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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Parth Extends Their Honeymoon


Dil Se Dil Tak 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 30th January 2018 Episode Start With The receptionist at the guest house go to confirm their bill as the intercom didn’t work. A couple arrive at the guest house. Teni stares them as they enjoy the cozy company of each other. Parth and Teni steal looks. The guy discussed their plan of honeymoon with each other. The girl was hopeful to have a cute baby the next time they will come here. The girl asks Teni if they also came to honeymoon here, what was special in their time.

Indu and Ramnik were worried as Baa was tensed for Jalpa and unwell. Ramnik questions why is Baa so tensed for whatever Jalpa did. Indu says everyone is helpless in this matter, else she would never get any better. Dada ji comes in to inform that Bharat is reaching in 2 hours with his lawyer. Baa cries that she was never so helpless, what was left in their brought up and their kids strayed on the path of life. Indu and Ramnik assure that she is the best mother, but Baa gets sicker. Dada ji says the mother who never scolded Jalpa has slapped her today, it’s a huge set back to them both. Indu understands it’s difficult to bear her daughter’s family break. Indu was worried that Teni and Parth are coming, Teni is much attached to Jalpa and they must inform them about Jalpa.

Parth gets a call from Indu, she was concerned for Teni and Ipshita. Parth thinks this is a great chance to correct his mistakes. He tells Indu that they have decided to stay for another day as it’s all so beautiful. Teni was happy, then thinks may be Parth hasn’t been able to accept that Shorvari isn’t here. Indu informs the family that Parth and Teni have extended their plan, so she didn’t tell them about anything.

Dada ji says Jalpa and Bharat must be here anytime now. Parth speaks to Teni that since they are here why not stay for one more day, if she has a problem? Teni was about reply when the girl says it’s such a romantic way of Parth to ask his wife stay. Teni murmurs that she won’t even say a no. The receptionist brings the bill but Parth informs about extending their stay. They goes into the room. Parth shares her plan with Teni.

Baa joins her hands to Bharat and requests him not to end this relation, as Jayu needs both parents for his brought up. Jalpa tells Baa not to bend so much to Bharat. Everyone was angry at Jalpa and accuses her. Bharat asks Baa if Jalpa or anyone else had forgiven him, if it was him not Jalpa. He joins his hands saying he can’t forgive Jalpa. Ramnik takes Baa aside. Bharat tells Jalpa to sign the divorce papers, he can’t bear his son anymore. Jalpa was about to sign the papers when Spursh stops Jalpa. He says whatever is happening isn’t right.

Mohini says whatever is happening is because of Spursh. Spursh says one mustn’t blame anyone pointless. He understands what’s right and wrong and says she isn’t his real mom. The truth is that Bharat is his real dad.

Teni thanks Parth but he says it doesn’t suit her, and he has decided to begin a new life with Teni now. When they return to guest house, the receptionist informs that they have won a gift from hotel management. It’s a honeymoon cottage for their special couple this week. Teni was happy.


Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth and Teni share some intimate moments outdoor in snow at night.

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