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Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With The lady tells Teni she can see love in her friendship with Parth, a girl and a boy are never friends. Some other ladies also gossip that no pain is seen on Parth’s face about Shorvari’s death. The lady tells Teni once her child is borne she will realize what’s right and what’s wrong. Parth tells her to think a little before interfering in their personal matter. It’s their pain what they will do and what not. And Teni will not leave this house after the child is borne, she is a part of their family. The lady recognizes him as the father to child, but saddened that he isn’t Teni’s husband. She understands the world better than Parth, she now understands Teni’s motifs. She is being nice to his family and playing with their emotions habitually. She warns Parth against Teni.

She now questions directly to Teni how many children she has already bear; if someone else also took care of her this way? Parth interrupts the lady and forbids her insult Teni anymore. Teni isn’t only a surrogate but his nice friend as well. The lady questions who would hold Teni’s hand who gives birth to other’s children, she isn’t worth being called anyone’s wife.

Parth asks the lady who is she? Who invited her here? Everyone from Bhanushali family denies. Parth tells her she is in the wrong house and joins hands for her to leave. The lady leaves irked. Indu calms Teni who forces a smile on her face. The guests also turn to leave.

Later in the room, Ramnik tells Indu it was better Rishab’s mother wasn’t in the function. Indu says Rishab’s mother is a sensible girl, but they can’t deny the fact that this is society’s point of view. It’s better Parth and Teni unite. There, Dada ji tells Dadi that its better Parth marries as soon as possible. It is difficult to even speak to Parth, what must be going on in his mind. Indu was also concerned about Parth, she worried what if Parth suffocates because of the lady’s blames. She was sure Parth was hurt. Indu says this is time they convince Parth to marry Teni.

In the room, Parth was thinking about the lady. He thinks the lady was right, Teni will suffer for whole of her life just because of them. He speaks to Shorvari’s photo that he is very lonely and wish she was here. Teni had come at the door of his room but leaves.

Teni was sitting in the room when Shorvari appears. She tells Teni to go on, and speak to Parth about marriage. Teni says she can’t take Shorvari’s place. Shorvari says she has to create her own space in Parth’s heart, just let her stay in some corner of Parth’s heart. Teni says Parth is broken right now, she understands only she can bring Parth out of this state. Shorvari asks when she will do it then. Teni says tomorrow. Indu and Dadi bring milk for Teni. Teni assures them that she is fine, she is stubborn and doesn’t care about what anyone else says. She asks them to take care of Parth. Indu says its better Parth is left alone for a while. Teni wonders how can she fulfil her promise with Shorvari.


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Parth speaks to Teni. Teni says she earlier wanted to marry him conditionally but she doesn’t want any such thing now. She has understood well no one can take Shorvari’s place in his heart.

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