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Dil Se Dil Tak 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Driver brings Teni to some cheap motel. Teni asks if cab driver brought her to right place? driver says i brought you to the address you gave me. Teni says Shorvori has standard of going to high class places then how come she called me here? She pays driver and comes out. She sees address and says this is right place but why Parth and shorvori called me here? She comes inside and sees boys ogling at her. Teni says even i didnt come to such cheap place to eat, dont know what happened to Parth but maybe food is nice here. She asks boy where is restaurant here? he flirtatiously looks her. Manager comes there and says are you finding Mr. and Mrs. Bhanushali? she says yes, he says they are waiting for you in the room. Teni starts to go to room, she forgets her bag at reception but a man brings it to her. Teni comes in room which manger told her. She sees a man sitting on bed, she thinks that he must be waiter, she says why you are sitting on bed? stand up. Manager locks room from outside. Manager calls Sejal and says you work is done, Sejal says you will be paid for you work, she ends call and recalls how shorvori wrote address of good hotel for Teni and left it at her table but Sejal came there and changed address to that of cheap motel where Teni now is, flashback ends. Sejal calls police station. She thinks that nobody is going to save Teni from leaving house now.
Teni asks man in room where is Parth and Shorvori? Man says is there more to come? he wiggles eyebrows at her, Teni says they are my relatives, i mean our relationship is little weird but you call for food, i am hungry. Man hungrily looks at her and says yes i am hungry too, Teni says what kind of hotel is this? Teni asks him to order dishes, man is stunned to see her long order, Teni says run and bring food, its so hot here, she takes AC remote, man tries to jump on her but Teni moves away, man hits head on wall, Teni says cant you see wall? Man tries to jump on her again but falls on bed near her bag, Teni says are you stealing my purse? she starts beating him with purse, man runs away and locks himself in washroom. Teni says where i am stuck? where is Parth and Shorvori? she tries to find phone in bag but doesnt find it, she says did the man who gave me bag from reception stole my phone? she tries to go out of room but door is locked, she shouts to open door.

Parth and Shorvori are in car, Parth says Teni must have reached till now, call her and tell her that we would be late. Shorvori calls Teni but her phone is unreachable. Shorvori calls home, Jagruti takes call, Shorvori asks is Teni there? Jagruti says no she left home way back, shorvori says okay and ends call. Shorvori sys to Parth that Teni left home earlier but she didnt call us, is she in another trouble now? Parth looks on.
Teni knocks on hotel room door but no one opens door. Police raids there. Teni hears siren and says police never comes on time but to help me they are on time. She knocks on door and says police brother, i am here, open door. Policeman breaks her door and comes inside. Teni says you have on right time, salute, now save me and take me from here, this is very weird hotel, one man is hiding in washroom. Policeman brings man out and takes him away. Teni says to policeman that i am getting sick, policeman says you are good actress, Teni says this is just trailer, take me home now. Policewoman says when girls like you get caught, they say lies like this, come to police station now, Teni says what? no i just came to eat food. Policeman drags Teni out of room. Teni comes out and sees girls and guys arrested and hiding their faces, she realizes that they are call girls, she says i am not that kind of girl, i promise i just came to eat food. Policeman laughs and says you think we are fools? policeman says we are going to arrest you. TV reporter comes there and says police has raided this place and have found girls involved in human body trafficking. Teni is arrested and her face is shown on TV.

Scene 2
Parth calls Teni but she doesnt take it, he says she is not taking call, where is she? Shorvori thinks that i never saw Parth this much worried. Shorvori says Teni didnt go to meet anyone since she came to live with us, she might have gone to meet someone. Parth says then why she is not taking call? i am worried that she might be in problem. Parth thinks that Shorvori is worried for Teni and i am making her more worried. Parth says maybe her old phone is not working, after dinner we will go to buy her new phone, shorvori gets happy but says will we find her? she is as important to me as my baby, Parth says dont worry, i will find from anywhere, Shorvori says promise? he says yes.

Sejal gets call about raid at hotel, she thinks that its time to break news. Sejal comes in lounge and sees family watching some show. Sejal says i want to watch news, baa says you and news? she laughs. Sejal says dada says we should know whats happening around us, i was just taking inspiration and you are discouraging me, Dada says if Sejal is trying to do good then we should encourage her. Baa gives her remote of TV and says lets see what is happening in world, Sejal thinks that i am just waiting for VIP guests to come, she see her VIP guests Parth and Shorvori coming there sadly. Sejal says we are watching TV all together, you both sit down too. She makes them sit and asks why you both look tensed? did something happen? Shorvori says Teni had to come with us to lunch but she didnt reach restaurant and her phone is not in reach too. Indu says she told me that she was going to meet you both, she didnt come there? Sejal says dont worry, she is not a child, she will comeback. Lets watch news now. Sejal switches to news channel. Bhanushali family is watching TV, reporter on TV says that police has raided a motel where girls were involved in prostitution and have arrested them. Family is shocked to see Teni is being arrested too. Indu says what she is doing there? Parth and Shorvori are worried. Indu says how Teni reached that kind of place? Parth says i dont know but i trust her, she is not that kind of girl, something wrong happened with her. Shorvori says there is something fishy, Teni was about to come with us on lunch. Sejal says then how she reached that hotel? if something had happened with her then

she has mobile, why did she switch it off? i was feeling that this girl is not right but i didnt know she is this cheap and filthy. Shorvori says what are you saying? this is wrong, Teni is not like that. Mohini says i didnt know that Shorvori’s relatives are involved in these kind of antics. Sejal says dont taunt Shorvori, its not her fault, Teni wouldnt tell her where she is going. Shorvori says enough, you cant malign someone’s character like this, Sejal says everything is clear, she was arrested redhanded, Parth says not everything which is shown is true. Sejal says you dont trust your sister and it proved when you raised hand on me but Teni is on TV, how will you deny it? Parth says you can say anything but I and Shorvori knows that something wrong has happened with her. Parth says to Shorvori that dont worry, i will bring Teni back. Parth calls lawyer and asks him to meet him at police station, Parth starts to leave for police station but Dada stop, Parth looks at him, Dada says you wont go there, Parth is shocked, Mohini smirks.


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In police station, Teni says to policewoman that i told you i am not a call girl, cant you understand? i just went to eat there, Policewoman says i very well know what you wanted to eat there at that hotel. Teni says dont cross your limits madam otherwise.. Policewoman says otherwise what? are you threatening police? Policewoman raises hand to slap Teni but Shorvori comes there and grabs her hand before she can slap Teni, Teni looks at her surprised to find her there and broadly smiles. Shorvori says to policewoman how dare you raise hand on Teni? she slaps policewoman, Teni gets happy seeing. Policewoman angrily looks at Shorvori and says do you know consequences of raising hand on policewoman? She locks Shorvori in lock-up, Teni gets worried.

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