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Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni cries and says she is worth punishment for taking a false meaning out of his care and friendship. Parth wipes her tears and hugs her. He asks if there is something else, or she feels light. Teni says she actually feels lighter, she apologizes him and was about to hug him. Parth drags her towards him and hugs her.
In the room, Shorvari holds her head because of nightmare.
Parth tells Teni he is aware she doesn’t like advices, but she must grow up and leaves her childishness. Shorvari notices Parth wasn’t in the room and goes outside looking for him. Parth tells Teni love always bring happiness, one must never try to snatch it as it gets pain. Two friends also have love, and it’s the strangest love; then why hurt your heart. Teni asks if he loves her too. Parth says yes, he loves her as a friend. He swears to this love and promises to be there if ever she feels alone in her life. He says she only considers his care as love, she feels an attraction towards him and it happens in such an age. He says she bears his child and makes her think about him; but these are two different things. Teni asks how are these two different things, she never shares anything she had then how can she not think twice before giving away her life for him.

Shorvari looks into Teni’s room, she wasn’t also there.
There, Parth tells Teni when she came to Bhanushali family she was stranger. But if someone from here demands something she will give it away. Teni asks Parth if she must not have tried to convince herself. She swears she decided to marry Aman and go to America but as the wedding approaches it’s wandering away from the decision. She wish to run away now. Parth smiles saying he agrees she loves him, he promises to stay with her until she gets married. But she must go to America with Aman. Aman loves her dearly, and loves is like that. Parth says he already loves her as a friend; and Aman also loves her. She would surely call him one day when she would realize his love. Teni says she will never forget her love for him.

She was worried what if she is unable to forget him after marriage everything would be ruined. Parth was speechless. He tells Teni she must come out of all this, else later she would only get pain. He asks why she wants to walk a parth where she can’t reach any destination. Teni says Meera also loved Krishna knowing Krishna only loved Radha. Meera never wanted a right over Krishna, then why can’t Teni’s love be one-sided. Parth says he advices her as a friend to marry Aman. Teni says alright, it’s her trust over him and she will marry Aman. She has a condition, he will stay with her through all these moments. He promises to be with her, but asks for a promise. He asks her to make his love as her strength, she must walk ahead in her life. Teni says she can’t promise, but Parth insists to make this promise. She smiles and promises him. They hug each other. Shorvari stood there and asks what happened, she looked confused and worried.

Bee ji calls Jalpa and asks if she is fine. Jalpa was crying that Bharat is really annoyed. She is still at his friend’s place but couldn’t figure out the reason behind Bharat’s attitude. Baa says she made up that they have left for a meeting. Jalpa asks her to take care of Jayu for one more night, she has to make Bharat up.
Shorvari asks Teni what relation she wants to hide. Teni asks what relation could she be speaking, its about their interesting relation. She holds Shorvari’s hands and say she will get married, everything would change now. She will have to leave this relation between the three of them when she is married. Shorvari says they are connected at heart and no one can break it, their relation would only strengthen in time. Teni hugs Shorvari and holds Parth’s hand. Shorvari says it’s the most important day of Teni’s life tomorrow, its equally important for them as well. Teni forces a smiles onto her face.


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni cries as Parth compliments her as a bride. Downstairs, Mohini breaks the secret saying Teni is five and a half months pregnant.

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