that i said i will come tomorrow so go home now, Shorvori smiles, Teni slightly smiles at her and leaves, Shorvori smiles happily and thanks God.
Its morning, Indu says to Parth and Shorvori that i will wait for happy news, she does their aarti, they touch her feet, Indu blesses them and leaves. Shorvori hugs Parth.
Teni looks at 10lacs cheque and says Shorvori brought you at right time but doesnt mean Shorvori is one step ahead and i will bow to her, i never bow to anyone, i am above all, cheque you are in my party now, if insemination process goes good then you will get brother cheque, she dances.
Ins hospital. Parth and Shorvori are waiting for results. Jalpa checks Teni. Shorvori and Parth comes there. Teni says tell happy news to me and parents. Jalpa says results are told by specialist, Teni says when i woke up today, i wanted to eat sour food it means i am pregnant, Jalpa says medical science dont believe in it, sour food has nothing to do with being pregnant, Teni says this Jalpa is weird, she doesnt believe me. Jalpa says to Parth and Shorvori that you need to understand.. Teni says they are clever, they will handle baby, results will be good, i have their baby in my womb, lets celebrate. Jalpa says shut up, you are raising their hopes, you are not pregnant, insemination failed. All are shocked.


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Jalpa says there is only one way now that is intimate/physical relation between Teni and Parth. Teni says to Shorvori that all problems have one solution and its me. Shorvori comes to her room and says no, no, no, she breaks things in anger.

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