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Dil Se Dil Tak 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 4th April 2017 watch online on

Scene 1
In morning, inspector comes in lockup where all call girls and Teni, Shorvori are locked. Teni wakes up murmuring Parth’s name. Inspector says there will be medical checkup of all girls caught in raid. Shrovori says medical checkup? one call girl says did you take drugs? if not then its fine. Teni gets tensed, Shorvori doesnt let Teni go and says she doesnt need it, inspector says you are in lockup because of her and you will be in jail if you mess more, inspector takes Teni away, Shorvori thinks that Teni is pregnant but they will think that this is illegitimate child, i cant let anyone call my child that.
Teni is line of checkup, she thinks that when i will be checked, they will call me mother of illegitimate child.
In lockup, Shorvori gives her ring to policeman and asks him to let her call, he gives her phone and asks her to work fast. Shorvori calls Indu, Shorvori says to respect your promise, Parth didnt come to police station but Parth promised Teni to protect her always, i came to police station to free her but I am in lockup, Indu says what? Shorvori says nobody knows that I am bhanushali daughter in law, please send Parth here, inform him and help us out, please send him, Indu cuts call. Indu comes to Parth and glares at him. Indu says you fulfilled my promise like this? you sent Shorvori to free Teni from lockup because you couldnt? now Shorvori is in lockup too, Parth says what? Indu says till when I can keep you both safe from dada? Shorvori is pregnant and she is in lockup now, i take my promise back, go and bring my daughter in law back but remember to not hurt respect and honor of this house, Parth nods and leaves.

In police station, Teni is next in line for checkup, Teni thinks that i cant allow this checkup, Nurse Teni to come forward for checkup but Teni acts like she couldnt hear her as she is dumb and deaf, inspector says Teni you have phone for bail, Teni gets excited and says Parth came to bail me? i knew it, inspector says see this girl is not deaf and dumb, she is liar. Teni thinks that i have to run now, she throws files on inspector and tries to run from window, window hits Teni on stomach and Teni grumbles in pain, inspector catches her and says she wants to runaway from medical checkup, there is something wrong, check her. Teni is made to lie on stature, doctor does her checkup, Teni gets tensed. Doctor asks her name, Teni says its Teni, Doctor nods.
Shorvori is brought out of lockup, inspector says you can leave, dont do this again, Shorvori signs bail papers and says they have taken girl for medical checkup, inspector says she was trying to run but now her checkup is more strict. Teni comes there with nurse, Shorvori asks if she is fine? Teni nods. Nurse shows her medical reports and reads it, she says her reports are normal, there is no alcohol or drugs in her system, inspector says how this can be? she was bar dancer before. Doctor comes there and says she has left that profession, i know Teni personally, i am 100% sure that she went to that cheap hotel mistakenly, her character is clean so free her, inspector says her bail papers have come already so she can go, Teni signs bail papers, and leaves with Shorvori.
Shorvori asks Teni if she knows doctor personally? Teni says no, she didnt check me and asked me that i can leave without checkup, Shorvori says then why did she lie to help you? thank God you are safe. Parth comes there and says she is my friend and i know she works for police, when i saw news that there will be medical checkup of girls caught in raid then i called her and.. Teni says she agreed to not do my checkup, because of you I am safe from be called characterless, Shorvori stops her, Parth says nobody will dare to call you that till i am here, Teni smiles. Shorvori says

how did you do bail us out, our family lawyer is not in town? Parth says i contacted other lawyer and dont talk to me, how coul you mess with police like that? Teni says leave her, she did everything for me and your baby, dont be miffed with her, Parth says fine but how did you reach that hotel? Teni says you both gave me that address, she tells them everything what happened that cheap hotel, she says i dont know how this happened, Parth says something is fishy, Shorvori nods, Teni says everything is fine, i am so hungry, i will just eat and rest for two, three days, i want to forget all this, she leaves, Parth and Shorvori looks at each other tensely.

Scene 2
Parth, Teni and Shorvori reaches home. Teni says lets go inside house, shorvori says sit in garden for sometime. Teni says why? i want to rest, i am tired, are you guys trying to decorate my room to surprise me? do everything fast, Parth says you sit in car, i will turn on AC, i will call you inside soon, Teni says okay and sits in car. Parth asks Shorvori if they should go inside? she nods.
Parth and Shorvori comes inside home, all family members are waiting for them, dada glares at them and says why did you both go to police station even when i asked you to no? Sejal says Shorvori is pregnant and went to police station for that cheap Teni? Shorvori and Parth are hurt hearing her comment. Indu says Parth didnt break his promise, he didnt put foot inside police station, Mohini says you want use to forget everything even that Shorvori spent night in lockup for that cheap Teni, Sejal says not cheap girl but call her call girl.. Parth shouts Sejal! dare you use these words Teni again. Mohini says see dada, he is showing eyes to his sister for that characterless Teni, Parth you should be shouting at that Teni who got caught in compromising act in cheap hotel, she is a characterless girl. Teni comes there and shouts Kaki.. all are stunned to see her there, Teni is hurt and says to Mohini that say anything but never point fingers at my character, i wont bear my insult and whatever happened with me yesterday, it was all trick to trap me, when i reached there, someone took my phone and locked me in room. Sejal says you went to that hotel yourself, Teni says i went there because i didnt know it was cheap, Shorvori called me there, Shorvori says no i called you at different hotel, Parth says yes we called you other hotel, Teni says i went to address which Shorvori gave me. Sejal says now Teni wants to prove her sister is lying too? i have proof that Teni is lying, she shows them address slip and says Shorvori wrote this address for Teni, Shorvori sees it and says i wrote it. Sejal says i found this slip in Teni’s room, Teni says this is not that slip, i took that slip with me and that hotel was written on that slip, someone must have changed address slips. Sejal says wow now you are blaming whole house against you? you cheap, pr*stitute girl, Parth yells Sejal.. he glares at her, all get tensed.


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni says to dada that now you decide if you trust Sejal or Mohini or you trust my words, Dada says i dont know if you are right or wrong but i know no member of Bhanushali family can stoop this low, Teni nods and says i understand that blood is thicker than blood, you would trust your blood, i will leave this house today only, she wipes her tears and leaves. Teni comes to her room and packs her luggage.

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