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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Baa blesses Shorvari who always holds family’s happiness as her preference. Teni says Shorvari loves and respects everyone at the family. Mohini agrees this is the reason everyone holds her high. Indu ties the bangles on Teni’s wrist. As she brings the Prasad, Baa asks Indu to give her the turn. Indu insists on Baa to join her and fakes her love even more watching Shorvari upset.

Sejal returns home furious that Rishab didn’t come to meet her in the restaurant. She notices Jagruti was happy and comes to ask her. Sejal says Jagruti’s face show she met her someone special. Jagruti accepts about going his home. Sejal asks what happened there. Jagruti says they will soon know. Sejal was curt over Jagruti.
Shorvari comes to Indu and asks why she is doing this. Indu was furious and says she would sow what she reaped. Shorvari says she only wanted to get the heir to family. She was always suffocating whenever she lied to Indu. Indu bursts at Shrovari that she never considered her as a daughter in law, always loved and cared for her, never taunted her for anything but Shorvari has proven she could never be a daughter. And even Parth lied to her because of Shorvari, now she will never become a mother to Shorvari, as she is a mother in law. She is walking the path Shorvari created for herself.

Indu decorates Teni’s room with Parth’s photos. She wish Teni only looks towards Parth so that her child looks exactly like Parth. Teni watches the photos and speaks to Parth that she can love Parth but can never get it back. She was happy that she will now speak her heart out to Parth, because otherwise Parth is upset when she speaks to him directly. Indu turns to Teni and finds her biting her nail, she scolds her. Parth had come behind. Indu says she wish Parth’s face is right in front of her all the time. Teni says she is always thinking… Parth comes to tell Indu she sleeps looking at his face at night and wakes up watching him daily. Indu appreciates his attempts to take care of her well. She goes to kitchen to help Baa. Parth watches Teni wearing the bangles and thinks Shorvari must be heartbroken if Indu took the bangles back.

In the room, Teni holds Parth’s photo and says today she understood the meaning of true love, he connected her with his family and Shorvari. Baa had reached her door, she smiles watching Teni speak to Parth’s photo and says Parth recognizes a person. He didn’t select her for no reason. She says what Teni is about to give them is really precious. Teni asks if this is Saffron-almond milk she has been cooking for hours? Baa asks Teni what she wish to eat. Teni asks Baa if she had placed the money outside their door. Baa agrees, as she worries for her and her grandchild. After drinking half glass of milk Teni was full but Baa forces her to take the full. Shorvari had brought the glass of milk for Teni and watches Baa there. When she comes inside, Teni shares her happiness with Shorvari and says everyone love her like a daughter in law of the house. Shorvari tells her to leave.

In the room, Shorvari was upset as she thinks about Teni’s privileges. Parth comes inside and shows Shorvari the bangles then makes her wear them. He says he got the same bangles as Indu took from her. He says Indu is angry at them right now, but she doesn’t have to fell weak right now. Shorvari hands the bangles to Parth and asks him to bring hers from Teni.


Dil Se Dil Tak 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth comes to Teni who was listening to music and happily watched the bangles. Shorvari thinks she must get her bangles back. Shorvari later watch Indu taking Teni and Parth together, somewhere.

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