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Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Parth is driving car, he says Shorvori i am sorry, its my mistake, we will soon reach hospital, open your eyes Shorvori. Parth’s car gets stuck in hunger strike, people are protesting against government there. Teni is stuck in traffic jam there too. Teni says i wont be able to reach for my job interview in my Visa(Parth’s) company in this protest. Parth is shouting for people to leave. Teni comes to protesters and ask them to move, she says i am getting late, she looks at her sandal then at leader of protesters. She puts sandals in shopping bad. She acts like calling someone and says what? someone put sandal bomb on this road? there is bomb in sandal? Protesters gets silent hearing about bomb, she says see there is sandal bomb there. All look at sandals of Teni lying on road, all protesters run away from there, Teni says to leader that i lied to people about bomb in my sandal because i was getting late for my America’s chance, all protesters have left, now you go home and leave this road. Parth doesnt see Teni’s face and says thank God, this girl indirectly helped me. He drives away from there.
Jalpa’s water has broken, she is in hospital for delivery. Bharat and all family members are with her, Bharat asks her to not worry, they come at reception. Parth is on other reception registering for Shorvori. Family doesnt see Parth. Nurse says take Shorvori to ICU, she has lost too much of blood. Jalpa is taken from there before Parth can see her and his family. Parth goes with Shorvori, Shorvori is taken in ICU, she is holding hands with Parth but Parth has to leave her hand, there is heart made on her hand which Parth made it. Parth says to doctor that nothing should happen to my wife, doctor says she has lost a lot of blood, we will try, she goes in ICU.
All family members are waiting outside Jalpa’s operation room. Indu is tensed. Ambika asks what happened? Indu says i feel anxiety like something wrong is going to happen, Ambika says dont worry, its normal delivery. Mohini thinks that Jalpa is going to deliver baby but Indu wants attention to herself, she never fails to do drama. Ambika asks Indu not to worry, everything will be fine, Indu says i hope so.
Indu comes in mandir of hospital, she says Jalpa has normal delivery then why i am nervous? just keep Jalpa and her baby fine. Parth is nearby her. Indu gets call from Jagruti who tells her that Jalpa has given birth to baby boy, Indu doesnt see Parth and goes from there.
All family members are dancing for Bharat and Jalpa to become parents, Bharat hugs everyone. Otherside Parth is alone and worried for Shorvori. He is waiting outside ICU. Doctor comes out, he asks about Shorvori, Doctor says case was critical but Shorvori is fine, she has heavy bleeding, if you were late then it would have been bad. Parth says i thank the girl(Teni) which cleared protest, i wouldnt have happened without her. Doctor says your wife was pregnant? Parth says what you mean by WAS pregnant? Doctor says she has heavy bleeding, i tried a lot but we couldnt save baby, Parth is hurt and shocked to hear it.
Bharat sees his baby and says Jalpa you have given birth to moon like son. Ambika says he is like Rishi Kapoor, Sejal says no like Ranbeer Kapoor. Indu thinks that everything is fine then why my heart is restless? Jalpa asks where is Parth? nobody told him? Bharat says yes lets call Parth and tell him this news.

Scene 2
Parth comes in Shorvori’s wardroom. Shorvori is sleeping, Parth sadly looks at her. He caresses his forehead and silent tears from his eyes, he recalls how Shorvori was so happy and hopeful that baby would bring them closer to family, sad version of dil se dil tak plays. Parth sits down beside her bed and holds her hand, he kisses her knuckles and recalls their intimate moments, he sees hearts he made from mehndi on her heart, how Shorvori fell from stairs and had miscarriage. Shorvori stirs and wakes up. Nurse comes there and asks Parth to leave, she has to do her dressing, Parth leaves.
Teni is at Parth’s office. She says our country is behind because these rich people never come to office. She asks guard if his office will come to office? Guard says boss is not going to come, his aunt has given birth to son after 20years, he gives her sweets, Teni says your boss must be happy today, Guard says he would be very happy. Teni says i should take advantage of his mood and do my setting too.
Parth comes out of Shorvori’s wardroom and thinks when Shorvori will wake up, how will i tell her about losing our baby? he wipes his tears. Bharat comes there and says i was calling you but you didnt take my call, how you got to know that i am father now? Jalpa has given birth to son, be happy, its time to celebrate, i will spend money, Parth hugs him and silently cries, he mumbles congratulations, Bharat says thank you, Jalpa is waiting for you, lets go, Parth doesnt want to leave but Bharat takes him.
Parth comes in Jalpa’s wardroom and holds her baby boy in his hands, he gets emotional,. Jalpa says you must be feeling so happy holding him right Parth? Parth recalls how doctor told him that they couldnt save his baby. Jalpa says soon when you will hold you baby in your hands then you will fell how much happiness babies bring. Parth thinks that i can feel when we lose baby, then how much baby takes away with him but i cant share that sadness with you people rightnow. Jagruti says i want Parth to promise that i will hold his baby first when he comes in world. She sees him in tears, Indu asks what happened? everything alright? Parth says everything is fine, there is too much happiness that i cant handle, all smile. Parth is in tears.
Mohini is eating food in hospital. One nurse says to other that God has weird way, one mother gave birth to boy after 20years and one young couple lost unborn baby today, Mohini asks whom are you talking about? nurse says she is room 207, she was married for 2years and was pregnant but had miscarriage, Mohini says thats sad, nurse leaves. Mohini thinks that i should see that girl, my friend’s daughter was pregnant, is it same girl? let me see. She goes to search for room 207. She finds room 207 and is about to go inside but doctor comes out of room and asks if you relative of patient? Mohini says no, i just heard about this poor girl so i came to see who lost her baby, doctor says is this some show to you? you are a woman and do this? she goes in room. Mohini says i was just thinking who is this unfortunate women, lets leave now.
Teni comes outside hospital to find Parth. She find Indu outside with sweet boxes and recalls how she saw her in function, she says this woman is my Visa’s(Parth’s) mother. She comes to her and says i will distribute sweets with you, Indu smiles at her and gives her sweets box, Teni distributes it, she turns around and doesnt find Indu there, she says she left?
Indu comes at reception and asks nurse which room is booked under Bhanushali name(she is asking for Jalpa’s room)? Nurse says room 207(telling her Parth’s Bhanushali’s room), Indu says okay and leaves.
Shorvori wakes up and asks nurse where is Parth, she tries to get up but nurse asks her to not move. Parth comes there, He sits beside her, Shorvori asks everything fine? Parth says you are fine then everything is fine, Shorvori asks is everything alright? our baby is fine? Parth gets tensed hearing it. Indu comes out of their room. Shorvori asks Parth what he is hiding? i will talk to doctor, she starts to get up but nurse comes there and says what are you doing? you should follow doctor’s instructions, you had miscarriage, Shorvori is shocked to hear it, Shorvori says to Parth that our baby is no more? some boxes fall on floor, Shorvori and Parth turns to see Indu standing there with her sweets bag fallen on floor, she is shocked to hear about miscarriage. Parth and Shorvori are stunned to see her there. Parth comes out of room with Indu. Indu recalls how she cursed Shorvori to bear pain of mother which she is bearing now as she snatched her son Parth from her. Parth says Maa.. Indu hugs her and says how this happened? this is injustice, i just cursed her that she will bear pain of mother, i didnt know this will become true like this, how can a mother do something like this to another mother? Parth says its not your fault, everything happened because of me. He tells her how he was running behind Shorvori and how she fell from stairs. Indu says you didnt lose this baby but lose me too, Dada changed his decision of sending you to America just because of this baby, but what will happen now? Parth cries.

PRECAP- Teni calls Parth and Shorvori, she says my information is totally correct that Parth your wife has lost her baby, she had miscarriage and i have report of it, Parth asks what you want? Teni says to her friend that Parth Bhanushali have to keep money ready for me now because Teni is coming to take over him and if he tries to act oversmart then i will use this miscarriage report. Parth hugs Shorvori and says tomorrow we will tell truth to family, she cries in his arms. Later Dadaji have minor heartattack, he falls on floor, Shorvori runs to him and calls all family members. Later Ambika pushes Shorvori and Parth out of house and says leave from here, Parth is hurt hearing it.

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