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Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1

Shorvori brings tea for Parth, he says i dont want to drink tea, she says you dont want to drink tea from your unromantic wife? Parth says you are still thinking about that thing? Aman comes there and smirks, Teni thinks he is upto something. Aman says Shorvori he called you unromantic? Aman says to Parth that you remember you were crazy for five years in college for that Shilpa, and you are bored with Shorvori in only 3years?

Shorvori says who is this is Shilpa? Aman says she is rom college, she was Parth’s junior and was hot. Teni thinks that Parth is gone now. Aman says Parth used to ride bike with her, Parth says i used to give her lift only, Aman says he used to take her to tuition too, Parth tried everything to trap her but I won in the end as Aman’s charm can make anyone melt, he smirks at Teni, Teni glares at him. Aman says remember that annual day? Shilpa was looking so hot, Parth says i dont remember anything, Aman says you were clapping for her when she danced, you were mad for her. Teni thinks that now Shorvori will wipe Parth’s memory. Parth asks Shorvori to now listen to Aman, Shorvori gets angry and jealous hearing it, she beats Parth and leaves. Parth asks Aman what was the need to say it? she is my wife, it will take time to pacify her, Aman says i did it to have a chance to watch movie with Teni, i know you would not leave Teni so I made you busy with Shorvori, now you go and pacify your wife and I will go to trap your sister in law, wish you luck, he runs away, Parth gets angry.

Parth comes in room, Shorvori says lets go downstairs, Parth says i am sorry, Shorvori says we will talk later, rightnow Teni and Aman are alone, what if Aman does something? Parth says i know Aman is flirty but he wont do anything bad, Teni can handle many guys like Aman so relax, Shorvori looks on.

Teni comes to Aman’s room. She asks which movie are we watching? Aman says i didnt get romantic movie so I brought horror movie payasi dayan, are you scared? Teni gulps and says no no.. kids get scared of horror movies, you start it, i will come, Aman thinks she is scared from now only.

Teni and Aman are watching horror movie, Aman puts hand behind Teni on couch’s headrest, Aman thinks that when horror scene will come then Teni will hold my hand, Teni thinks that he thinks he is clever, she smiles at Aman, horror scene comes on TV, Teni gets scared, Aman smirks, Teni starts laughing, Aman says this not comedy, Teni says if this horror then what is comedy? i cant watch it more, this is joke, you enjoy, Teni starts leaving but he holds her hand, Aman says you broke my heart, she says what? Aman says i did many settings but you failed my plan, just give me a kiss before leaving, Teni glares at him but then smiles and says you deserve one kiss, she gently slaps him and says kiss will be good if i give it infront of whole family, you call yourself playboy so you must have that much guts, Aman is dumbfounded, Teni jerks his hand away and leaves, Aman is still in shock, he says i have found girl of my standard for first time, I wont leave you desi girl.

Scene 2
Parth comes in his room and sees it decorated with lights and candles, he is stunned. Shorvori comes there in small red night gown, Parth’s jaw drops seeing her, Shorvori says will you not close door? he says huh? yeah.. yeah.. Parth closes door, Shorvori comes closer to him and seduces him, baahon mein chale ao plays, Shorvori hugs him, they romantically starts dancing, Shorvori pushes him on bed and lies above him, she dances infront of him in skimpy night gown, she sits on his lap and dances, they lie on bed but door knocks. Parth goes to open it, he asks who is it? Teni says its me, Parth opens door, Teni smirks seeing Shorvori’s dressing, she says see baby, what happened to your mommy? we did mistake by calling her unromantic, Parth says it turned out good, Teni says if i knew her program is going on so I wouldnt have come. Parth asks what happened with Aman? Teni says he asked me to give him kiss so I said that i will give him kiss infront of everyone, Shorvori comes there wearing clothes and says why did you say yes to him? you have our baby, how will it affect him? Teni says spare me, i cant bear you, you are so boring, Shorvori says this is happening because of you Parth, you called me unromantic and now she is calling me boring, tomorrow i will kiss you infront of whole family and then we will know who is boring or unromantic.

In morning, Parth says i didnt do anything and Shorvori said she will kiss me infront of everyone? Aman comes there and says your sister in law is going to kiss me too, i mean she is your wife but if Teni kisses me then my image will be totally gone infront of dada, is she really your sister in law? i mean she is very forward, i thought when i would ask for kiss, she would beat me but she challenged me to kiss me infront of everyone, Parth says i told you she is spicy spice, she will send you to America in 7days. Servant brings tea, he gives him Ipad and says Shorvori sent it. Shorvori is on video call, she says to Parth that you are so scared of me that you are in garden? Parth says i am just sitting in nice weather, Teni comes on video call and laughs at Parth, Shorvori asks which color of lips she should apply? Parth says why asking me, Teni says there is going to be lipstick mark on your cheek so you decide, Aman laughs, Teni says dont laugh, even your cheek will have lipstick mark but i will decide color too, Aman covers his cheeks, Shorvori says i will choose lip color, muah, she ends call. Teni asks Shorvori why she challenged Parth about kiss? Shorvori says to keep my love fresh, after many years of marriage, spark dies and this is happening with me, my husband thinks i am unromantic, these small antics keep love alive, understood? Teni says your and Parth’s love can never die but i am no one to talk about your kiss, you enjoy, she leaves, Shorvori laughs.

Parth sneakily comes in his room but doesnt find Shorvori there, he says i should get ready and runaway to office then she wont be able to kiss me.

Aman is getting ready in his room but sees lipstick mark on his photo, he says this Desi girl is seriously behind me? Aman reads Teni’s message behind his photo ‘I am going to leave same lipstick mark on your cheek, be ready.’
Parth sees Shorvori’s message on mirror, message says ‘you can do anything you cant miss my kiss, I love you’. Parth says this Shorvori will be death of me.


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth is trying to leave house but Shorvori grabs him in lounge, he sees Baa and Indu sitting there and says please let me go, anyone can see, Shorvori pushes him to pillar and leans in to kiss him. Aman comes in lounge, Teni pins him to wall, Teni says I am going to kiss you right now infront of everyone, Aman close his eyes being scared, Teni leans in to kiss him.

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