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Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Jalpa says Teni is not pregnant, insemination failed. Parth and Shorvori are shocked to hear it, Teni thinks that they will take money back from me now,Teni says to Parth and Shorvori that it was not my mistake, i am ready to get injection again because i promised you both, i am not wrong, i didnt do anything. Jalpa says its not anyone’s mistake, insemination success rate is 30%, we will try again after 20days. Teni says there is no guarantee that i will get injection again and wont be pregnant, Jalpa says medical science is not magic that we can do anything, Teni says magician is better than you. Nurses drag Teni out of room. Jalpa says to Shorvori that we will try again, everything will be fine. One doctor murmurs to herself that if they want guarantee then they should take procedure like normal people take to get pregnant that is by making physical relation. Parth and Shorvori starts leaving hospital, they are both dejected. Teni is leaving too, she is sad that her dream of going to America is breaking. Jag sona sona lage plays. Shorvori gets call from Indu, she gets tensed, Parth cuts call.
Mohini thinks that i am tired of thinking that why Parth needs 10lacs. Sejal shows dresses to Mohini and says i will order them online for photoshoot. she orders it. She has ordered from Forum’s online store. Forum sees someone has ordered her dresses, she gets happy without realizing Sejal has ordered them. Parth and Shorvori comes home, Mohini says i will make juice for Shorvori, she leaves. Indu comes to them, she looks at their sad faces, she gets miffed and leaves. Parth says to Shorvori that i will come later, he leaves. Shorvori is going to her room, Mohini brings juice for her, Shorvori says i dont feel like drinking it, Mohini says you are pregnant so you have to take care of baby, drink it, Shorvori drinks juice and recalls Indu’s words that they have 8days only. Mohini says every mother has to care for baby 24/7 and you cant have break, i was so sad to see Soyug and Parth fighting, Mohini asks Shorvori what happened between brothers? Shorvori doesnt answer her and leaves.
Parth comes to Indu, Indu looks away and is angry, Parth sits in her feet and says if you leave our side too then how will handle myself? remember when i used to get failed in school, you used to become my strength, today me and Shorvori failed, we are breaking, shattering, we need your support, he lies his head in her lap and cries, Parth says if you are with us then we can fight the time, Indu sadly looks at him and caresses his back, Indu thinks that i understand his pain but only his baby can stop me from going away from him.

Scene 2
Shorvori comes to her room and recalls everything happening in last few days, she panics and recalls doctor’s words too that become pregnant by physical relation. Indu comes there and shows her gadh bandhan, she says it was tied when i got married in this family, i was united with this family but soon this bond will break, she shows her calendar and says we have 7days only, if youdont give me happiness in these 7days then you will get news of me leaving house, Shorvori is shocked. Indu gives calendar to Shorvori with other things and leaves angrily. Shorvori says Maa will not go anywhere and i will fulfill my promise too, Shorvori imagines her alter ego and says you can fulfill promise by just sharing your Parth with Teni so that this family can get heir, other ego says have you gone mad? Parth is your husband, you cant share your life without another. One image says that can you see dada’s dreams breaking? other image says then push Parth away from you. Shorvori shouts no, no, no, she throws things away and cries.
Forum activates number and says now customer can call me at any time. She activates automated message on her phone.
Mohini says to Sejal that i dont trust these online stores, they can cheat us and we cant even catch them, Sejal says nothing like that. Sejal gets call from online store, its forum’s store, caller says your order is confirmed, Sejal says to Mohini that see i will get my order.
Parth comes to his room, Shorvori sits infront of him and says say that you love me, Parth cups her face and says i love you Shorvori, i really do, Shorvori hugs him and cries. Parth sees things there and asks Indu Maa came here? what did she say? Shorvori says nothing important. Shorvori thinks that woman has to do sacrifices to keep family united, i cant be weak, i have to do sacrifices too. she gives water to Parth, he drinks it and gives glass to her. Shorvori is tensed. Shorvori sits beside Parth, Parth asks what did Maa say? tell me truth. Shorvori recalls Indu’s words, how she warned that Indu will leave house if they dont give her happy news. Shorovori says she said that if i dont become mother in 7days then she will leave house, we cant let that happen Parth, how can Maa leave home? Parth is nervous hearing it. Shorvori says i thought that.. that.. i thought that.. Parth says you want to say we have only one choice, its good we are thinking same thing, i know this is difficult situation but we have to face truth. Shorvori think that i took decision but hearing this from Parth is like someone stabbing me with hot knife. Parth says this decision is not for family but for us, we dont have another choice, Shorvori tries to say yes and says i will call Teni. Parth says i will call Teni, i know how to pacify her, i will make her agree. Parth goes to call Teni. Shorvori is hurt hearing all that. Teni doesnt take call. Shorvori imagines stopping Parth but Parth calls Teni. Teni takes call, Parth says Teni i just called to tell you that this money is yours even if surrogacy process didnt get successful, we have taken this decision. Shorvori thinks that i wont be able to hear this from Parth. Parth says to Teni that deal is cancelled, you will go on your path, goodbye, he ends call. Shorvori asks Parth if he was talking about cancelling deal? he says yes, we didnt have any other choice, Shorvori have sigh of relief and thinks that Parth didnt think what i was thinking, how can someone love this much? Parth says we dont have time now, there is no way now, i have only one way, he shows her America’s tickets and says its our tickets, not Maa but we will leave after 7days from this house, we will tell truth to family and leave, Parth is in tears and leaves. Shorvori thinks that Parth could make relation with Teni and make everything right but he didnt even think about it, he is ready to leave his family, parents because he loves me and only me so how can my love be so weak that i make him away from his life? Parth has given me so much and now its my time to give back.
Its morning, Suyog hugs Forum, he says i will paint your naisl. Forum gets call from unknown number. Suyog says leave it, Forum thinks that this is my dealer’s number, Forum says let me talk, Suyog says talk infront of me. Forum takes call, dealer says we cannot bring your order, drivers are on strike but i will try something, she ends call. Suyog says you must be planning for shopping, you married women do that only, Forum thinks that i am not that typical wife who splurge on husband’s money, i will prove you wrong.
Mohini is working in kitchen. Baa comes there with Shorvori. Mohini says i have cooked parsad, where is Indu? she asks Shorvori, Baa says i dont know where Indu is, Indu comes there and starts cooking. Shorvori comes to Indu and says i will help you but Indu says leave it, Indu’s hnd gets cut, Mihini runs to her and blows air on her wound, Shorvori goes to bring first aid kit. Parth comes tehre and asks what happened? Baa says she cut her hand working in kitchen, Baa says its okay that dada’s breakfast was not cooked, Indu says Shorvori will make it, i will teach her, she has to take after me, Shorvori gets tensed hearing it. Parth looks at her and says to Indu that i will cook breakfast today, Sejal says we should have change, Parth goes to cook. Shorvori thinks that Indu wont leave this house ever.

Scene 3
Shorvori comes to Teni’s house. Teni asks if they are playing any game to take money back from her? Shorvori says no, we want from you what we wanted earlier, i just want my baby, Teni says i didnt deny it, when i have to go for injection? Shorvori says you dont need it now, Teni says is there any medicine that can make me pregnant? if there was easy process then why you went for insemination? Shorvori says me and Parth wouldnt have agreed for it. Teni says what you had to give for this new process, is it expansive? Shorvori says i have to give my husband for it, Teni says what? Shorvori says you and Parth will bring our baby in this world together, Teni says i dont like these kind of jokes. Shorvori says i am not joking, we dont have time. Teni says have you gone mad? i took money so you thought that my soul can be sold? get lost from here and dont show your face, i dont want to hear anything, my honor is my ego and i can never let my ego break, how you thought that Teni will stoop so low that for money she will make relation with someone? She drags Shorvori out of house and closes door. Shorvori cries and says i need your help, just give me one chance and i will do anything. Teni thinks that i used to be beg to people and now rich woman is begging to me? Teni opens door and asks Shorvori what you want to say? Shorvori says i can just request, just for once, for once with my husband.. Teni looks in mirror and says you are not able to understand that your husband Parth is flirt, he has eyes on me, he is fooling you with this baby thing, every men thinks samething, they all lust after beautiful girl and your husband is no different. Shorvori says my Parth is not like that, he doesnt even look at anyone else, i can prove that my husband wont even look at you for once, Teni says and i challenge you that Parth wont be able to look away from me, if i start showing my power then your husband and your trust will be in my feet, Shorvori says my trust and my husband is not weak to break infront of anyone, Teni says you will be pained when your trust breaks, if you trust your husband so much then i am giving you challenge, if i dont break your trust and dont bring your Parth in my arms then my name is not Teni. Shorvori recalls Indu’s words, Parth’s words of how much he loves her, Shorvori shakes Teni’s hand and accepts challenge, they glare at each other.
Parth is sitting in garden, Shorvori comes there and recalls Teni’s challenge. Parth gets Teni’s call, he says Teni? he takes her call, Teni says i was angry on you for cancelling deal, i tried to understand you and everything is fine now, Parth says if you need us anytime then tell me. Teni says i need your help now but deal ended, Parth says how may i help you? Teni says i cant tell you on phone, you have to come to my house, Parth says me and Shorvori will come your home. Teni says dont forget it, Parth says we will come, he ends call. Shorvori hears all this and thinks that only Parth will go to Teni’s house, she needs only him. Shorvori calls her Jalpa bua and says are you coming today to my house? okay, she ends call. Shorvori comes to Parth and says Jalp is coming tonight so you will stay at home right? Parth says Teni called me and asked me to come, Shorvori says Bharat and Jalpa was invited by me, i cant cancel it, you promised Teni too so you cant avoid it, lets do this, i will stay at home for Jalp and you go to meet Teni, Parth says i promised that me and you will go to her, Shorvori says i cant come with you, you go alone, Parth says i get uncomfortable alone, Shorvori says we cant miff Jalpa, we have 7days only, we should get family’s love in 7days. Parth says okay you stay here and i will go, Shorvori sadly looks at him and leaves.

Scene 4
Forum calls dealer and says i have to call for order. Sejal says to Mihini that photoshoot is arranged for tomorrow. Bharat and Jalpa comes there. Mohini and Sejal greets tehm. Mohini says i was missing Jayiuu, Bharat says our baby is cute. Dada and baa comes there and greets them.
Shorvori is kneading flour in kitchen and is tensed, Parth comes from behind and hugs her back, he puts his hands on her hands and starts kneading flour with her while caressing her face with his face, yeh ishq hai plays, Shorvori closes her eyes. Parth turns her to him, she smiles at him, Parth is mesmerizes by her and says you have beauty even in simplicity, you are looking os pretty that my mind is captures by heart. Bharat comes there and asks Parth where is he going? we have come, so he should cancel, Shorvori says its impotant, he has to leave, Jalpa says he can leave. Bharat says you have to give tax Parth before leaving, you have to play guitar like you used to in college. shorvori thinks that Parth has to go to Teni.
Teni is looking for dress and says what color Parth likes? she selects green dress and gets ready, Teni thinks that i am looking more item than Parth would like, get ready to see Teni’s seduction.


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Parth plays tere sang yara on guitar, he pulls Shorvori to him and dances with her. Later Parth is leaving home but Shorvori calls his name, she runs to him and hugs him tightly.

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