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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

At home, Parth tells Shorvari about how Teni’s trick worked. Shorvari was sure their child would get this habit from Teni’s womb. Parth notices Shorvari hadn’t worn pregnancy belt. They look for the belt but couldn’t find it. Soon, someone was heard coming towards them.
Pandit ji tells Teni pregnant women can’t sit for Shanti Havan. Teni makes up at once that she is allergic to smoke and is getting cough. She goes outside.
Baa brings a Dai Maa to meet Shorvari. Dai Maa places a hand over Shorvari’s belly and says she isn’t pregnant. Jalpa reached in time and tells Dai Maa if she must bring a sonography machine for her? Dai Maa minds it and goes downstairs. Shorvari and Parth were relieved and thanks Jalpa.

Pandit ji asks Indu if she feels calm after the Pooja. They meet Teni who asks for some Pooja as a repentance of sins. Pandit ji tells her to find peace inside her; the solution to her problems must be easy and around her.
At night Teni wakes up due to hiccup. She recalls Shorvari told her to call the names and the hiccups would stop at the one missing her. She calls a list but hiccups were gone at Parth’s name.

The next morning, Teni and Indu come home. Shorvari greets Indu then asks Teni about her Pooja. Teni says she got cough due to smoke in the temple. Shorvari tells her to come downstairs and join them for Bajirao Mastani. In the room, Aman comes to meet Teni and asks him to come downstairs as everyone is watching a movie together. Teni decides to leave the house, packs her bags and decides to watch a movie with Bhanushali family for one last time.

Teni comes downstairs to watch the movie. She turns to leave fed up of such love filled film. Mohini comments how Mastani is; who has fallen for an already married man. She says she dislikes the movie, its craziness to marry an already married man. Mastani is well aware he has a wife. Mohini prays for some peace for Mastani. Baa notices Teni was upset, she asks Teni if she is really unwell. Teni walks around, she asks Aman if he thinks Mastani is doing right. Aman says no one knows when one fell in love and asks for Shorvari’s approval. Shorvari says nothing works in front of love. Teni thinks love is like the love which happens when one hasn’t taken an umbrella along. Mohini says these days there is no difference between love and profig.

Teni watches the movie. Mastani was seen speaking to Kaashi that Bajirao didn’t leave Kaashi, its just that she is his wife. Teni was thoughtful for a while. She envisions herself in a Mastani attire and decides to become Parth’s Mastani.

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