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Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari cries in the car thinking about herself and Parth. She was determined not to back up.
In the interview, Parth mentions each of his family member to be his strength; Dada and Dadi, his parents, sister and most importantly her wife Shorvari. Mohini feels neglected. Parth holds Shorvari responsible for all his successes. The reporter asks where Shorvari is. Parth turns to see Teni come downstairs in Shorvari’s attire. Everyone looks at her suspiciously. Parth clarifies to everyone she isn’t Shorvari, she is Teni; she accomplished their incomplete lived and is no less than an angel for them. Parth says Teni is their surrogate. The reporter says Teni has also been liked to Parth like a wife, and wants her views about it. Teni says she feels love is the best relation in this life.

Until Parth and Shorvari came to her life, she neither has love and relations. She didn’t complete their lives, instead her life was completed. She needs nothing in life anymore. Indu goes to get Teni comfortable on the couch. The reporter asks Teni about her decision to be their surrogate. Teni didn’t want to reveal about her money deal.

Teni comes to stage and takes part in the interview. She says when she came in Parth and Shorvari’s life she realized not money but love is the most important thing in life. She got both love and money in this family. Mohini was looking for Shorvari and spots her enter the house. Mohini announces Shorvari is here.

Shorvari was aggressive at once. She comes to stage and asks if this is why he let her go. She blames him and his family to be a part of all this. They didn’t think about it and couldn’t stop the interview. Parth reminds Shorvari wanted him to join the interview, she will join in the middle. Shorvari says she didn’t want Teni to sit with him. Why doesn’t he get clear he has nothing left for her, neither love nor feelings; because she is infertile? Parth was left speechless. Shorvari comes to Teni and clutches her arm saying he gave this dancer all her rights, and hid all his illegitimate acts under the veil of his greatness. Dada ji now interrupts Shorvari and forbids her not to testify their family values and limits. Shorvari asks all limits and values are for females, no male ever has to prove his values. Shorvari interrupts Shorvari this time saying she has said a lot already.

Parth requests the media not to publish this misunderstanding, he will contact them again. The media leaves.
Parth asks Shorvari what happened to her, his family was hopeful everything would get well between them. He questions why she blamed Teni. It’s because of Teni Shorvari will become a mother, she was the one who got his part of bullet. She made them accepted by their family and was always thoughtful about them. Shorvari comes to Teni and says Parth fought the whole world for her, but is fighting her today only because of Teni. Indu says Shorvari lost her senses and got stone hearted, she won’t understand anything now. Shorvari tells Indu not to interrupt when it’s a matter between husband and wife. Parth shouts at Shorvari to shut up, else he would forget he ever loved her.

Teni tries to convince Shorvari calm down but she slaps her hard. Teni poses to be unwell and fell down. Everyone go to her help. Teni signals Shorvari she is fine. Shorvari further shouts Teni is only mocking this pain. Dadi scolds Shorvari to have lost her senses. Shorvari says Teni only fools them all. Teni cries she has real pain. Indu hurries Parth to call ambulance, they must take her to hospital. Shorvari says she understands they want to get her trapped.


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: The doctor says they can save any one from mother or child. Shorvari asks them to save the child. Parth slaps Shorvari for being selfish.

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